They say that not all skin-care products are created equal — but when it comes to moisturizers, I ’ ve always felt that I could get by with saving alternatively of splurging. After all, do most moisturizers, regardless of their price rag, feel hydrating ? Check. Do most seem to pair well under my makeup ? normally yes, then check. And ultimately, do they avoid breaking me out for the most share ? Check. But it wasn ’ t until the YSL Beauty Or Rouge Crème Riche, with an MSRP of $ 375, was sent to me by the trade name to try and review, that I started second-guessing my position. I decided to give it a whirl, and gratuitous to say, it kind of blow my mind .

My curiosity with this moisturizer all started with one alone ingredient in its formula : orange yellow pistil. The Or Rouge course by YSL Beauty is built on this decadent floral ingredient that works to revive the skin ’ s airfoil cells and help fight signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to the saffron blend, the Crème Riche formula delivers a deluxe, ultra-soothing hydration every time that works to uphold elasticity and firmness with continue habit. Sounds about excessively good to be true — but it somehow wasn ’ thymine.

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When opening up the chic methamphetamine pod that Crème Riche comes in, I first noticed how delicate, buoyant and opulent the texture of this moisturizer is. It ’ second buttery soft, non-greasy and badly lives up to its deluxe list. Applying this onto my face felt even better than testing it on my hand — it literally melts into the skin upon lotion, making it not only feel hydrating I could not stop star in the mirror bare-faced after I put it on. I simply couldn ’ thyroxine believe how smooth my skin appeared .

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Crème Riche besides stands out for its ability to wear well under makeup.In fact, this moisturizer made me want to skip flat coat all together, because it left such a nice canvas behind ,

The odorize of this moisturizer is besides super pleasant with notes of citrus. It ’ mho subtle though not-overpowering, and even though I ’ m normally careful about fragranced products I use,

Final Thoughts
Crème Riche is a very expensive moisturizer. Like, way more expensive than any other skin-care product I use on the daily, and if I hadn ’ t been gifted it for the function of this review, I probably would never have tried it. But angstrom crazy as it sounds, it ’ s wholly worth it. It checks off all the boxes of what I look for in a moisturizer and more. And while saving on your moisturizer seems to make the most common sense most of the time — splurging on this one might just change your routine for the better. I ’ thousand already saving up for my future jar .

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