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The magical makeup tricks that will make any stain disappear! Professional Dermablend Makeup Artist Chelsea Bice shows you the techniques you need to achieve the perfect coverage of scars or veins with body makeup! Cityline is the longest running and most successful female daytime show in North American history. Hostess Tracy Moore brings her energy and enthusiasm along with her charismatic personality and sense of style, making her the perfect choice for North America’s leading source for the latest in home décor, food, entertainment, fashion, Health & Beauty. Visit for new lifestyle content you’ll love, including blogs, recipes, videos and bonus features. Join us: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube – Subscribe to the Cityline newsletter –

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Your makeup guide to flawlessly cover veins and scars

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Your makeup guide to flawlessly cover veins and scars.

body camouflage art deco.

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33 thoughts on “Your makeup guide to flawlessly cover veins and scars | General information related to body camouflage art deco the most detailed

  1. A T says:

    So it worked for me , I have stretch marks, kp and dark knees 🙄🙄🙄🙄 and this has given me confidence … My boyfriend told me this holiday when I walked into the restaurant : I saw these long beautiful legs and saw it was you lol made me feel good. It doesn’t cover my imperfections completely but much much better

  2. Frankie Butler says:

    What exact dermablend is this you are using from dermablend? Also, is it waterproof for swimming etc.

  3. Cinder Elli says:

    just curious if a stay-on face foundation with concealer would work with less transfer onto clothes ? Has anyone tried this ?

  4. Leeann Baxter says:

    I just ordered this off of Amazon after using Sally Hansen for YEARS. I can't wait to see how this works!

  5. il0veeekdramas says:

    I hate it ,why does we need to cover it up why can’t we just learn to accept these scar, why can’t we just thing of this scars as something beautiful.

  6. Bia Ghouri says:

    Is there any shop available in Pakistan? I wanna buy your product but I’m from Pakistan how I can order 🥺😓

  7. April Gonzales says:

    I think as long as it makes the person feels better inside about covering the imperfections go for it . Thank you for the comments saying if it really worked for them 💜

  8. Gloria J. Pinsker says:

    The problem I always have with leg makeup is that it rubs off on everything. They never did show if it was transfer proof on the woman's arms. Even if you set it I feel it still comes off on your clothes and anything you sit on.

  9. S. H. says:

    Love dermablend !!!! Really works and is totally worth it. In the US you can get it at Ulta and Macy’s. You can order on amazon too.

  10. Sleepless SLPLSSINAL says:

    City line could you please always put a link of the products, that you represent in your description box because it’s a little bit of a hassle to find the items online!!!

  11. Sangeeta Sarin says:

    Please please tell me what’s the name of the product and where I can find it…I really need it🙏🏼

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