In the 5-6th episodes of Your House Helper Korean Drama, Ji Woon tells Da Young cleaning international relations and security network ’ metric ton about throwing gorge away, but what she wish to keep. She comes up with the estimate of “ Handsome House Helper ”, but she finds out Jin Hong steals her idea then .

Your House Helper Korean Drama Recap: Episode 5

Your House Helper
bill : These are specific plot spoilers for Your House Helper Korean Drama Episodes 5-6 .
Ji Woon sees the happy time of Da Young and her don, after coming in her house. He tells her it ’ s a good house, she gets a call from Hye Joo who is excited telling Chul Soo that he can go home .
Ji Woon wants to move Da Young ’ s father ’ mho farce, but she stops him, and wants to keep it for a while. She doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to get rid of stuff in her room, so that he suggests her to put it in the boxes he prepapred .
Hye Joo tells Sang A that she found a good house for her, after she got up, and hides Chul Soo ’ s pants for Sang A while talking .
Da Young closes the doorway of her board, when Ji Woon is cleaning up the living room. Sang A race into So Mi while she is looking for the house Hye Joo mentioned, and knows So Mi has same goal with her .
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Da Young is shocked after seeing the live room, and praise Ji Woon. He tells her he puts her father ’ second stuff at upstairs. precisely then person rings the doorbell, Da Young finds out they ’ re Sang A and So Mi after opening the door. Sang A and So Mi come in after getting embarrassed for a while .
Sang A runs into Ji Woon in Da Young ’ mho house, and tells indeed Mi that he is a good house benefactor. Ji Woon reminds Da Young not to forget cleaning up her room before leaving. He sighs after getting outside, and runs into Gun Jang who asks him if Da Young ’ second house is boastfully mess. Ji Woon claims it reminds him Gun Jang ’ mho house. But Gun Jang thinks his house is cleaner than Da Young ’ s house .
indeed Mi and Sang A accept Da Young ’ s cover since it merely costs $ 500 per month. But Sang A claims she won ’ thymine stay besides long, and is indifferent after knowing where her room is .
Tae Soo is telling two women the sleep together fib about a world who can not forget a woman, when Ji Woon returns. The women tell Ji Woon to forget his lover, but Tae Soo claims the fib was about him. Ji Woon sighs while sitting in his room.

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Hye Joo calls Da Young when Sang A and So Mi are cleaning up their rooms, and asks Da Young to turns on the speaker. Hye Joo claims that she gathered them up, and asks for a meal at the expensive restaurant. They accept Hye Joo ’ south request, and go to their rooms separated .
Da Young looks around after going out of her room, and greet her father ’ mho photograph, telling him not to worry about her. Sang A and So Mi look around american samoa well after going out of their rooms .
Jin Hong scolds Da young in her office as she didn ’ thymine consider Team Leader Jo and her while doing marriage proposal. Yoon Ki thinks Jin Hong has excepting on Da Young, otherwise she ’ vitamin d throw it. Jang Mi adds that she can not except her report getting approved at once. Da Young bows to them, and thinks she can do it .
Hye Joo mentions Sang A and Da Young set up a go steady for their teacher and So Mi, and are scolded for doing it. She asks Sang A and Da Young what happened since then, Sang A reveals Da Young told classmates that her syndicate was bankrupt, but Da Young denies. therefore nautical mile tears up, and admits it was her. Sang A comes in Da Young ’ s room, and feels sorry because she misunderstood her. Da Young thinks it won ’ t happen if she can communicate with Sang A. They take indeed Mi on seam when she is drink. Da Young is curious what happened on So Mi back then, So Mi thinks they badmouth her, and asks them to stop. Sang A and Da Young laugh .
Your House Helper Korean Drama Recap: Episode 6
Sang A asks thus Mi to peel apple for her as apology, but Da Young is deep and takes so Mi away. Sang A scolds Ji Woon because he opened windows, and made her pearl roll. But Ji Woon mocks her by working at home, and claims he will help her to find the pearl since it ’ s Da Young ’ randomness house. just then she gets a call from Tae Hee, and wants to pick up outside, because she doesn ’ triiodothyronine want Tae Hee to see she is working at home. She trips after treading bone .
She asks him to call her friends for her, but Da Young and So Mi are busy, Hye Joo doesn ’ metric ton peck up her telephone. Ji Woon asks Sang A if she has any other friend, she says that he is her friend, and asks him for avail. He decides to help her, although it ’ s not his duty. But she wants makeup, when he carries her .
The doctor points the X ray, and says that Sang A has forward head military capability, and sets up forcible therapy for her. But she takes photos during treatment, and reveals she hurt her neck while working heavily. interim Tae Hee calls her, and asks her to attend her employment party with a spouse. Sang A is anxious about clothes and spouse. She recalls her classmates flattered Tae Hee while she sat future, and thought she was Tae Hee ’ south maid .
Da Young asks Sang A if she is o after Sang A and Ji Woon returned. He wants to see if Da Young cleaned up her board, she is flurried. He tells her that clean international relations and security network ’ thymine about throwing stuff away, but what she wish to keep, after knowing she wants to keep everything she could in her room. He suggests her to leave memories, but throws out materials. She recalls something, and thanks him while holding his hand. He takes her pass off, and claims he will watch out for her .
Sang A is waiting Ji Woon outside, and asks him to do personal stuff for her. He says that he did it at afternoon, and thinks it is against his principles. She claims she will pay four times with gesture, but he claims he won ’ metric ton act her husband. She tells him that he merely needs to appear in there, and says hello to her friends as her partner. He accepts her while she hurts her neck again .
Da young comes up the estimate of “ fine-looking house benefactor ”, and inputs to onto her laptop. Ji Woon refuses to try on the suit when he and Sang A are in the clothes shop. He scolds her for buying expensive suit to attend her supporter ’ south engagement party, but she whispers that she will get the refund, and claims she doesn ’ metric ton want to look deplorable. He accepts her request, but he claims he won ’ t be responsible for looking pathetic.

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Da Young is excited because of her proposal contract accepted, but she finds out Jin Hong wrote her name on the proposal, and asks Da Young lone reports the project to her. The clean asks Da Young if Ms. Jo bullied her again while she sits in the hall alone, Da Young says that it ’ second not about her. Jin Hong runs into Da Young outside the elevator, and asks her to attach Ji Woon ’ s name on the PPT. Da young wants to scold Jin Hong for mistreat, but she gives in. Mr. Jo asks Da Young to line up for the kindergarten with smile, she accepts. The cleaner hits him with her rubbish cart, and mocks him by miss exercise .
Sang A asks Ji Woon to hide the tag of his courtship after arriving at the party. Sang A ’ south friends gaze at her dress, and find out it ’ s expensive than their dresses. Jin Kook pours wine on Sang A ’ mho dress after tripping .

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