When traveling from Kansai International Airport aka KIX to downtown Osaka by train, check out a deduction slate that is going to be introduced nowadays .
Osaka Transportation networks are very complicated due to many railways cover the largest city in the west of Japan from many suburbs .
quite than wasting time for endless surfing to research the best way to get downtown from KIX, good read this site about “Yokoso Osaka Ticket” .
Yokoso means “ Welcome ” in japanese.

This is a locomotion legislate that includes a “one-way” ticket for the airport shuttle called “Nankai Rapi:t” ride and a day pass for the Osaka subways and buses.
It ’ s cheaper than buying individually if you want to get around in the city after you arrive in KiX .
If you think about the Japan Rail Pass, you just need to buy early travel passes if desired, jump to here .
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  1. About Nankai Rapi:t
  2. A one-way “Rapi:t” ticket + Enjoy Eco Card = “Yokoso Osaka Ticket”
  3. Enjoy Eco Card
  4. General Information
  5. Get Discount Prices For Several Attractions
  6. Osaka Amazing Pass
  7. Japan Rail Pass Holders

The KIX Airport Shuttle ; Nankai Rapi : metric ton

Nankai Rapit
Nankai Rapi:t (南海ラピート) is the airport shuttle between Kansai Airport Station and Osaka -Namba Station operated by Nankai Railway .
The name is pronounced “ Rapido ”, which takes only 38 minutes to get to Osaka-Namba station, It is * the fastest way to get to downtown Osaka .
When purchasing a ticket, it is necessary to select a passing time and reserve a seat. The price besides shows the Nankai Rapi : metric ton ticket and seat reservation fee. You have to pay both to get on Nankai Rapi : thymine
There are two seat-classes, the “regular seat” and the “super seat”.
The superintendent seat is wider and the seat layout is the 1-2 seat each quarrel against the 2-2 seat layout on the unconstipated car .
*Nankai Rapi : thymine ; 38 min. The rapid train ; 44 min. The shuttle busbar ; 50min .

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KIX – Osaka•Namba sta. Adult Child
Ticket fare ¥930 ¥470
Seat Reservation ¥520 ¥260
¥1,450 ¥730

Yokoso Osaka Ticket

“ Yokoso Osaka Ticket ” is the locomotion travel by includes ,

  • a one-way “ Rapi : triiodothyronine ” ride to the downtown Osaka from KIX
  • a 1-day pass for Osaka Metro ( subways ) and city buses

simply to say ,
A one-way “Rapi:t” ticket + Enjoy Eco Card = “Yokoso Osaka Ticket”

How much Is Yokoso Osaka Ticket ?

Adult ¥1,690
Child ¥850

How To Get Yokoso Osaka Ticket ?

To purchase “ Yokoso Osaka Tixket ” is available only Kansai International Airport aka KIX .
Go to the “ Nankai Railaway ” ( 南海電鉄 ) counter directly before boarding the Nankai discipline.

The Valid Date

The board date for Nankai Rapi : deoxythymidine monophosphate is available entirely the date you booked. ( exchanged. )
midosuji osaka
however, outright Osaka Metro and city buses can be used on the lapp date you get on the Nankai Rapi : deoxythymidine monophosphate OR the future day, but not for both dates .
For example, if you arrive at Namba station on late-night and don ’ t have fourth dimension to sightseeing, you can use the one-day pas the future day .

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  1. With “Yokoso Osaka Ticket”, you can seat on the regular car only.
  2. Yokoso Osaka Ticket is available from Kansai Airport Station only, not from Namba station.
  3. Yokoso Osaka Ticket cannot be reissued even in case of lost the ticket.
  4. You can board only Nankai Rapi:t departing at the selected time.
  5. If the train has not yet departed, you can change the departure time only once.
  6. If you miss the train you booked, you can still get on the train bound for Namba Station of Nankai Electric Railway, but you will lose the right to an express train, the boarding ticket is still available for the day you booked only.
  7. Osaka Metro: Available only on that day or the next day.

Purchase The Ticket Via Online ( No refundable )

You can buy “ Yokoso Osaka Ticket ” on-line via the official web site, furthermore, it is ¥160 cheaper than the counter price .
Purchase the ticket on-line, get a exchange coupon .
When arriving the airport, exchange to the actual pass at the Nankai ticket antagonistic .
Only an adult ticket is available online and No refundable.

Discount coupons

you can get the lapp dismiss benefit of “ Enjoy Eco Card ”, the one-day pass for Osaka Metro and city bus ,
Please check out here .

Another choice From KIX ; Osaka Amazing Pass

actually, there is a KIX particular adaptation of Osaka Amazing Pass .
It costs ¥3,500 per adult ( a child do is unavailable ) you can use the Nankai Railway Line from the airport but you have to pay ¥520 supernumerary if you want to get on Nankai Rapi : t. ( The JR line is unavailable. )
You will get inexhaustible Osaka Metro and city busbar rides and get dislodge admission fees at 40 facilities and attractions .
HOWEVER, the pass is valid for ONLY THE DAY you purchased, and besides a 2-day travel by of KIX special version doesn ’ triiodothyronine exist .

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Japan Rail Pass

“ Yokoso Osaka Ticket ” is issued by Nankai Railway, so you can ’ triiodothyronine use a “Japan Rail Pass” for Nankai Railway .
here is how to get downtown Osaka from KIX by using the JR line .
You can use JR WEST from the airport and there are two types of rapid trains go to major stations .

  • HARUKA express (Kansai Airport – Tennoji – ShinOsaka)
  • Kansai Airport Rapid service (Rinkutown – Hineno – Tennoji – Shin imamiya – Nishikujo – JR Osaka – Kyobashi)

read/write head to downtown where you like and buy a “ Enjoy eco card ” or “ Osaka Amazing Pass ” .
( Or you can buy these at information canters in the airport. )


“ Yokoso Osaka Ticket ” is a deduction ticket for people who travel from KIX to downtown Osaka ( Namba ), and plan to use metro or bus for sightseeing throughout the city .
Think about it as one of the ways to access downtown Osaka from the airport. If you think about using Nankai Rapi : thymine, it is one of the ways to save the budget and time .

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