The grandfather of the family takes advantage of Cretan bring ’ s generosity and exploits the derivatives of olive since 1950. Pretty soon the personal occupation of harvest and study of the olive crop, lays the foundation for the constitution of a standard traditional soap factory in the historic city of Chania .
The dedication and virtuosity regarding planning of this pure, natural, sensitive material, passes from generation to genesis. In 1989, Nikolaos Partsalakis, grandson of the family, creates BODYFARM with the lapp regard and love for research, production and promotion of natural care products that provide complete body and face care .
Since the parentage of the company in 1989 until mid of 1995, BODYFARM is dedicated to the production and trade of pharmaceutical products. The products are available from selected pharmacies and stores throughout the country.

Your trust in BODYFARM for more than two decades is the proof that our efforts and our vision to acquaint you with beauty and wellbeing in their lifelike environment were fruitful. It besides provides motivation to keep on searching for the best ingredients from the drugstore and perfumery of greek nature and to discover the benefits of nature ’ randomness ingredients in order to be able to offer you high quality natural beauty products .
In the boastful syndicate of BODYFARM all of us are alike parents to our products. We treat them with affection, keeping the lapp values with deference towards nature and environment since our company ’ s give birth .
Summarizing our principles :
Everything that it is more close and friendly to the human nature is more safe and effective .
5.500 different kinds of plants that grow on the greek land offer us batch of natural ingredients to create high quality products, clinical and dermatologic tested potency .
With respect towards nature we choose ingredients friendly to the environment .
Our products are not tested on animals .
We use packaging from recycle materials .
We maximize our products ’ potency and strictly follow the high gear standards of ball-shaped cosmetology .
We insist to invest a big sum of our net income on research a well as cogitation and development of new natural products rather of expensive advertising campaigns .
We keep our prices low-cost for consumers. We always have this need for our products : the sale ’ s monetary value should correspond to the value of the product .
apart from greek nature with its precious ingredients that is the most crucial asset of BODYFARM, we need to underline the valuable contribution of our ship’s company ’ randomness people that put their feat so that we can offer our huge variety show of products to you .
The team of BODYFARM works in cooperation with certified laboratories equipped with cutting edge technologies. furthermore, our scientists – with years of experience in the field of cosmetics- constantly investigate, design, frame, and create a wide range of natural products. Fulfilling all the requirements of the national and EU legislation on cosmetics, the draw a bead on of the founders of BODYFARM is to cover all your needs for daily care.

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BODYFARM transforms this cognition into a virtual effect. Our natural products bring out with the best possible way the beneficial attributes of herb, such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics properties .
We combine extracts from herb and plants, consequently substantive plant oils and pure essences are used. These natural ingredients have wholly replaced the chemicals which can cause harmful effects .
The natural substances that we use are derived in :
EXTRACTS: ample in vitamins, mineral and greasy acids that offer hydration, nutrition and antioxidant skin protection .
PLANT OILS: the juice that nourishes the plants with vitamins, minerals and valuable greasy oils. The establish oils are used safely and can be easily absorbed by haircloth and skin. furthermore, they offer fat hydration, increase clamber elasticity and antioxidant protection. They are the most ideal solvent for substantive oils .
ESSENTIAL OILS: volatile liquids with greasy composition and perfume, high concentration of active ingredients and highly effective qualities –can be used in aromatherapy or applied on skin- for revival, relaxation and tone of the organism. There is proof that nutrients, active acids and vitamins slow down the senesce process .
All the above mentioned natural ingredients have replaced up to 100 % the use of harmful substances such as :
– mineral petroleum : covers the bark pores with a flimsy layer as a film preventing the ability to breathe, to eliminate toxic substances, to hydrate and create new goodly cells. It can cause sebum, dehydration, previous hide senesce and it is besides creditworthy for kernel disease, allergies, kidney infections and shortness of breath .
– Paraffinium Liquidium : oil derivative, toxic. Causes excitation in the eye, dermatitis in contact with the skin, concern, dizziness, unconsciousness. It has alike symptoms with the Mineral Oil .
– Parabens : toxic preservatives increase the life of the products. Cause allergies and dermatitis .
– propylene Glycol : is a watery and solution factor, a composite petrochemical fusion. It helps to retain moisture and besides in the readiness of extracts. A widely available part with a humble price than it is used rather of glycerol. Causes allergic and toxic reactions .
– Silicones : block the pores of the skin and its ability to breathe. They irritate and accumulate in the liver and in the lymph follicle. They are besides very harmful for the environment .
– sodium lauryl sulphate ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) : it is a means of synthetic origin ( from petroleum ) and it can be used in shower gels and shampoo as cleansing agent with foaming ability. Causes irritation to the eyes, clamber rashes and itch, hair loss, dandruff and allergic reactions .

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