We independently research, quiz, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Based on our test, these are the best exercise balls on the market. We purchased 16 use balls to evaluate in The Verywell Testing Lab. Over the class of 48 hours, six testers completed a assortment of exercises with the exercise balls and rated them on a scale from 1 to 5 based on their timbre, versatility, consolation, portability, and overall value. Brittni Johnson, CPI, certified Pilates teacher and SPRO for Club Pilates GO, explains that use balls are a valuable investing if you ’ re trying to upgrade your go-to exercises. “ They ’ rhenium portable, lightweight, and an cheap way to mix up your even routine, ” she says. Thanks to their ability to be deflated and inflated pretty seamlessly, they are perfective to bring on vacation for an on-the-go exercise.

The Epitomie Fitness Active Balance Exercise Ball was an slowly option for our best overall choice for its include underground bands and e-book for a complete exercise. To add a budget-friendly exercise testis to your workouts, the Wacces Fitness and Exercise Ball is a bang-up clean. An drill ball—sometimes referred to as a stability ball or swiss ball—is a classic patch of seaworthiness equipment you can find in closely every gymnasium setting american samoa well as Pilates and yoga studios, and HIIT classes. traditionally made with PVC, practice balls can be easily inflated with either a hand or animal foot pump and used to supplement bodyweight workouts or improve carriage and balance by using one in topographic point of your desk chair. “ Whether I was doing core exercises or stability trail, I found this ball to be durable and easy to use. The foot pump that came with the exercise musket ball did break when I was using it which was decidedly frustrating, but the ball is pretty traditional so I was able to use another pump to inflate it rather. Because of the instructions on the side of the ball, I ’ d say it ’ s a great blame for beginners who need a little more steering, ” — Isabella Broggini, NASM-CPT, Senior Commerce Editor, certified personal flight simulator, and merchandise examiner. The ball features illustrations of exercises spanning its circumference that are helpful to guide you through some basic exercise ball moves. We appreciated this because it eliminates the want to carry around an instructional booklet if you ’ re unfamiliar with simpleton moves. But one of the main reasons the GoFit musket ball scored a 4.5 for overall quality is because it includes a train DVD and manual which offered more instruction than all of the early balls we tested in the Verywell Testing Lab. We ordered the ball in the 65-centimeter size ( it besides comes in 55- and 75-centimeter options ) and loved that it was comfortable to use for everything from v-passes to jackknifes. Our tester said that it slipped a piece when she performed exercises with wet hands and legs, but that it didn ’ t cause her any discomfort or concern for her safety. For this reason, it scored a 4.5 out of 5 for quilt. A beginner-friendly assemble of fitness equipment is necessity if you ’ re trying it out for the first base time. And our testers found that, thanks to the classical design and helpful exercise materials included, the GoFit Pro Grade Stability Ball is an amazing option for beginners. “ In addition to being super cute and portable, this ball was actually very utilitarian ! I couldn ’ triiodothyronine function it in any way where I ’ d set my entire body weight on the ball, but it was helpful for some Pilates movements in accession to extend, clamshells, and evening russian twists, ” — Megan Foster, Verywell Commerce Writer and product examiner. The ProBody Pilates mini Exercise Ball did not come with a handwriting or foot pump for inflation. rather, the bag included a couple of straw for manual of arms ostentation and it entirely took our examiner about 20 seconds to inflate using her mouth. We besides appreciate that it comes with a 90-day guarantee to cover any choice assurance issues. We weren ’ metric ton able to put our whole torso weight on the ball, but it worked absolutely for moves like clamshells, russian twists, and traditional flatness Pilates moves. And thanks to the musket ball ’ mho light slant and balmy disposition, we gave it a arrant grade for portability. When we ordered all of the exercise balls for testing, we made sure to get the lapp size for each ball to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate fairly as potential in our evaluation. The ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball was the exception. While it even falls under the “ exercise balls ” class, this ball measures equitable 23 centimeters when fully inflated—a contrast to the 65-centimeter altitude of traditional exercise balls. “ This ball is wholly different from most since it has a half-sphere condition alternatively of a full sphere. however, I actually liked it more because I use balance balls for stability exercises more than lastingness trail. I ’ ve besides tested a bunch together of underground bands and found that the ones included with the Sportneer ball are both durable and easy to use, ” — Megan Foster, Verywell Commerce Writer and product examiner. We found the electric resistance bands that came with the ball to be an attractive addition to the specify and our examiner was able to use them for upper berth body exercises, like curls and presses. The bands besides helped her stabalize her body and balance wheel on the ball while working her core and doing squats. Another cool sport is that the musket ball can be turned over ( so that the base faces toward the ceiling ) —offering our examiner a active means to perform both pushups and squats. The ball ships with a foot pump and a copulate of resistance bands. Pumping up the ball was a little complicated, according to our examiner, since the air hole is situated inside the middle of its floor. additionally, the bulkiness of the ball is why it was rated lower than the other exercises balls for portability. When unboxing, we found the ball to be one of the higher-quality options we tested, thanks to its thickly wall and durable base. Despite the slightly-slick PVC material, we still gave the ball a perfective mark for choice, thanks to early features like ridicule lines for traction and non-skid feet on the nucleotide to prevent it from sliding. Half practice balls, besides known as Bosu balls, are ideal for balance aim and constancy exercises. alternatively of looking like a celestial sphere, half balls—like the Sportneer Half Balance Ball—look like an exercise ball swerve in half and placed on exceed of a solid, flat chopine. “ Because the ball can actually be removed from the electric chair, I think that the versatility is great. alone, the ball is easy to use and it even comes with a humble instruction usher. I will say that I slipped a moment when the ball was besotted, but I still felt safe. When used as a chair it worked good, and I like that this intersection combines the features of a moderate and exercise equipment—perfect for a minimalist life style, ” — Jonathan Valdez, ACE-CPT, Verywell Fit health review board penis, personal trainer, and product tester. When the ball was removed from its base, we were please to see that it worked fair a well as a classic exercise ball, and our tester had no trouble performing all predetermined exercises with it. however, he noted that if the ball was inflated to entire capacity, it wouldn ’ thymine sit comfortably in the moderate base ( a characteristic worth paying attention to depending on how you plan on using it ). While the professorship base is a alone addition to the jell, our tester noted that the ball entirely featured a classic exercise testis design. The PVC construction makes it durable and repellent to burst, and for that rationality, we gave it a 4 out of 5 for timbre. Our tester besides found the ball to be highly comfortable and he felt confident sitting on it when it was positioned in its chair base. In addition to being an effective fitness accessory, some exercise balls besides make a bang-up alternative to an position or home desk moderate. The Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair acts as both—featuring a removable ball for a variety of workouts and a chair nucleotide for sitting and stability exercises. “ One of the inaugural things I noticed about this ball is that it has a thick and durable wall. While most PVC balls say they ’ rhenium anti-burst, some palpate flimsy, but when I was using this one it was discernible that it would hold up well. Since I ’ molarity not an avid exploiter of exercise balls, an education guide would have been helpful. But it wasn ’ t excessively complicated to search up some easy workouts online, ” — Megan Foster, Verywell Commerce Writer and product examiner. Although the ball ’ s material didn ’ t feel excessively rough on our hide, it still appeared durable and able to withstand lots of use. While performing moves like wall squats, v-passes, and decline pushups, our examiner felt dependable and noted that she had total operate of the ball. Unlike some balls that appear gluey or slick, we like that the Trideer testis has a semi-matte texture that offers a becoming sum of handle. Our examiner noticed that the texture made the ball more comfortable to use as it didn ’ thymine irritate skin or catch on her leggings. For these reasons alone, the testis would have scored a 5 out of 5 for comfort. however, a bit of slipping occurred when we tested the testis with wet legs and arms to simulate sweat—so we ended up giving it a 4.5 for comfort alternatively. From the moment we unboxed the Trideer Exercise Ball, we could tell it was a high-quality ball, thanks to the heavy-duty PVC outside. The box besides included a foot pump, a paper measure tape, plugs to keep the ball inflated, and a plug remover—all of which matched the product description accurately. For this reason we gave the Trideer ball a 4.5 on the choice scale. “ I ’ ll be completely dependable. I ’ megabyte not a fan of using a animal foot pump and this ball came with a foot pump. therefore rather of pressing down the heart with my foot, I used my hands which made it easier. The ball itself is capital in terms of timbre even though the foot heart appeared onionskin. But for the price, I could easily buy another pump to use with the ball rather, ” — Megan Foster, Verywell Commerce Writer and product tester. We found the ball and its accompanying heart to be of slightly lesser quality than others on this list ( which is to be expected due to its lower price ) but it ’ randomness backed by a forgive biennial warranty—offering 100 percentage gratification guaranteed if the exercise ball doesn ’ triiodothyronine live up to your expectations. When unboxing the practice ball, everything looked of choice and as described in the manufacturer ’ s product description. unfortunately, when our examiner used the pump that came with the ball, she explained that it felt unconvincing and ailing made, which is why we gave this plant a 4 out of 5 rather of a perfect mark for quality. however, we were pleased to discover a useful size chart on the intersection page to help users choose the right size ball. With a thickly, durable wall, this exercise ball is designed to withstand up to 2,000 pounds of coerce without bursting. But despite the durable exterior, our examiner said that the ball didn ’ triiodothyronine feel besides fixed or hard, which made completing the bias set of exercises more comfortable. It goes without saying that a comfortable part of drill equipment will be used more much than one that causes any kind of discomfort. And when we completed our set of exercises with the BalanceFrom Anti-Burst Exercise Ball, it scored a 5 out of 5 for comfort, thanks to the gentle outside that didn ’ t tug on or rub our skin. “ I knew this testis was different from most precisely by the expression of it since it ’ s covered in little raise dots. Because of this, I thought it might be rough on my skin, but I was pleasantly surprised to feel how comfortable it was when I was using it. It ’ s a bit out of my price range, but because it can be used indoors and outdoors ( and knowing how durable it is ) I can see it being full for an progress user who ’ s truly ready to invest, ” — Megan Foster, Verywell Commerce Writer and product tester. We love that the ball is designed to deflate gradually—an essential safety measure in the improbable event that the ball gets punctured when you have your full moon body weight on it. however, when we intentionally deflated the ball after our testing time period, we found that it deflates pretty promptly, which is helpful when you need to store it quickly and efficiently. The PowerSystems ball was the only ball we purchased that featured a raise dimple design that covered the entire come on. This gave it extraordinary grip that offered our examiner sum control of her movements, even when performing exercises with wet hands, wet arms, and wet legs. For this reason, it received a eminent score of 4.5 in both the timbre and comfort categories. It besides has a midst wall that makes it a capital pick for both indoor and outdoor consumption. Unlike some pieces of exercise equipment like home plate gymnasium, rowing machines, and indoor bikes, exercise balls are on the more low-cost end of the scale. And although the PowerSystems ProElite Stability Ball is priced higher than the other drill balls we tested, we think it ’ south worth the excess dollar, thanks to its incredible lastingness. “ This ball is a classical drill ball that would be perfect for beginners since it ’ south super low-cost. That means, they can try to incorporate an exercise ball into their exercise routine without having to make a brawny investment. I will say that it was a little slippery when I tested the ball with moisture skin, so that ’ sulfur just something to be mindful of if you live in a humid climate or you tend to sweat a fortune when exert, ” — Jonathan Valdez, ACE-CPT, Verywell Fit health review board extremity, personal trainer, and intersection tester. tied though the surface of the ball felt comfortable throughout all of our moves, our examiner did slip a fiddling when completing exercises with wet legs and arms during the besotted test—this is why it only received a 4 out of 5 for comfort. But because the ball does have a properly sum of grip and comes with a handy exercise guidebook, we are convinced that it ’ s a great pick for people of any experience level looking for an low-cost merchandise. When performing the exercises in our Lab, we found that we were able to incorporate the ball into amphetamine and lower body moves, a dim-witted stretch routine, and some higher-intensity core exercises. Our tester besides said that the durable PVC outside was likely to hold up to continued use, which is why we gave the ball a score of 4.5 out of 5 for quality. When you ’ re unfamiliar with a assemble of practice equipment, it isn ’ triiodothyronine easy to know if it ’ second going to work well in your typical routine. But thanks to the affordability of the Wacces Fitness and Exercise Ball, our team of testers agreed that it was a big ball for experimenting without a hefty fiscal commitment. “ I was pretty impressed by this ball because it scored high in terms of versatility and consolation even though it was fairly budget-friendly. Accessing the E-book international relations and security network ’ metric ton all that easy because it needs to be downloaded, but because the ball comes with underground bands and thorough instructions, there was no doubt in my judgment that it was going to be a top-performer, ” — Isabella Broggini, NASM-CPT, Senior Commerce Editor, certified personal trainer, and product tester. When we opened the box, we found a hand pump that was fairly easy to use. In accession to the pump and the immunity bands mentioned above, a helpful practice steer was besides included ( although our tester noted that it needs to be downloaded before wake, which can be a fiddling long-winded ). With that said, we thought that the guide was beneficial for both beginners and advance users, unlike some guides that equitable cover the basics. Since the ball itself is made with high-quality PVC material, it was comfortable to use, which is why it received a score of 5 out of 5 for quilt. And thanks to a slenderly textured surface, we found that it had a good amount of grip and grip even while performing exercises with wet hands and legs to mimic sweat. Another beneficial feature is its anti-burst design ( meaning that if a puncture occurs, it will deflate slowly to minimize the chance of injury ). Out of the 16 drill balls we tested, the Epitomie Fitness Active Balance Exercise Ball was the only one that included immunity bands—a detail that set it apart from the rest and one of many reasons we named it our best overall pluck. Our examiner found that the ball lived astir to its product description, and the resistance bands—which came in light, medium, and heavy—were durable and easy to use .

Final Verdict

Thanks to the overall comfort, included accessories, and affordability, we agree that the Epitomie Fitness Active Balance Exercise Ball ( horizon at Amazon ) is capital for both beginners and have users. It features a non-slip surface that offers ample grip, even when used on wet skin, and the anti-burst design ensures it will hold up to high-intensity moves. The set besides includes three resistance bands for a more active, total-body exercise.

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But if you ’ re new to using an drill ball and want to see if it fits into your exercise routine, the Wacces Fitness and Exercise Ball ( scene at Amazon ) is a bang-up choice based on its sheer affordability. And although the price may suggest otherwise, this ball is crafted with heavy-duty PVC that won ’ thyroxine wear with continue practice. Another perk up is that it ships with an direction manual of arms to guide you through your workouts .
exercise balls test
Verywell Fit / Tamara Staples

How We Tested the Exercise Balls

To narrow down the best practice balls on the market, members of the Verywell editorial team spent 48 hours testing 16 exercise balls in The Verywell Testing Lab. The team of six testers included two certify personal trainers and a license yoga teacher, ensuring adept input. Each ball was evaluated on four key attributes, including quality ( initial impressions ), versatility, comfort, portability, and overall value .
On testing day, a questionnaire was released to our testers with guidelines for how to score each exert ball according to each attribute—noting what a five looks like, what a four looks like, and thus on. These scores were then averaged to create an overall average score for each product .
To evaluate each practice ball, testers completed a set of traditional exert ball moves, including jackknife, v-passes, wall squats, decline pushups, and more to analyze the comfort, lastingness, and versatility of each ball. Because they are typically used in a different fashion, we tested mini balls slightly differently—using them for traditional master of arts in teaching moves like clamshells and russian twists. The half balls we tested according to instructions included with the ball. For the electric chair balls, the testers were instructed to sit at a desk with the ball in accession to completing the bias exercises if the ball could be removed from the chair base .
exercise ball test
Verywell Fit / Tamara Staples
anterior to putting each ball to the test, our testers weighed each ball in The Lab and measured their diameter, acme, and circumference to make indisputable no ball measurement was wide off our expectations based on the manufacturer ’ s intersection description. We besides took notice of any smells or wear-and-tear upon unboxing each ball .
In order to determine how the ball would hold up during sweaty workouts or in a humid environment, we performed a “ wet screen ” in The Lab where we simulated sweat by spraying water on our bare hands and legs. We then performed the same use circuit to determine whether the handle or movement of the ball was altered at all by this increased wetness. If accessories were included with the exercise ball, they were tested for quality and respect according to their intended use.

What to Look For in an Exercise ball


In orderliness to get the most out of your exert ball, you ’ ll want to make sure it ’ s the proper size for you, based on your acme. There are a couple of ways to figure out what size exercise musket ball is right for you. First, check to see if there ’ s a size chart included in the ball ’ s intersection description. If there is, use that graph to determine what size ball you should get. If there isn ’ t, the general size chart listed under is a good citation. then, once you ’ ve received the ball, test it out to make indisputable it ’ s the right size for you. typically, you ’ ll want to aim for your legs to be at a 90-degree angle when sitting on top of the musket ball .
A simpleton way to find out what size exercise musket ball you should be using is to plainly sit down on one, ” Johnson says. “ While seated, you should be able to well place both feet on the floor while maintaining your military capability. Your knees should be resting at a 90-degree angle ” If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate place your feet on the ground without sliding your hips forth, the ball is credibly excessively big for you, Johnson says. And if your knees are hiked up toward your chest of drawers, the musket ball is credibly excessively small for you .
A good rule of hitchhike :

  • 18 inches: 4-feet, 10-inches and below
  • 21 inches: 4-feet, 11-inches to 5-feet, 4-inches
  • 25 inches: 5-feet, 5-inches to 5-feet, 11-inches
  • 29 inches: 6-feet to 6-feet, 7-inches
  • 33 inches: 6-feet, 8-inches and above
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unfortunately, this rule of thumb won ’ metric ton always hold truthful. exercise balls from different brands may vary in thickness or steadiness, and this can change which size is right for you. When in doubt, look for a brand-specific size chart. That should help you figure out precisely which size you should be buying .
exercise balls test
Verywell Fit / Tamara Staples


Most exert balls, including the 16 we tested in the lab, are made with PVC ( polyvinyl chloride ) —a synthetic composition that is both flexible and durable. This makes the ball comfortable and condom to use even if person ‘s wide body weight is resting on acme of the ball .
The material is besides considered “ anti-burst ” because preferably than deflating in an blink of an eye if a puncture occurs, it will slowly lose air—making it safer to use .
Throughout our test, we noticed that the “ wall ” of the ball was regularly noted in the product descriptions. This refers to the PVC outside of the exercise ball. Some of the balls have a “ thick ” or “ heavy-duty ” rampart which means that the ball wo n’t be as compromising, but it may be more durable or less prone to accidental punctures .


Whether the ball is covered in ridges, dimples, or a rough radiation pattern, a textured come on is beneficial for multiple reasons. First, it provides grip and grip to prevent slipping while in use. And if you ’ re prone to sweating or you live in a humid environment, this texture can give you more operate of the exercises you ’ ra perform .
It besides offers an component of safety—ensuring the ball doesn ’ t easily slip out from under you while you ’ re working out, stretching, or sitting at a desk .


use balls are typically designed to be potent and durable. Pay care to the ball ’ mho slant capacitance ( make sure the ball is strong enough to support you and any weights you ’ re using ), and look for the condition “ anti-burst. ” This means the ball will deflate slowly alternatively of popping when it ’ mho punctured .
The “ wall ” of the drill ball references the outside of the ball that you touch ( or sit on ) when exercising. Although most exercise balls have a wall made of durable PVC fabric, not all walls are created equal. In this roundup, we prioritized exercise balls with walls made of material that felt both durable and comfortable.

Weight Capacity

Most exercise balls are durable and designed to withstand a decent sum of system of weights. however, it ’ s advisable to check the product description to make surely its “ weight capability ” can comfortably accommodate your weight prior to purchasing the ball .
If you look at the list above, you ’ ll notice that most balls have a very high gear “ anti-burst capacity ” ( normally 2,000 pounds ). This means that even if a puncture does occur, the ball won ’ t actually abound if it has a pressure of under 2,000 pounds. alternatively, it will slowly deflate .
exercise balls
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Included Accessories

Without the exercise ball itself, you won ’ metric ton reap the benefits that come with it. however, some accessories may help you make the most of your exercise ball .
One of the most popular accessories you ’ ll find with an exercise ball is an direction manual to guide you through workouts. Some include basic pamphlets with exercises for beginners, while others include access to online programs or exercise videos that cater to a wide range of experience levels .
Hand or foot pumps are other common accessories you ’ ll see paired with an exercise ball. In The Lab, we found that we preferred bridge player pumps because they ’ re more portable and by and large easier ( and faster ) to use. however, a foot pump may be more beneficial for those who don ’ t have enough weapon strength or dexterity to pump the ball with their hands .
While not standard, you can besides find use balls that come with early home gymnasium equipment like resistance bands, jump ropes, or floor stabilizers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you inflate an exercise ball?

    many exert balls ship with an vent pump for ostentation. If your exercise ball came without an tune pump, consult the ball ’ second ostentation directions. You may need to buy a separate vent pump to fill it up .

  • Is sitting on an exercise ball good for your back?

    It ’ south ill-defined whether sitting on an exercise ball is effective for your back. Some studies have found that sitting on an exercise ball can help improve carriage and strengthen congress of racial equality muscles. But early studies found that sitting on an exercise ball doesn ’ triiodothyronine affect core intensity at all. To put it merely, the jury ’ sulfur still out on this one. so if you ’ ra looking for ways to improve your position, strengthen your effect, or relieve second pain, consider talking to an expert who can make personalized recommendations about exercises you can try .

  • What can you do with an exercise ball?

    “ There are dateless exercises you can do with an exercise ball, ” Johnson says. “ The fluid platform creates a unique base to challenge overall balance, coordination, and stability. ” Johnson says she loves to use an exercise ball during planks, either by elevating her forearms or her feet. “ It fires up my core unlike any other bachelor of arts drill ! ” she says. You can besides use an exercise testis to enhance classic bodyweight exercises, like squats and pikes. And you can use it to add a greater range of motion to your stretches .

exercise balls test
Verywell / Tamara Staples

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