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New construction facility at Pound Bethlehem, in the historic district of Bethlehem New Hampshire. This is the fourth generation and finally Karl Spaeth’s patented design. This design is a far cry from the version I did at Dennis Dean’s Yoga Mandiram in Cardiff CA. This design is based on simplicity, versatility and economy. Made from commonly available materials, this wall system is affordable. The patented design makes it incredibly strong and beautiful, while offering more possibilities than other designs, thanks to an incredible number of connection points. These are mostly related to the major joints of the body, but can easily be added to accommodate people of different heights in your class. Using geometry, gravity, and traction, I can’t think of a more powerful and versatile yoga tool. Granted: Ivy’s “Feel So Free” is written and managed by Warner Music Group. I love this song.

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Yoga asana rope wall installation

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Yoga asana rope wall installation.

iyengar yoga cardiff.

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7 thoughts on “Yoga asana rope wall installation | Overview of documents about iyengar yoga cardiff most complete

  1. Amara says:

    Defenitely agree with EliseG., it;s a Beautiful design!!! Interested in your spec sheet, would you please give contact info.

  2. Pranayogahealingcenter says:

    Beautiful work best wall I’ve seen! I wonder would you be willing to share the specs for love or money? ✌🏾💜

  3. Mark B says:

    Awesome and elegant. I’m about to build a yoga wall in my garage. I’m trying to guess how you did this, I have purchased the parts that might work, but a prototype will clarify my options and how well the hooks will work.Would/do you sell the plans or details about how you did this. I love the look and world like to replicate it.
    Ps the music was also great. Mark

  4. Pascal Normand says:

    Wow! Really nice. Could you give a little bit of specs? What kind of attachment are you using to fix the straps/wall. Are they just eye-screw? The black frame that is installed first, is it made with 2X3? Is there anywhere we can see more detailled pictures? I'd like to build something similar at home. Thanks a lot, and really nice job

  5. karlosmendoza says:

    ankle, knee, 3 at the hip, shoulder, and a few over head. This one has 9 all together. It's 8ft. high. Vertical spaces are the inside of arms.

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