Getting dressed for work during the summer is not the easiest thing to do. You want to wear something that ’ sulfur going to keep you cool during your commute, warm in your freeze office, and take you from your desk to al fresco drinks —all while sticking to an office dress code. That ’ s a tall regulate. Consider the fact that many of us are already dragging our feet on the way back into the office, and you ’ ve got a recipe for a very unhappy dawn act. To help you feel dear about your work ’ fits, and to make your week a little easier, we asked 18 women from diverse industries to share what they like to wear when temperatures start to rise. From fashionistas to investment guru, and even our own editor-in-chief, this is a professionally impressive bunch together. here ’ s what they had to say about how to dress for knead in the summer .

Nina Garcia, ELLE Editor-in-Chief

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“ I love color for the summer. My go-to office piece is a dress, worn with flat sandals—I ’ ll change into high heels for the even to dress it up. Another work outfit formula I revert to a lot during warm weather is a white, black, or blue button-down shirt with an fancify annulus. If I ’ megabyte going directly from the office to a dinner, I might switch out the shirt to something dressier—like a silk blouse—or add a jacket. This summer, I ’ m besides looking ahead to accessorizing with some fun, colorful pieces. ”

Liz Miersch, Head of Marketing at Paceline

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“ Whatever I leave the house in at 8 A.M. needs to be able to get me through a one-mile walk pushing a baby buggy to school decrease, Nadia Zaki ’ s yoga class at Equinox, and a full moon day of meetings … I have to always be meeting-ready. My go-tos are these Koral lustrous leggings with a Nike sports brassiere that ’ mho decollete enough that it can function like an actual brassiere. I layer a at large silk dress over it ( like this one from ) so it doesn ’ triiodothyronine wrinkle in my udder ( which gets shoved underneath my daughter ’ s feet in the saunterer, of course ), then I lose the leggings mail exercise, and I ’ megabyte ready to go. God bless the person who started the sneakers and dresses vogue as it has been my salvation. These work for the first function of my day, and then I ’ ll change into heels. sandals at my function for immediate changes. The most crucial piece of this perplex though is my. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even know how I survived before I found it. ”

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Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code

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“ My go-to pieces this class are all from my book go : my gold necklace, this amazing jacket that my niece made me, or my bright red Lingua Franca sweater that says “ Brave not Perfect. ” For me, it ’ s not equitable a book, it ’ s a mantra and a life style. I normally pair all of the above with some cola Nike sneakers on my feet—and a match of stand-in heels in my purse, in character I ’ megabyte giving a speech or going to a bad meet ! This summer, I ’ ll besides be wearing a short ton of floral dresses, ace comfortable rompers, and my Gucci slides. Always my Gucci slides. ”

Yasmin Moaven, Chief Marketing Officer at Pipe

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“ nothing has fed my expressive style soul more than working in technical school. I ’ m a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal ( OAK ’ s, Topshop ’ s Jamie jean, and a classical are my go-tos ) at affection, but when I stepped into my function, I had to put my corporate attire back on. I leaned heavily into essential colors like total darkness and white ( Audrey Hepburn style ), pairing my jeans and T-shirts with an outsize blazer, a sexy kitten list, and chunky hoop earrings for an excess dad. For more ball occasions, I love a good might suit—wearing a simple bodysuit underneath, you can dress it up for your meetings and then take off the blazer for happy hour or dinner. And my newest compulsion : watches ! There ’ sulfur nothing quite like a strong power stance and a vintage Cartier ( from The RealReal ) on your wrist to say, ‘ let ’ s cut a deal ! ’ ”

Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director at Shopbop

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“ Being a New Yorker has decidedly affected the means I dress. I ’ m all about sneakers, flats, and easy shoes. For summer, I love the estimate of a bikini sew suit paired with a graphic jersey and clean sandals. It ’ s the perfect remainder of professional and stylish—especially when going from my kids ’ school functions straight to market appointments ! Another professional peak : design the night before. Stick to your go-tos and add on from there to make certain it ’ south both fashion-forward and functional. ”

Iyore N. Olaye, Head of Fintech Product at Bird

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“ With my stylus, I like to strike a balance between manner statements and ease, or what I like to call ‘ technical school cool. ’ California summers are known for warm days and cool nights ( and offices ), so in the good morning, I lean towards a office jump suit, colored trousers, or fitted cheeseparing jeans. Layers help me add a little flare and give me versatility for summer night events—jean shirts, kimonos, and comfortable blazers over a statement blouse are my staples. As for shoes, I like to keep it comfortable and chic : black Steve Madden booties, , or Dr. Martens boots. They are all-important for my identical active agent work environment where I am constantly at the whiteboard brainstorming new app ideas. I typically finish my looks off with an auricle handcuff, studded earrings, and a boldface necklace, because nothing says, ‘ let ’ s lecture business ’ like a elusive floss. ”

Katie Sturino, Founder of Megababe

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“ Comfort is my phone number one concern. If I am uncomfortable ( lector, visualize excessively high of heels, excessively narrow-minded of shoes, or any version of a Spanx on my soundbox ), my meet and my day will be ephemeral because I will make up an excuse to go change. That being said, I am not showing up to meetings in my PJs. indeed I consider the details. right now, I am gravitating towards a headband and a blazer. I can wear them with jeans or over a dress or a skirt and they pull together the spirit while showing off my personality. ”

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Nyree Corby, Founder & CEO of Fame and Partners

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“ This summer I ’ thousand love tartans, so my favorite wardrobe firearm has to be this. I team it with a reasonably white ruffle top from Fame and Partners ’ s daywear, Proenza Schouler shoes, and giant black beaded hoops by Celine. now is the fourth dimension to experiment by mishmashing unexpected colors, prints, or style details. ”

Kate Foley Osterweis, Stylist & Fashion Consultant

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“ I find myself wearing a draw of long printed silk, chiffon, and cotton dresses to work during the summer, as they ’ re so versatile and comfortable. In this photograph, I ’ m actually wearing a Marni silk printed meet blouse and surround, which is one of my go-to summer outfits and serves the like purpose as all my summer dresses. I ’ ve had the annulus for years, and discovered the match blouse on … It ’ sulfur authoritative to me that I look bright when I ’ megabyte working with clients, and I besides want to make certain that what I ’ thousand tire allows me to rush around the city between different clients ’ offices without overheating or ending up looking disheveled. I keep footwear simpleton and comfortable excessively. last year, I wore green suede sandals by Mansur Gavriel closely casual. If I have a converge or consequence where I need to wear heels, I put them in my bag and throw them on with my trim. It ’ s actually significant to keep summer outfits wholly easy and casual so you can look and feel good all day. ”

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-Founder & Partner at Clerisy

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“ For summer, I like outfits that work for day and night. You can dress the outfit down with flats or sandals, and in the evening, throw on a pair of virginia department of veterans affairs voom sandals and you ’ re ready to go. I besides believe in always having a jacket that goes with everything for when the AC in the function is on high. ”

Andrea Lieberman, Founder of A.L.C.

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“ My go-to nibble in the summer is a farseeing sleeve silk lead, generally paired with jeans. It ’ south easy, feminine, and I know I can constantly throw it on and look put-together. Plus, it works perfectly day to night, specially in L.A. ”

Gabby Karan De Felice, Creative Director of Tutto il Giorno Restaurants

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“ I love a dress or a jump suit that is comfortable and seamlessly takes me from running around at meetings during the day to evenings at either Tutto illinois Giorno Tribeca or Southampton. I normally stick with neutrals and even wear black all summer, but might mix it up with a light blue or beige. Of course I much wear something from Urban Zen designed by my ma, Donna Karan. ”

Holly Russell, Freelance Fashion & Buying Consultant

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“ During the summer, I tend to stick to wardrobe staples like a black dress, specifically that is made from a fluid lightweight fabric and offers sleeves that are coy enough for an office environment. I style it slenderly bohemian with a long gold necklace, a flat or heeled sandal, and my. If you are felicitous to show a little leg and are able to dress slenderly casual in your work environment, then a surround looks super directional with a simple white jersey and Common Projects white trainers. In a more formal bring environment, where you may have to wear a sew look or suit, a simple style update would be a undimmed point-toe heart. I bought a loss Aquazzura copulate that is perfect with a match of smart trousers. ”

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Bärí A. Williams, Advisor at Bandwagon Fan Club, Inc.

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“ There ’ s a celebrated saying about the surprise temperature of summers in San Francisco : ‘ The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. ’ It ’ s true ! summer averages around 68 degrees and offices are blasting AC at heart, which still calls for lightweight denim and a light blouse. This is wholly desk to date. Tech is casual, so anything more than this and I ’ five hundred look out of place. I like to use accessories to dress an equip up or down, for a presentation, or to meet my conserve after workplace for a go steady night. ”

Honor Brodie, Creative Director at Tory Burch

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“ When it ’ mho warm outside, I love to wear vibrant color and batik prints. This adds a act of indistinctness to the more structure, while the embroider and have a bohemian vibration that feels right for summer. ”

Maria Tash, Jewelry Designer & Piercing Expert

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“ I always think in terms of jewelry. I love affectionate yellow gold in the summer, as it both resonates with my complexion angstrom well as any balmy tan. My apparel choices get clean ( but still with at least one-half sleeves ), indeed I opt for chiffons and silk charmeuse, plus linen pants that couple well with the silk tops. jewelry and my hair still dominate over my dress choices, though. ”

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Roopal Patel, Senior Vice President & Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue

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“ This summer is all about experiment, creating untold options for office-appropriate fashion. My personal go-to is a great blouse and skirt jazz band. I gravitate towards classic stripes which come in all sorts of iterations, and take inspiration from suiting. In particular, I love a crisp poplin off-the-shoulder blouse from Rosie Assoulin paired with a Dries van Noten ruffle skirt. I add an easy summer sandal and Loewe knickknack bag to complete the front. In the summer, you want color, print, pattern—your expect doesn ’ t have to be sol classic. experiment, but keep it chic ! Summer office dressing doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean you should look like you ’ re going to the beach—reserve tank tops, flip-flops, and shorts for leisure activities. ”

Leah White Rigueur, Professor at Johns Hopkins University

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“ For me, summer influence attire means one thing : versatility. Because I ’ molarity always on the run, I need clothes that reflect that, and reflect my diverse schedule. An average shape workweek, for exercise, finds me rocking a lightweight top and white jeans for a meeting one day, and a bright-colored dress for a address engagement the identical following day. This diverseness is what I love the most about my summer attire ; I get to constantly go second and forth between Jordans, flip-flop, and Louboutins, which is incredible ! ”

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