A Guide to the Rheingau Region Although winemaking had existed in the area from the Roman era, if not earlier, monks made it more taxonomic and helped set higher standards. It was 1136 in Eberbach, central Rheingau. The Cistercians probably did n’t know it, but they were besides founding Germany ‘s most significant wine region, the actual center of winemaking on the western side of the Rhine, home of Rhine Riesling — that is “ true ” Riesling, indeed. Rheingau — whose name actually means “ Rhine Region ” — is a wine area that lies on the northern trust of the Rhine, roughly between its confluences with the Main River and the Nahe River, where the Rhine suddenly bounds and flows to the west for some miles ( about 30 to 50 kilometers ) before bounding again and flowing northbound as “ usual ” ( that ‘s why we here have a northerly bank of the river ).

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The climate in Rheingau is extraordinary meek, considering its military position and how far it lies from the mitigating action of any ocean. median annual temperature is about 50°F ( 10°C ), but the area is surprisingly dry, with merely 23 Inches ( 590 millimeter ) of median annual precipitation. dirt differs as one moves from upper to lower Rheingau. Around Hochheim and Wicker there are perplex, marl, loam, clays and sandpaper, while by Eltville sandstone is a lot more park, while by Rüdesheim gravel, quartz glass and sandstone can be found. This mix of a vary and mineral land and a relatively dry climate is the perfect match for great, complex and elegant Rieslings, which have become the archetypal Rieslings at whose quality the worldly concern ‘s Riesling producers aim. furthermore, what makes this region Riesling ‘s worldly concern ‘s capital is the kind of its wines : unlike soils give different results. Rieslings from the vineyards by the Main River are normally stronger than those from the western separate of Rheingau, and it is exciting to compare them.

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For what concerns grape varieties grown in the area, however, there ‘s not so much to say : riesling and Pinot Noir ( which is called Spätburgunder around here ), with the erstwhile covering more than three-quarters of plantations. however, there are more than two kinds of wine coming from Rheingau. Delicious dessert wines are produced by letting Riesling grapes dry : Trockenbeerenauslese ( meaning “ choice of dried berries ” ), on which botrytis baronial bunk has worked. With a exchangeable process, Beerenauslese ( “ Selection of berries ” ) and Auslese ( “ excerpt ” ) wines are produced, though these appellations are not american samoa eminent as the first one. Eiswein ( ice wine ) is another dulcet wine obtained by leaving bunches on plants until the weather is cold enough to harvest flash-frozen berries. The Eighties were a meter of upheaval among vintners in Rheingau. New german wine laws and the nearsighted production attitude of many winemakers caused a crisis of Rheingau Riesling, which finally gained back its reputation thanks to a modern generation of winemakers, many of whom did n’t belong to any celebrated race of vintners ( until then ). Some of those producers are present significant ones, such as Wilhelm Weil and Bernhard Breuer. early celebrated Riesling producers from Rheingau are – among others – Fred Prinz ( who owns the celebrated Hallgarten Hendelberg and Hallgarten Jungfer vineyards ), Joachim Flick, Franz Künstler and Georg Breuer ( who owns Rauenthal Nonnenberg vineyard ). For what concerns Pinot Noir, there basically is only one top quality vineyard : Assmannhausen Höllenberg, owned by vintners like Fritz Allendorf, August Kessler and Robert König.

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