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The Spartans came to prominence in the movie “300,” where Leonidas gloriously shouts “It’s Sparta!” but the real life of a Spartan warrior was anything but glamorous. Check out today’s epic new video going back in time to see why Spartan life really sucks! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHIC SHOW ► 🔖 MY SOCIAL PAGES TikTok ► Discord ► Facebook ► Twitter ► 💭 Find more great stuff at: 📝 SOURCES: All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

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Why Life of a Spartan Warrior Actually Sucked
Why Life of a Spartan Warrior Actually Sucked

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Why Life of a Spartan Warrior Actually Sucked.

is this warrior real.

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28 thoughts on “Why Life of a Spartan Warrior Actually Sucked | General information related to is this warrior real

  1. ZPERM ICIDE says:

    it wasn't so much they didn't encourage spirit of camaraderie instead it was more a trail. Once you completed it you earned your right into the brotherhood of spartan soldiers and nobody would make fun of you ever again unless they had a death wish probably. If you can make it through the lowest a person back then can get to and all the other abuse, fighting, etc. and still make it out the other side it was something you could take pride in as well.

  2. MestizoMarquez says:

    Comment at 15 seconds is 100% incorrect.
    Check out civilized to death. Jimmy dore interview with book author of civilized to death.

  3. orestis angelis says:

    There's difference on describing what they were doing and thinking on why they were doing it , it's alright though we don't expect muricans to understand especially when its compared it to modern days which are the exactly opposite, the more disabled the better

  4. J.H Shell says:

    This insane fairy tale is full of all kinds of distortions.
    The longest serving king of Sparta, who attended the Agoge,
    who fought many battles, was wounded many times was
    Agesilaus II. He lived to the age of 84. He literally fought until
    he died. He was, by Spartan standards" lame.
    Also the story of the bland food is generally misunderstood.
    Sparta was one of the most endowed lands in Greece. And
    the Spartans love to hunt. And they eat well. Yes, they did have
    the "Blood" broth. But it was ceremonial. Dining was composed
    of two parts:
    The AIKLON..main course with the broth and small
    portion. And then,
    The EPAIKLON. the contributions. This course
    anything this fertile land could produce, and members brought
    to the dining clubs.

  5. Drake says:

    Yeha this is what I expected their lives were like. If u watch 300 you probably won't walk away thinking Spartans had a nice life by any means none of this was surprising.

  6. William Price says:

    In battles when they concured an enemy they would sexually assault everyone, to demean their enemies.

  7. Cathy Bannister says:

    Any time there are bunch of greasy dudes looking for any excuse to go on a long trip with no vaj, I’m out.

  8. Leom Duffy says:

    Todays 18 year olds my feelings are hurt I'm going to my safe room. Spartan infants crying because there hungry parents ignore him he will get nowhere crying.

  9. cdle007 says:

    Horrible video. Can you just do a historical examination and not attempt to include modern bias to your historical story.

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