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Elliana Walmsley


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Thank you ROMWE for sponsoring this video! Use my code “ELLIANA” to get 15% off ROMWE sitewide! Store Link: http: All items featured in this video can be found on the ROMWE website. #ROMWEcreators Hi, I’m Elliana Walmsley! Come with me and you’ll see why I had to cut all my hair. Before we get to the video, I want to thank ROMWE for sponsoring us today! It is true that today’s video is very moving for me and some of my friends. As some of you know, I had to cut all my hair, and in this video I am going to tell you why I had to do it. Also stay tuned to see how my friends like Piper Rockelle and boyfriend Jentzen Ramirez react as things get emotional. Many thanks also to my mother Yolanda for her incredible support. If you want to see more videos make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more! Shirt: Crochet Top: Cloud Shorts: Ice Cream T-Shirt: Jeans: Palm Tree Shorts: Wave T-Shirt: Bus Tank Top: Bus T-Shirt: Flame Sweatpants: ====FOLLOW ME=== = Instagram: TikTok: ***** *THANK YOU****** Piper: Jentzen: Lev: Claire: Emily Dobson: Ayden Mekus: Symonne: Connor: Hi, this is Elliana Walmsley! You may know me from dance moms, junior dwts, radio city xmas show, chickies and more! Come with me and watch my crazy life as I make a variety of different videos, I hope you enjoy! ♡♡♡

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Why I Had To Cut Off All My Hair **emotional reaction**💇‍♀️✂️ |Elliana Walmsley
Why I Had To Cut Off All My Hair **emotional reaction**💇‍♀️✂️ |Elliana Walmsley

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Why I Had To Cut Off All My Hair **emotional reaction**💇‍♀️✂️ |Elliana Walmsley.

hair extensions harlow.

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  1. Crystal Rimmerz says:

    i had to shave my hair off becuse nits and it is long and thic and heathy now and i'm glad i shaved my hair

  2. Evie Stokes says:

    I'd support her either way even if she had to cut her hair. It's not what's on the outside it's what's on the inside. Love u elli xx. 🥰🥰

  3. Kendra Oakley says:

    I honestly love how it came out! She was so so scared to get her hair done but it came out great!!

  4. Katelyn Pierce says:

    i get this is really hard for her especially because of her friends and social platform but they are being rly dramatic abt it like its hair….like shes not getting a heart transplant, her hair grows back, its not permanent. Also she can buy a wig or do some other treatment. But not trying to be rude like i would be scared for this too

  5. soulwoman15able says:

    It has happened to me thousands of times to It is okay ❤❤❤❤❤❤ it will grow back fast I love you 😭😭

  6. Charlotte and her friends on yt says:

    Ellie you are so sweeet and nothing can change how beautiful you are and Yolanda is so sweet she is trying to cheer her up and trying to help her get through it! ❤️and her short hair is sooo beautiful

  7. Lylayna Sias says:

    Yolanda Caress so Much about Ellie And piper Emily Jenna Everyone she's so carrying she's loving she is a nice mom She's a great mom she's that amazing

  8. Kitty Cat Sparkle says:

    Elliana really pulled of that new look it looks really good elliana your pretty no matter what

  9. cool teacher says:

    I never knew you had those hairstyle extensions in your hair so basically I'm kind of sad about that I wish your hair was more longer if you like long hair. love the color.

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