In the Hindu scriptures, Revati (रेवती) She is the daughter of King Kakudmi and the wife of Balarama, the elder brother of Krishna and one of the Dashavatara.

How many wives does Balram have?

He married Revati, the daughter of King Kakudmi. He had two sons, Nishatha and Ulmuka, and a daughter, Vatsala/Shashirekha. Balarama is the famous rudder, one of the incarnations of cattle farming with which he is associated with Krishna. The plow is Balarama’s weapon.

Did Balarama love Revati?

He told the king that here was a man so suitable for the girl, unlike any he had found in Satyuga. Krishna had asked Balarama to marry the beautiful daughter of King Kakudmi. The king was delighted to learn that it was Balarama who would marry him. Therefore, Revati and Balarama got married.

Who gave birth to Balarama?

At that time, Lord Vishnu instructed Yogamaya, his inner power, to transfer the unborn child from Devaki’s womb to that of Rohini, one of Vasudeva’s other wives. Thus Balarama was born in Gokul under the protection of Nanda Maharaja.

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Is Balram the son of Yashoda?

Lord Balram’s parents were Vasudev and his wife Devaki. He was about to be born from the womb of Devaki but later, to save him from Kamsa, he was transferred to the womb of Rohini, who was another wife of Vasudev. He lived with Vasudev and Mother Yashoda under the protection of Kamsa.

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Are Rohini and Yashoda sisters?

In Hindu epics, Rohini (Sanskrit: रोहिणी, rohiṇī) is the first wife of Vasudeva, the sister of Yashoda, and the mother of the Hindu deities Balarama and Subhadra.

Is Subhadra the daughter of Yashoda?

According to some traditions, the daughter of Yashoda whom Kansa tried to kill after the birth of Lord Krishna is reborn as Draupadi, while according to other traditions she is reborn as Subhadra.

How did Rohini get pregnant?

None of that would have happened, we all know Rohini visited the dungeons to take Devaki’s womb. Either it was the already born child that he had brought out of the dungeon, or he had lain there with Vasudeva.

Who is Rohini’s husband?

Mythology. In Hindu mythology, Rohini is the daughter of King Daksha and Lady Panchajani. She is one of the twenty-seven daughters of Daksha who married Chandra, the moon god. She is Chandra’s main and favorite wife.

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Who was Yashoda in his previous birth?

In the Kali Yuga, Yashoda was born as Vakula Devi, as the mother of Lord Venkateshwara and witnessed the marriage between Venkateshwara and Goddess Padmavathi.

Why is Balarama the avatar of Vishnu?

Balarama, in Hindu mythology, the older half-brother of Krishna, with whom he shared many adventures. Balarama is sometimes considered as one of the 10 avatars (incarnations) of the god Vishnu, especially among members of Vaishnava sects who elevate Krishna as the main god.

Who is Sasirekha’s husband?

The plot concerns the marriage of Sasirekha or Vatsala, the daughter of Balarama, with Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna. It echoes Arjuna’s marriage to Subhadra in the Mahabharata.

Who killed Rukmini?

Thus, the Vidarbha army of Rukmi stayed away from the Kurukshetra war, becoming a neutral army in the encounter between Kauravas and Pandavas. Rukmi was killed by Balarama because he tricked Balarama in a game of dice.

Did Krishna marry his cousin?

No. Krishna married his cross cousins ​​Mitravinda and Bhadra. Considered “incest” in today’s North Indian Hindu culture.

Who were Rohini and Yashoda?

In Hindu epics, Rohini (Sanskrit: रोहिणी, rohiṇī) is the first wife of Vasudeva, the sister of Yashoda, and the mother of the Hindu deities Balarama and Subhadra. She played a prominent role in the education of Krishna.

How did Devaki get pregnant?

Part of MahaVishnu’s power called Anant Sesha enters Devaki’s womb as the seventh son. Mahavishnu then asks yogamaya to transfer Devaki’s fetus to Rohini, another consort of Vasudeva who lives under Nanda’s shelter.

Who was the seventh son of Devaki?

One wonders why they continued to father children if it involved so much suffering. Why not stay childless? The birth of their seventh child, Balarama, was an intriguing experience. He was mysteriously transferred into Rohini’s womb shortly after he was conceived.

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Who killed Devaki and Vasudev?

Angered, Kamsa rose to kill Devaki, but was stopped by Vasudeva, who promised to give all the children Kamsa, whom he would then kill.

Who was Radha in her previous birth?

Radha was born as the daughter of Vrishbhanu and his wife Kirti. However, she was not born from her mother’s womb. It is said that it was only after the child was born that Radha entered the body of this child. Because she was not born from the womb, Radha is also known as Ayonija.

Which woman did Arjun love the most?

Among the most notable is his marriage to Draupadi, the fire-born daughter of Drupada, who was the king of Panchala.

Is she the sister of Draupadi Krishna?

For Draupadi’s sake, Krishna guided and protected his own cousin Arjuna, the husband and love interest of his Sakhi. Even to this day, the pure love and understanding of Krishna, friend-brother-relative, for the headstrong beauty Draupadi is the stuff of folklore and inspires nothing but awe and respect.

Who is Devaki in her previous birth?

So, in Shri Krishna Avatar, Mata Kaikeyi was born as Devaki Devi, and had to be separated from her son Shri Krishna for 14 years, while Yashoda Devi, who was Mata Kaushalya, raised Shri Krishna as her son (to make up for the 14 years he lost in Shri Ram’s avatar).

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