Former Love Island Australia star Cartier Surjan is happier than ever with her NRL star boyfriend jake simkins. And on Monday, the 20-year-old beauty revealed to Daily Mail Australia how she met the 19-year-old jock when they were celebrating five months as a couple.

Are Adam and Cartier still a couple?

While Cartier made it to the final with Matt, the pair split just weeks after the cameras stopped rolling. As for Adam, he is now happy with his girlfriend Renee Skwierczynski.

Are Matthew and Cartier still a couple?

Cartier Surjan and Matt Zukowski

Announcing their split in November 2019, Cartier said: “I made the decision that it would be better for Matthew and I to remain good friends rather than have a relationship,” the 19-year-old said. “He is a handsome boy indeed!

Who does Cartier end up with?

“Cartier made the right decision in casting Matthew in the Recoupling. I’m happy. My time was up there. I was just getting in the way of those two, which made it difficult for them to make a connection.”

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Is Cartier Love Island unique?

While Cartier appears to be single at the moment, Matthew is currently dating Keira Maguire from Bachelor in Paradise. The couple first went public with their relationship while Keira’s BIP episodes were still airing, but they shared a sweet episode as soon as it last aired.

Did Matthew help Cartier find TRUE LOVE? | The world of the island of love.

Are Luke and Cassie still together?

Cassie and Luke never really got things to work out between them after the show. Cassie decided to take a trip out of Australia to Bali for a luxury getaway (before the coronavirus hit).

Are Luke and Anna still together?

Anna and Josh moved to Melbourne together but admitted the lockdown was tough on their relationship. These days, Josh seems to be living the best single life ever and is back in his hometown of Sydney. Meanwhile, his twin and Love Island/Block co-star Luke is engaged and shared the happy news of him in October 2020.

Aaron and Cynthia broke up?

The love story is over for Cynthia and Aaron from Love Island Australia. Cynthia took to Instagram moments ago to share the news that she and Aaron had split.

Are Cartier and Jessie still friends?

podcast, the reality star revealed the reason why she and Cartier are no longer friends. “I went to live with Cartier,” Jessie revealed. “We are still friends, but not that close.

Are Josh and Anna still together?

Love Island Australia season 2 winners Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy have sadly announced their split, a year after falling in love on the show.

Are Erin and Cassidy still friends?

cassidy mcgill

He has also started his own YouTube vlog, where he documents his workouts, what he eats, and social events. She is still very good friends with former co-stars Françoise Draschler and Erin Barmett.

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Who is still together from Love Island 2021?

Fans of the show will be happy to know that Love Island 2021 winners Millie and Liam are still very much together. Despite a massive change in the form of bombshell Lillie from Casa Amor, the pair left the show together and £50,000 richer. In November 2021, they announced that they had bought their first house together.

How long did Matt and Cartier last after Love Island?

Cartier and Matthew announced their split two weeks after leaving the 2019 Love Island Australia villa.

Did Zara cheat on Adam?

Love Island’s Adam Collard slams his ex Zara McDermott when she admits to cheating on boyfriend Sam Thompson. Adam Collard has thrown shade at her ex Zara McDermott after admitting she cheated on her boyfriend Sam Thompson.

Are Blake and Margarita still together?

Unfortunately, things didn’t last long as Blake cut ties with Margarita when she told the other girls about the night they spent together.

Who is Matt Zukowski?

Former Love Island star Matthew Zukowski has opened up about infertility and revealed that he was unable to have children in a raw interview. The reality star faced it all on her podcast, Where’s Your Head?, in a heart-to-heart with co-host and 2019 Love Island winner Anna McEvoy.

Who is Matt from Love Island with now?

Matthew Zukowski has admitted getting matching tattoos with his girlfriend while visiting Sydney. The former Love Island star opened up about how it all came to be on her podcast, Where’s Your Head At?, in a candid conversation with co-host and 2019 Love Island winner Anna McEvoy.

Are Aaron and Jess still together?

Jess later confirmed the news on her Instagram Stories, after the cast was seen partying together the first weekend after the finale aired. “Hey guys, a lot of people have been asking about me and Aaron. Sadly we are no longer together,” she wrote.

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Who from Love Island Australia is still together?

Eden is currently[inarelationshipwithMarriedAtFirstSightstarCyrellPaulandherpartnersharesathree-year-oldson.ErinahasalsomovedinwithherboyfriendMickRussell.

Does Cynthia from Love Island wear a wig?

Though she sometimes wears her natural hair, she said people’s fascination with it makes her reconsider. According to Cynthia, wearing hair extensions and her extensions gives her “an extra boost of confidence.”

Are Josh and Amelia still together?

Josh Moss and Amelia Marni of Love Island Australia have split. The couple, who had been together for almost four years, posted messages on Instagram to announce the shocking news they called.

Are Tina and Mitch still together?

Love Island Australia winner Tina Provis has opened up about the end of her relationship with Mitchell Hibberd and addressed cheating rumors with Abbie Chatfield on her It’s A Lot podcast.

Josh and Cassidy staying together?

Heartbroken Josh: ‘It shouldn’t have been like this.’ Cassidy prides herself on being faithful when she loves someone…but ironically, she finds herself in the same situation as Grant, the guy who broke her heart in the first week.

Are Olivia and Corey from Love Island still together?

When favorites Shannon St Clair and Josh Goldstein left the show for personal reasons, Olivia and Korey became the new couple to beat. Of the four finalist couples, the public voted for Korey and Olivia to win Love Island USA. Unfortunately, Korey and Olivia have since broken up.

Is Siannise Fudge still with Luke?

The 27-year-old reality star reportedly split from Luke, 24, last November after almost two years together; they met on the ITV2 dating show winter series in 2020. Neither have publicly confirmed the split, but Siannise appears to have struck up a romantic relationship with model Chris Beviere.

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