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Plastic surgery is a must for celebrities, but who has the best plastic surgery? In this video, I’m going to go over some of my picks and talk a little bit about what I think they did, whether they admitted it or not! Sign up for my e-newsletters to get my “10 Things Every Plastic Surgery Patient Should Know” eBook for FREE! Did you know that I have my own skin care line? Shop YOUN Beauty at: I offer a full range of skin care products made with natural and organic ingredients to help keep your skin looking its best and fight aging, all cruelty-free! Learn more about the look you want to achieve with plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments: Subscribe to this channel: INSTAGRAM: @tonyyounmd FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @TonyYounMD

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Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery? And What Can You Learn From Them? - Dr. Anthony Youn
Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery? And What Can You Learn From Them? – Dr. Anthony Youn

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Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery? And What Can You Learn From Them? – Dr. Anthony Youn.

dua lipa nose job.

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  1. Mikaela Carrizo says:

    I honestly don’t think Taylor has had a breast augmentation, it can also just be weight gain and a good bra (when i gain weight and wear a nice bra my cup size seems 2x bigger lol)

  2. Carol Garibay says:

    I love your videos, but I think sometimes you only mention the most obvious procedures, as opposed to all the other ones they may have had. Not sure why. Maybe you want to save time 😅

  3. Andrea Gomez says:

    2:22 I disagree. Her cheekbones are heavier on the sides than the front as they were in the past. I suspect of a canthoplasty, brow lift, bichectomy, something on her teeth, chin and jaw implants (I think they're gone now) and a face lift more recently. Her nose is more refined and the wings are lower.

  4. popfanatic says:

    Taylor Swift got (at the very least) an upper lid blepharoplasty and a brow lift, a subtle nose job, a partial buccal fat extraction, lip filler AND veneers. she used to have small cat-like eyes, and now her eyes look rounder and more open; now you can even see part of her upper eye lid, which wasn't noticeable before. the rest of her face procedures are pretty evident. Body wise, she had at least two breast augmentations and a butt lift. I know her fans say she just gained some weight, but they're fooling themselves: she went from having a completely flat chest and flat butt at 20 y/o (meaning: she was done growing), to having larger breasts and a bigger butt; and her face, neck, tummy, arms and legs still look thin. that's NOT weight gain, that's plastic surgery done well and gradually.

  5. Adeum Deus says:

    As a rule, plastic surgery makes people uglier. By a vast margin.

    Just age gracefully and naturally. FFS 🤬.

    Wrecking the definition of "beauty" worldwide with these reptiles that are more silicon than natural. Plastic surgery should be limited to making people appear "normal" (due to natural causes (accidents, birth defects, etc.- anything beyond natural appearance or aging)) that have left people disfigured or maimed).

    100% of "cosmetic plastic surgery" looks absolutely awful. Fight me.

  6. J Taylor says:

    I definitely think Taylor Swift has had breast augmentation. And the reason why is that you can see in her sternum she still has a fairly low body mass in that area, yet her breasts are incredibly perky and very round. Unfortunately, at the beginning of her augmentation, they were very defined and separated. As she has continued to gain weight and fill out over the last 3 years, they have dropped and settled. They are beautiful and very tastefully done. They perfectly match her body size and look very natural now.

  7. jmatt4life says:

    Madonna’s face got bigger just like Caitlyn Jenner’s face got bigger after she transitioned.
    Their faces look swollen and oversized!

  8. Nathalia Barraza says:

    Has Taylor had her eyes done? Her eyebrows have always been arched but they look more lifted in recent photos compared to older ones, the creases in her eyelids can be seen more clearly in the recent ones.

  9. MissPrettyN'Pink says:

    I am an A an my breasts get bigger when I gain but hers look a lot bigger. I have to gain quite a bit of weight. I’m getting my breast augmentation in June. But I did go to a place about lip fillers an the woman swore I had Botox? Nope I just have always looked young. Thankfully it’s still holding. Lol

  10. Lauren Rose says:

    Hey Dr. Youn: I'm 68 and I have a very sharp jawline and neckline. And, no, I've never had a facelift. Scout's honor. If you're ever in Portland, OR, call me up and you can check. However, the neck and chest are totally genetic. My mom died at 81 and although she was ravaged by pain and problems, her neck and chest were still smooth enough that she could wear a scoop neck tee. I have never had anything done except a rhinoplasty because my father bequeathed me his nose and while it looked really rough and masculine against his 6'+ frame, it did not work on my almost 6' frame. At 68, I can honestly say I look 45 and, although I'm ready to have a little work done on my eyes, good makeup still rules the day. I truly didn't appreciate my youth when I could have run around barefaced but didn't. Now it takes about an hour but that includes washing and moisturizing. Let's see if it brings me what I want.

  11. Jovy Pabon says:

    We are all beautiful in and out,but for me we should be contented and happy of we have now like physical appearance,looks, unique, styles, passion, need to be change at all bcoz we didn't know the results or cause or it might be can make problem to u or at all…from ph

  12. mariana Cardos0. says:

    I dont think taylor swift had any surgery. In the before picture, she was a teen, still going through puberty, plus she developed an eating disorder arround this time, so she never really had much body fat. Recently she’s been recovering from her eating disorder, so she gained some weight, so she now completed her development. And as always, she looks extremely gorgeous, brilliant stunning. She is de defenition of perfection and im really happy for her recover

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