I love the rare occasions where I can find a sitter during the day so I can have a kid-free meal with J during his lunch break. I get to savor my whole meal without rushing and don’t have to chase the boys all over the restaurant.

So on one of these beautiful offspring-less lunch dates I said “I want noodles!”

One of the nearest noodle places we remembered was one we had tried few years before.  Here’s the thing in Bangkok:  there’s so much good food here, unless a meal really blows you away, you’re likely to forget all about it.  Here the standard is so high “really good” just doesn’t cut it.

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And that was the case with Wuanood:  I guess it did not make much of an impact the first time we tried it, because if it did, it would have made our favorites list.  But we decided to give Sexy Cow Noodles another shot.  And now we definitely suggest that you do the same!


Wuanood has only two branches at the moment, so it might take a special trip to give it a try.  One restaurant is near the Ploen Chit BTS stop in a strip mall called Mahatun Plaza.  There’s another branch in Sathorn near the Chong Nonsi BTS station in Empire Tower. 

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And don’t bother googling “Sexy Cow Noodles” that’s just our nickname for the place, well because….Wuanood picked a very sexy and very provocative cow to be the mascot!

Just how sexy is the sexy cow?  Sexy enough to make you blush, just take a look at that menu!