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#whatieatinaday as a fitness instructor 💪 #shorts #fitness
#whatieatinaday as a fitness instructor 💪 #shorts #fitness

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#whatieatinaday #fitness #instructor #shorts #fitness.


#whatieatinaday as a fitness instructor 💪 #shorts #fitness.

yoga superfood cup.

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47 thoughts on “#whatieatinaday as a fitness instructor 💪 #shorts #fitness | General knowledge related to yoga superfood cup most complete

  1. เՇร ๓є เ๓ ђєгє ฯคฯ says:

    i love this ngl for me i eat like 2 times a day bc school and when i'm not there im babysitting or working and i can't eat while doing that except for cooking while babysitting

  2. EniBee says:

    I wish I could do all this, only my right hand is broken 😢 and I'm right handed so I can't write or do Normal workouts-

  3. Hwasaxmmm iconicqueens says:

    Woah ur realla awesome and I didn't expect the handwriting… U just prinyed out letters using u hands

  4. jelly dogfish=) says:

    I wish I could eat healthier but my mom's the one who buys food and when I try to be healthy they make fun of me 😭

  5. Hila Katz says:

    I wish my teacher had your handwriting she writes so not like normal that no one understands her hand writing

  6. ☾︎𝙳𝚊𝚗𝚒☽︎ says:

    Can I ask a question, I eat a bagel with eggs and pancakes with strawberry's and a bowl of Weetabix for breakfast is it healthy?

  7. Ryem Abrahamson says:

    I love that you recognize that not every person can eat and exercise the same to look the same 😭 Not everyone sees that privilege and that's awesome

  8. Ace The Pacifist says:

    i naturally have to eat more due to an iron deficiency, but i do eat similarly-
    it’s so nice that someone acknowledges that everyone is different

  9. Marvel Editor.♡ says:

    Me:how is her hand writing so neat!?
    Also me:well at least I've got better handwriting than a toddler *phew!
    Also me: wait no nevermind 😭


  10. Nathalie Krüger says:

    That's great, but without wanting it, I'm so picky, I can barely eat anything, I don't eat meat, fish, no veggies at all, I can't eat anything spicy, not even pepper, I only like 2 kinds of cheese, no tofu or soya, only bare boiled eggs, no spices or seasoning in general. How do I eat right?

    And for people saying: just eat it, it's not that bad. That's not how it works. I gag every time I try to eat any of those things.

  11. 🥰It's.Maddy😚 says:

    I hate this because ever since I was 8 years old I've always struggled with being bullied about my weight and I realize that I do way a lot. And just look at you eat all this makes me sad because just eating one pancake for me even if it's like 2 in wide and not even a centimeter thick I gain like 1 lb. And you're so skinny and I'm so fat (I weigh more than 130 lb and I'm only 10) and even my step dad makes comments about it

  12. Cherylin Ensin says:

    Loving your handwriting! I would want that handwriting of yours but sadly i have a doctor handwriting 😅

  13. Kendallia says:

    Everyone else- “omg the food looks so good we need recipes!”
    Me- “omg that pen writes so nice, which one is it?”

  14. Idk says:

    I eat my own made meals that are 80-120 calories and my own made snacks that are 10-30 calories (P.S I sometimes eat 4 meals a day on accident )

  15. HEHE Helium says:

    I love your Channel ❤️I feel more confident ❤️ and I love how you tell us that it’s a personal Journal🫶 and not like the others ❤️

  16. Grape Campbell says:

    I have been eating junk food for the past few days and I’ve been feeling fat.. I have been very sad too. What should I do ?

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