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You could be damaging your skin with what you put on your face! Really. I’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should NEVER, NEVER apply to your face, and I’ll tell you exactly why, in this video. Do you use any of them? Hopefully it’s NOT #1! Check out my antioxidant calming moisturizer here! Sign up for my e-newsletters to get my “10 Things Every Plastic Surgery Patient Should Know” eBook for FREE! Did you know that I have my own skincare line? Shop YOUN Beauty at: I offer a full range of skin care products made with natural and organic ingredients to help keep your skin looking its best and fight aging, all cruelty-free! Learn more about the look you want to achieve with plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments: Subscribe to this channel: INSTAGRAM: @tonyyounmd FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @TonyYounMD

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What to NEVER Put On Your Face! - Dr. Anthony Youn
What to NEVER Put On Your Face! – Dr. Anthony Youn

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What to NEVER Put On Your Face! – Dr. Anthony Youn.

cbd facial mist.

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25 thoughts on “What to NEVER Put On Your Face! – Dr. Anthony Youn | Cover the relevant information cbd facial mist The most detailed

  1. Meg W says:

    So many derms say to use Petroleum Jelly wtf! I use jelly multiple times a week and it works great for me

  2. Gramisul says:

    I use coconut oil, Shae butter and mineral oil. Never could afford plastic surgery and at 54 can pass for 34 I have hardly any wrinkles. I respect your advice but this works for me.

  3. Michael C Latecki says:

    Well I totally thought you were going to say makeup. That came out of the left field way out there. Never even thought about semen LOL. Swore it was going to be makeup or something because that could clog your pores I'm assuming.. lol

  4. Jai Jones says:

    When Dr said #5, I busted out laughing🤣😂🤣for other reasons but I wasn't expecting that one…whew!

  5. Max Horner says:

    Sodium laurel sulfate in a "soap" automatically means it is not soap but synthetic detergent legally labeled as soap. Soap is fat water and lye.

    Petroleum jelly was discovered by oil riggers who were usin the thick substance on their hands for cracked skin

  6. ddraft234 says:

    Didnt know sperm facials was a thing. Fyi Doc, I would think meat on the face goes perfectly with the sperm facial

  7. •Simply Grace• says:

    I can’t take him seriously because I’m used to him making jokes 😭

    Edit: oh crap I use body moisturizer on my face 😩

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