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In this short interview, Dr. Jessica Eccles explains her research on the link between joint hypermobility and anxiety. People with joint hypermobility are much more likely to experience anxiety and heightened “fight or flight” responses. Dr. Eccles was the first to link this knowledge to structural changes in the brain, showing that the amygdala, associated with emotional processing, is larger in people with joint hypermobility. By clarifying the nature of this link, she hopes to help develop more personalized and effective treatments. Dr. Eccles is a psychiatrist and clinical research fellow at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. This clip was filmed as part of the 2016 Academy of Medical Sciences Spring Meeting. For more information on the Spring Meeting, visit We are the UK’s independent body representing the diversity of medical science. Our mission is to advance biomedical and health research and its translation into benefits for society. Find the Academy of Medical Sciences online: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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What is the link between joint hypermobility and anxiety? | Dr Jessica Eccles
What is the link between joint hypermobility and anxiety? | Dr Jessica Eccles

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What is the link between joint hypermobility and anxiety? | Dr Jessica Eccles.

herbs for mobility.

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22 thoughts on “What is the link between joint hypermobility and anxiety? | Dr Jessica Eccles | General documents about herbs for mobility most detailed

  1. Mantha 85 says:

    I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Autism. I took my 8 year old daughter who is Autistic and suffers from tummy migraines to see a paediatrician and I found out that she has hyper mobility as well as Dyspraxia and while I was there, when the paediatrician was carrying out tests on her joints I was curious if I could do the same things she was doing and I found out that both me and my daughter can bend both our pinky fingers past 90 degree angle both our elbows 10 degrees, my daughter can bend her knees at 10 degrees past straight but I can only do one thumb to touch my forearm so my daughter got a score of 6 but I only score a 5

  2. ali anchal kollam says:

    Lord, don't give any living being such defects that are passed on from generation to generation 😰😰

  3. °YunJin_Is_Life° says:

    I'm only a teen. I went to a rheumatologist and apparently all my problems that I have had for so many years were symptoms of hEDS except for the twitching of my muscles. I had so many symptoms like me being flexible, having anxiety and depression for no reason at all, being so hungry and then not being able to eat after 2 bites because I had the sensation of being hungry, being light sensitive, scarring easily, my knees hurting a lot, joints feeling loose, heart beating really fast when I stand up or in the morning, craving salted popcorn and apparently I had a blue tinge in the white part of my eyes. My mom told me that she had noticed they were slightly blue but thought nothing of it. I nearly cried today because I finally knew what was happening. I hope that rheumatologist and any understanding rheumatologist out there wins the lottery at this point

  4. Hanna W says:

    This to me is crazy. I have an anxiety disorder… I went to an ortopedic clinic a few days ago and she told me I have hypermobility. 😱😱

  5. Mohamed Thanis says:

    OMG finally she discovered my struggle due to physical condition Thanks alot to choose a unique field of research i hope you'll find a solution also.

  6. Elizabeth Eighmy says:

    Oh my god it all makes so much sense!!!! I can’t believe I just now stumbled upon this. I’m definitely bringing up these connections with my doctors!!!

  7. Ramsey Goddey says:

    God bless you, Dr. AGBOYA on YouTube for curing my herpes virus completely. Dr. AGBOYA on YouTube also cures HIV, MENTAL ILLNESS, PCOS, fibroid, cancer, diabetes, cold sores, etc.

  8. Ramsey Goddey says:

    God bless you, Dr. AGBOYA on YouTube for curing my herpes virus completely. Dr. AGBOYA on YouTube also cures HIV, MENTAL ILLNESS, PCOS, fibroid, cancer, diabetes, cold sores, etc 🌿#dragboyaherbalhome .

  9. manisha says:

    omg now everything makes sense today my doctor said i have hypermobility i was always unsually anxious in situation i don't need to be anxious and also i thought other people r maybe feel this way!! thanks to doctor and i would also really like to know how to treat this condition!!

  10. Gregory Scott says:

    Hypermobile here, with autism and adhd. For me I suspect a lot of the hypermobile anxiety/fight/flight component comes from the fact that our nervous systems are exhausted because it's constantly getting our muscles to do the supporting/stabilizing work that's supposed to be done by our joints. Even when laying down or sleeping our bodies can't fully relax or our skeletons would dislocate all night long, and that 24/7 muscle activation and work exhausts us, so we produce excess adrenaline during the day just to stay awake… which further tenses our muscles and compromises our deep sleep, and round and round we go for years and decades. So yeah, anxious and stressed in every possible sense.

  11. Telle M says:

    Okay so this was four years ago, but my question would be, brains change shape as needed. So! I’d want to know the history of the patients with hypermobility as well and how much they are were believed or not around pain for how long, how much pain they did and didn’t experience etc, why? Because if they are not believed this is ABSOLUTELY going to impact their fight/flight response mechanisms, knowingly or not. Also! While meds can be helpful, they have side effects for example many beta blockers are not good for people with mast cell conditions and those with eds many of whom have hypermobility and are extremely correlated to mcas so that would be a bad idea. Instead, is it possible to help retrain the brain and/or use relevant non-synthetics to help calm and HEAL the brain so the responses aren’t so significant. Seems better to me then just assuming a forever condition, especially when we know the brain can and does change!!

  12. Rodrigo Oswego says:

    Crazy how the body and mind connection plays out in different scenarios. I read today that people who suffer from hay fever are also more often anxiety sufferers as well.

  13. Michelle Killian. says:

    Can the researcher offer any explanation for this relationship? Perhaps there an evolutionary reason for this. Maybe being hypermobile helped us in the past to escape predators and/or access food ( e.g. berries hanging on branches difficult to access by less mobile species).
    If hyoermobiloty is an adaptation, then it might be worthwhile examining whether training programs aimed at increasing strength and stability might help reduce anxiety in hypermobile individuals, rather than relying on medications.

  14. Vincent Lawson says:

    herbs from Doctor Ani John on YouTube is the best solution for all kind of health issues contact him now for help he cured mine completely within 12days with his natural herbs 🌿..

  15. Midori Sato says:

    Questionable camera work, but nice video! Personally I've found that a couple of magic mushroom experiences have largely cured my anxiety. I didn't really think about how it affected my other symptoms, but now that I think about it I can't even remember the last time I had a POTS episode.

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