Nakai the wanderer is a legendary lord of the lizardmen introduced in Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer 2

In Total War: Warhammer II, the maximum character rank is 40.

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with The Hunter and the Beast DLC. He is a monstrous expert hand-to-hand fighter. In the campaign, he leads the Spirit of the Jungle faction of the horde.

Can Nakai The Wanderer confederate?

Simply defeat him in battle and you can confederate him.

Where does Nakai begin?

It’s only when you play as Nakai. The AI ​​controlled faction starts in Lustria, north of Sotek Dwarven Spine.

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What is a Nakai?

A nakai (仲居) is a woman who works as a waitress in a Japanese ryokan or inn.

Where is Nakai the Wanderer?

Elder Kroxigor, known as Nakai the Wanderer, is a revered creature, believed by the Skink Priests to be a powerful jungle spirit made manifest. Although he has traveled the world, he is a powerful protector of the Lizardmen, appearing anywhere outside of the jungle when needed, only to disappear once more.


Nakai is good?

Nakai is almost embarrassing. It’s a horde with auto-built cities for your AI slave garrison after it razes them and can camp with 0 moves remaining (i.e. it’s immune to attrition because it and its secondary hordes can ALWAYS camp at the end of a turn).

Are the defenders of the grand plan doing something?

The Defenders of the Great Plan are a minor faction of Lizardmen. He controls and manages the colonies captured by the Spirit of the Jungle faction (the playable horde faction led by Nakai the Wanderer).

What happens if you confederate Nakai?

If you confederate Nakai, you’ll only get all the vassal lands (likely as T1 settlements, since that’s what they are when captured by other factions).

Can you team up like Vampire Coast?

Exceptions. The Tomb King and Vampire Coast factions cannot confederate.

How do the confederates get high elves?

With very limited exceptions, there are no confederate quests for other high elves. He only raises his opinion of you until he agrees. The Kill Dark Elves, Trade, Non-Aggression and Military Access Agreements are best for this.

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How big is a Kroxigor?

At nearly two stories tall, kroxigors are among the tallest and most feared creatures in the jungles of Lustria.

Who are the aliens in Stargate Universe?

  • Kriken.
  • space pirate.
  • Nomadic.
  • Klyntar.
  • Yautja.
  • Flood.
  • Diamond.

What is the big plan?

The Great Plan was the Ancients’ attempt to combat and destroy Chaos. They created the Lizardmen as their direct minions as they terraformed the planet and created other species to fight the chaos. They created the Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Halflings, and Sky Titans, all of which failed for various reasons.

What does Nakai mean in Hebrew?

9. Nakai is an Arabic/Muslim boy’s name and the meaning of this name is “pure”.

What is the Navajo word for white man?

The idea behind the origin of the Navajo word bilagáana is not entirely clear. However, that is the meaning. It is the Navajo name for white people or people of Caucasian descent.

What is a biligana?

white male, Anglo, Caucasian, American (an old Navajo term for Americans)

What does the engine of the gods do?

The Engine of the Gods has mysterious powers that can protect nearby Lizardmen or send lightning bolts to strike their enemies. Even the winds of magic can be better deflected to make it easier to cast spells in the presence of such a powerful device.

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How big is a Warhammer Saurus?

Saurus are 8 foot tall beings, naturally protected by their scaly skin.

Are Kroxigors big?

They are large bipedal crocodile monsters that outmatch even the mightiest of Saurus warriors. Charging into battle, they wield huge hammers and maces to crush their enemies. They excel in intense hand-to-hand combat, ripping apart infantry left and right.

Can you relate to other races?

Confederate armies only of the same “race”

You can only confederate factions of the same race.

Is Khaine’s sword worth it?

The Blade of Khaine can be an ideal choice for Beastmen, as they are unaffected by public order, pay no upkeep, and already have very poor diplomatic relations with other factions. They can benefit from sword buffs, being immune to most debuffs.

How do I get a faction to join the confederation?

They will join you if they have strong ties to you and are on the losing side of a war (likely after they start losing territory). Also, if you win a war against them and take some of their colonies and leave them one or two, they might be willing to join.

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