Open sourced by Grafana Labs at KubeCon Seattle 2018, Loki is an optimized log backend for users running Prometheus and Kubernetes with excellent log search and display in Grafana 6.0. Grafana Loki is a set of components that can be composed into a complete log stack.

What is Loki software?

Loki is a Prometheus-inspired, highly available, multi-tenant, highly available, horizontally scalable log aggregation system. It is designed to be very economical and easy to use. It does not index the content of the log, but rather a set of tags for each log stream.

What is Loki and Promtail?

Promtail is an agent that forwards content from local logs to a private instance of Grafana Loki or Grafana Cloud. It is usually deployed on each machine whose applications need to be monitored. Mainly: Discover objectives. Attach tags to log streams.

What is Loki vs. Prometheus?

Loki is like Prometheus, but for records: we prefer a multidimensional, tag-based approach to indexing, and we want a single, easy-to-use binary system with no dependencies. Loki differs from Prometheus in that it focuses on logs rather than metrics, and on delivering logs via push rather than pull.

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What is distributed Loki?

As an application, Loki is built from many component microservices and is designed to operate as a distributed, horizontally scalable system. Loki’s unique design compiles the code for the entire distributed system into a single binary or Docker image.

[ Kube 100 ] Getting started with Grafana Loki on Kubernetes

How to implement Loki in Kubernetes?

Deploy a Loki cluster

  1. Deploy with default settings: helm upgrade –install loki grafana/loki-distributed. …
  2. Deploy with default settings in a custom Kubernetes cluster namespace: helm upgrade –install loki –namespace=loki grafana/loki-distributed. …
  3. Deploy with custom configuration added:

What is Loki’s rule?

The rules and the ruler. Grafana Loki includes a component called Ruler, adapted from our upstream project, Cortex. The rule is responsible for continuously evaluating a set of configurable queries and taking an action based on the result. This sample configuration gets the rules from a local disk.

How does Loki store data?

Loki receives logs in separate streams, where each stream is uniquely identified by its tenant ID and a set of tags. As log entries from a stream arrive, they are compressed into “chunks” and stored in the chunk store. See the block format for how blocks are stored internally.

What is Thanos software?

Vision. Thanos is a set of components that can be composed into a highly available metric system with unlimited storage capacity, which can be seamlessly added to existing Prometheus deployments. Thanos is a CNCF incubation project.

How do you see Loki?

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How to run Loki on Linux?

Install and run Grafana Loki locally

  1. Go to the publication page.
  2. Scroll down to the Assets section below the version you want to install.
  3. Download Loki and Promtail. zip corresponding to your system. …
  4. Unzip the contents of the package to the same directory. …
  5. Enter the following command to start Loki:

How are Loki and Promtail set up?

Let’s quickly start the installation steps:

  1. Step 1 – Install the Grafana monitoring tool. In this section we will cover installing Grafana on Ubuntu. …
  2. Step 2 – Install the Grafana Loki Log aggregation system. …
  3. Step 3 – Install the Promtail Agent. …
  4. Step 4 – Configure the Loki data source. …
  5. Step 5 – View logs in Grafana with Loki.

What are Prometheus and Grafana?

Prometheus collects rich metrics and provides a powerful query language; Grafana turns metrics into meaningful visualizations. They both support many, if not most, types of data sources. In fact, it’s very common for DevOps teams to run Grafana in addition to Prometheus.

What is Loki’s cloud?

But Loki and Sylvie learned that this void was inhabited by an entity called Alioth, who manifests as a massive cloud that consumes all matter. Alioth is essentially the last defense protecting the true founder of TVA, a powerful being whose only interest seems to be nurturing.

Does Loki have a user interface?

The Grafana UI for Loki is part of a new Grafana feature called Explorer. Explore started with a more query-based workflow for troubleshooting Prometheus metrics.

What are Thanos and Grafana?

Thanos is a surveillance system that aggregates data from multiple Prometheus implementations. This data can be inspected and analyzed with Grafana, just like regular Prometheus metrics.

What are Prometheus and Thanos?

Thanos brings high availability and long-term storage capabilities to Prometheus. Additionally, Thanos allows us to aggregate data from multiple Prometheus targets and query it from a single query endpoint. It can also automatically manage the duplication of metrics that can result from multiple Prometheus deployments.

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Why do we need Thanos?

Thanos can help any organization using Prometheus that needs to enable high availability and virtually unlimited historical data storage. Using Thanos makes it easy to scale out Prometheus and get a holistic view of data from multiple Prometheus servers.

What database does Loki use?

Cassandra is a popular database and one of Loki’s potential block stores and is production-safe.

What database does Grafana use?

Grafana uses sqlite3 as the local database by default to store configuration information (such as users, dashboards, alerts, etc.).

What is the Grafana tool?

Grafana is an open source cross-platform interactive visualization and analysis web application. Provides charts, graphs, and alerts for the web when connected to supported data sources.

How to monitor logs in Grafana?

After logging in to Grafana, click the Explore tab. Select the data source as Loki and enter {app=”nginx”} in the log tags. Note that the Nginx implementation metadata contains the app=nginx tag, which is the same tag that filters logs in Loki. Alerts move to Pending status as soon as their condition is met.

How to create a rule in Prometheus?

To include rules in Prometheus, create a file containing the necessary rule declarations and have Prometheus load the file via the rule_files field in the Prometheus configuration. The rule files use YAML. Rules files can be reloaded at runtime by sending SIGHUP to the Prometheus process.

Who are Loki and Thor?

Loki was depicted as the companion of the great gods Odin and Thor, aiding them in their clever schemes, but sometimes causing embarrassment and hardship for them and himself. He also appeared as the enemy of the gods, entering his banquet uninvited and demanding drink from him.

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