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In this short video, Somananda explains the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, the most elite form of Tantra, and how the teachings impacted his own life and spiritual path. Due to the rise and fall of Kashmir in the last eight centuries, the knowledge of Kashmiri Shaivism has remained virtually hidden and secret. Somananda remains one of the latest authorities on Kashmir Shaivism and a true guru and spiritual teacher passing on authentic ancient knowledge. Historically, it is an oral tradition where his teachings have always been transmitted by word of mouth, from master to disciple. The Somananda Tantra school maintains this tradition to this day. — Recommended Reading Lists: Liisa Maimon on Tantric Sexuality: Liisa Maimon on Tantric Massage: Tantric Massage: Full Body Energy Orgasm: The Science of Tantra: — Somananda Tantra School is a pioneering spiritual university and center tantra training center that offers an authentic tantra learning experience to our students and guests. Our mission is to bring the ancient knowledge of Tantra Yoga, Tantric Massage, Tantric Meditation, Tantric Sexuality, Tantric Practices, and Tantric Spirituality in general, to today’s seekers around the world. We know that Tantra is one of the most powerful transformational paths for personal and spiritual growth and development and ultimately for finding your way back to your true nature – the true self. Every year, our founders, Somananda and Liisa Maimon, and the rest of the team offer more than 30 complete courses, ranging from Tantra and Tantra Sexuality for beginners to Tantra Yoga teacher training and the art of dying, the mysteries of Shambhala and more, both online. and in person at one of the best Tantra yoga retreats in the world. — #Somananda #Tantra #KashmiriShaivism #Espiritualidad #Tantric #TantraSchool #SomanandaTantraSchool #Yoga #Shaivism —

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What Is Kashmiri Shaivism? | Somananda Tantra School

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What Is Kashmiri Shaivism? | Somananda Tantra School.

kashmir shaivism kundalini.

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