Results: Among these postmenopausal women, the median plasma ferritin concentration was 73.8 ng/mL (interquartile range: 41.6–125.8 ng/mL), 2.7% were iron depleted (concentration ferritin < 12 ng/mL) and 9.8% had a ferritin concentration (> 200ng/mL).

What is a normal ferritin level for a 60 year old woman?

20 to 250 ng/mL for adult men. 10 to 120 ng/mL for adult women ages 18 to 39. 12 to 263 ng/mL for women age 40 and older.

Can menopause cause high ferritin levels?

Here we show that although estrogen declines by 90%, a simultaneous but reverse change in iron levels occurs during the menopausal transition. For example, serum ferritin levels increase two to threefold from before menopause to after menopause.

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What are the symptoms of a dangerously high ferritin level?

High levels of ferritin

Symptoms of too much ferritin include: stomach pain. heart palpitations or chest pain. unexplained weakness.

What is a toxic level of ferritin?

Mild to moderate toxicity generally occurs at levels of 350-500 mcg/dL. Patients with persistent symptoms with serum iron levels greater than 350 mcg/dL should be admitted. Hepatotoxicity is generally seen at levels above 500 mcg/dL. Levels above 800 mcg/dL are associated with severe toxicity.

Ferritin levels in women: menstruation vs postmenopause

Is ferritin 400 too high?

Serum ferritin levels greater than 200 ng/mL in women and greater than 300 ng/mL in men are considered abnormal by many laboratories.

Is 600 a high ferritin level?

In a healthy man between the ages of 30 and 40, a stable elevated ferritin level of 500 to 600 μg/L suggests preclinical hereditary hemochromatosis. Mildly elevated serum ALT and fatigue, as in our patient, are common early symptoms of disease transitioning to the clinical stage.

Is ferritin a tumor marker?

Ferritin: a tumor marker expressed by renal cell carcinoma.

What types of cancer cause high ferritin levels?

Iron overload, inflammation, liver disease, and malignancies are conditions that lead to elevated serum ferritin levels. [7-11]. Pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, T-cell lymphoma, and hepatocellular carcinoma are associated with elevated serum ferritin levels [7-12].

What should I do if my ferritin level is high?

If you have symptoms of low or high iron and ferritin levels, contact your health care provider as soon as possible. Seeing an abnormal test result can be stressful. Know that having a high or low ferritin level does not necessarily mean you have a health problem and need treatment.

Can hormones affect ferritin levels?

In our population-based cross-sectional study, data showed that serum ferritin levels were negatively associated with sex hormones.

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Does HRT reduce ferritin?

Current HRT use was associated with lower ferritin levels (β = -34.13, p = 0.0002), controlling for possible breakthrough bleeding with a hysterectomy variable.

Can you have high iron levels and not have hemochromatosis?

Conclusion. In a patient with signs and symptoms of tissue iron overload and elevated serum ferritin levels, low or normal transferrin saturation should alert the clinician to other primary and secondary causes of iron overload in addition to hemochromatosis.

What should be the level of female ferritin?

The results slightly varied from a local laboratory, more generally, the normal ferritine levels varied from 12 to 300 nanograms per milliliter of blood (ng/mL) for men and from 12 to 150 ng/mL for women.

Does the level of ferritin increase with age?

The ferritin level can increase with aging as part of the low-grade chronic inflammatory state that occurs with aging, which is called inflammation. Aging is associated with low-grade chronic inflammation [5].

What is the ideal ferritin level for a woman?

Optimal ferritin level for women: 12 to 263 ng/mL. Optimal ferritin level for athletes: 60 to 300 ng/mL. Optimal ferritin level for children: 7 to 140 ng/mL.

Does high ferritin mean anything?

Ferritin levels higher than normal may mean that you have too much iron in your body. Conditions that cause iron levels to rise include liver disease, alcohol abuse, and hemochromatosis, a disorder that can lead to cirrhosis, heart disease, and diabetes.

What type of inflammation causes high ferritin?

Ferritin is an acute phase reagent and a marker of acute and chronic inflammation. It is elevated in a wide range of inflammatory conditions, including chronic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, acute infections, and cancer. [1, 2].

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Does high ferritin mean liver disease?

Serum ferritin (SF) levels are generally elevated in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), due to systemic inflammation, increased iron stores, or both.

Is ferritin elevated in leukemia?

Extremely high levels of serum ferritin have been observed in pretreatment acute myelogenous leukemia and in blast crisis of chronic myeloid leukemia (ie, 21-fold higher serum ferritin concentrations). Ferritin levels of acute myelogenous leukemia patients in complete remission were reduced to normal.

Is ferritin an inflammatory marker?

Ferritin is a marker of inflammation rather than iron status in overweight and obese people. Being an acute phase reactant, elevated ferritin secondary to subclinical inflammation in overweight and obese individuals may mask underlying iron deficiency.

Can lymphoma cause high ferritin levels?

The study included 207 patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 196 patients with low-grade malignant non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and 132 patients with high-grade malignant non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of different tumor stages. An increase in serum ferritin concentrations was found in 54% of unselected patients.

What does a ferritin level of 700 mean?

Serum ferritin levels >700 ng/ml were associated with a higher incidence of grade III-IV aGVHD (p=0.002), mainly intestinal aGHVD (p=0.014), but we did not find a higher incidence of chronic GVHD in the allogeneic group. .

Is a ferritin level of 1000 high?

Research shows that ferritin levels greater than 1,000 µg/L are associated with a high prevalence (20% to 45%) of advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis in hereditary hemochromatosis.

What does a ferritin level of 400 mean?

A serum ferritin level greater than 200 ng/mL for premenopausal women or 400 ng/mL for men (in the absence of inflammation, cancer, or hepatitis) supports the diagnosis of hereditary hemochromatosis.

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