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BUY Beardbrand Beard Oil — Follow us on: DESCRIPTION It’s 2017! Which means you’ve probably heard of beard oil and all the amazing things it can do for your beard. However, if not, Eric is here to explain not only what this wonderful product is, but also how to apply it to your beard. ABOUT BEARDBRAND Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that helps keep men growing by providing education and tools for bearded urban men to master their morning routine. We’ve found that trust starts with a personal investment and empowers men to do great things for their families, colleagues and communities. We strive to break negative stereotypes surrounding men with beards and show the world that it’s the man that counts, not how he looks. CONTENT SCHEDULE Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 am EST RELATED VIDEOS BEARDBRAND SOCIAL MEDIA SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL

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What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It
What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It

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What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It.

pure beard co.

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27 thoughts on “What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It | Generally the most complete pure beard co knowledge

  1. Old Nite says:

    Im having trouble smelling any scents with almost all beard oils. Are they suppose to be mild? Ive seen reviews where people say their wives could smell it and Im like how?

  2. Nick Hart says:

    Thanks for the video, was just checking the proper way. Then went to apply some my wife got me in my stocking this last Christmas and it’s y’all’s brand! Very cool!

  3. yeedleed says:

    Quick question: would applying beard oil help with growth? I’m 18 and trying to grow a fuller small beard and am wondering if keeping the beard healthy with oils and shampoos would help.

  4. jeffrey jones says:

    Love the moustache do I need to grow the moustache from my nose as I trim that under the nose . Hope thus makes sense to you . ???

  5. T Flores says:

    i don't grow a beard so i'm a noob to this… but my son has a ratty beard and wanted to learn more about how to keep it. so, i told him i was going to buy him some beard oil for Christmas and so i started the research and here i am. you sir, seem trustworthy and honest. you didn't fill this video with a bunch of junk, you promoted your product, you didn't slander everyone else's yet still explained why you don't care for their choice in formulas, and your pricing is completely within reason. you have earned a customer. Thank you for this information!

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