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Last week’s accident on I-70 had many people wondering about escape truck ramps. Steve Staeger investigated how often these ramps are used and what happens once the truck has taken off. More local videos here: Subscribe to NEXT: Stay Connected: 9NEWS Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: Snapchat: Denver9NEWS Pinterest: 9NEWS (KUSA) is located in Denver, Colorado.

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What happens when a driver is forced to use a runaway truck ramp?

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What happens when a driver is forced to use a runaway truck ramp?.

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41 thoughts on “What happens when a driver is forced to use a runaway truck ramp? | Summary of information related to formula 18 repair oil most complete

  1. Lady Trader says:

    The State of California will also issue a re-rake fee…even though they don't re-rake it regularly and HELLO, is that not what tax payers pay for?

  2. Andrew Johnson says:

    It’s called using the engine retarder and ensuring your brakes are within spec. There’s a pre trip everyday for a reason

  3. News Mdmssb says:

    MDMSSB wish everyone Happy New Year 2022.Lets work otogether to overcome the covid-19 trauma asap. Latest news sharing. J

    "We support human Work life balance"

  4. Phil Strong says:

    Took a while until it stopped but thank God it was. i bet the driver would agree, good driving in a dangerous situation, Mr. Trucker.

  5. Alan Hinkel says:

    I used to see these ramps when I lived in Lewiston, Idaho on the grade. I heard about a truck that flew off the hill because the ramps were frozen but I don’t know if it’s true.

  6. Travels with Huckleberry says:

    20yr truck driving veteran here. I run Grapevine hill in California at least twice a wk, a grade that sees A LOT of traffic since it's above Los Angeles. There's 2 ramps on both the right & left of the downhill northbound side, & in all my yrs I've only seen one "big trk" & one pickup sitting in the bottom part of the right hand ramp. This amazes me because I see way too many truckers & regular "4 wheeler" vehicle drivers take this grade way too fast! ( The speed limit for truckers is 35mph on this 6% grade for a reason!)

    ****The key for getting down a steep grade safely is to NOT be in a hurry & have your transmission in the right gear. Use the motor & transmission to control the speed of your vehicle, not your brakes! When you have the right gear you shouldn't have to touch the brake pedal, or just use it lightly. ( This avoids the all too common brake fade, smoking & fires.) And yes, automatic transmissions in cars & pickups can be manually geared down to control speed. 4 wheelers pulling trailers that don't have brakes should definitely take it easy & gear your tranny down!

    Safe & Happy travels to ALL.

  7. Gamemer says:

    That ramp is twice as steep as it should be and when the truck comes down it will cause 10x more damage and probably fall off the hill.

  8. Wiktor Maciejewski says:

    I see this as a speeding, or jake brakes failure issue. Or new truck drivers who don't know how to use jakes properly.

  9. West Virginian 🇺🇲 says:

    I believe this took place in my state, see it all the time up and down Sandstone Mountain. Driver inexperience and incompetence plays a large role, there's signs posted everywhere and well in advance. Almost always the out-of-state OTR drivers, the local boys know how dangerous that mountain can be if you refuse to respect it. If you don't, Sir Isaac Newton's in the driver seat.

  10. Italiano 86 says:

    They don't use the ramps because if they use the ramp it will make them lose money for the day and the trucking company probably frowns apon you using it because they have to pay for towing.

  11. Mocheeks28 says:

    Shit I hope I never have to use that ramp looks like a ride at Great Adventure God bless the Tide that driver needed on those drawls

  12. moosesnWoop123 says:

    0:29 crazy to see a TRUCK go that fast up an incline like that. Also, high proabality of now rolling back, given no brakes… but SHIT imagine if he DIDNT make that choice..

  13. Sarah says:

    who dressed "Steve" the newscaster? looks like he woke up half drunk and made it into work thirty seconds before they went on air…

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