– feature of speech requests I like the app and tried it out with the unblock version, but decided to upgrade to the pro so I can support the developer ( and besides gain the appliance ). I like that you can add a video to each item because I like to store receipts that direction. If there is a means for me to easily view all the “ attachments ” ie a picture view for me to browse that would be aplomb, but that ’ s probably not a gamey precedence. I would like to share the app with my conserve so we can both track our expenses. I ’ ll tilt my other have requests below : 1. Add “ multiple users ” sport so more than 1 exploiter can input expenses to the same explanation 2. Add a room to export transactions, including pictures ( I don ’ t believe it presently does this ) 3. support adding receipt in the appliance 4. Add a opinion where you can browse all pictures 5. Support IFTTT so I can be like every fourth dimension after I input, send me an electronic mail 6. Support export to google sail Really I care most about # 1 and 2. The others are barely dainty to haves.


– App keeps changing balance Updated review : I ’ ve been using this app for a long time, but recently, I ’ ve noticed that it will change your symmetry for no reason. I was merely reviewing my balance when suddenly, it added $ 1,000 to it. I looked at all of my charges, and they ’ ra right. I have no theme how the app just added that much for no apparent reason. I ’ meter going to start looking for a new app, since this one keeps glitching on me. Al, every month, I am always respective dollars behind my actual poise. I can ’ t depend on this app anymore. It ’ s a shame you are taking your time manually adding everything, entirely to have the app mess it up for you. original review : I ‘ve tried several finance apps, such as coin keeper, bill guard, and some others, but this app has a calendar to view the actual dates of your transactions. Although I have to manually input my transactions into the app, that ‘s what I prefer, compared to other apps that want your bank and card information. I ‘m not very keen on the pink icon for the app, but hopefully, they ‘ll change it to something else subsequently. The merely downside to the app is that there ‘s no tutorial to help get you started. There ‘s a fortune of contingent in this app, therefore including this would help a lot of new buyers. For the record, this app has other colored themes, so do n’t think you ‘re stuck with pink !


– Love it, but …….. I am atrocious with spend money and keeping track of what I spend money on this app helps with that however when I put withdrawals or deposits, it should ask me before it saves from which poster ( or acct ) it ’ s from alternatively of my having to edit it afterwards besides is there some type of digital report we can entree through this app that lets us know monthly ( tallied up ) how much I spent on such and such


– Meets My Needs Started using Weple Money this calendar month. No problems. I wanted a dim-witted accounting of my monthly cash expenses and this app has not disappointed. I so army for the liberation of rwanda like not having to go an extra stroke to add decimal bespeak ; icons effective and placed in order of frequency so I do n’t have to hunt down the list for them ; so slowly to add or subtract from my budget ; like seeing all totals on calendar page. If it proves trustworthy, I ‘ll explore its other capabilities. I ‘m giving it soap stars.


– One of the best I have used several tracking applications including the application that can mechanically integrate with my banks. I found this application beautifully designed and it is a pleasure to use. It besides suites my work flow. All the entries are done manually in this application. It reminds you at the end of the day to enter your fail expenses and automatically totals it by day. Beautiful drug user interface that is intuitive and easy to use.


– report proportion ? Bought this app for the design, not to mention its public toilet. however I wish there will be new features such as “ bill libra ” in the following update. I believe richer people ( credibly ) do n’t need such features, but as a hapless college student who has equitable adequate to make a be each calendar month, I believe this is truly necessity … It ‘s hard to do the mathematics each time, subtracting the spend from the saving … I know that presently if you tap the month you can see the full save and outgo, but why not just help us do the mathematics and leave a little outer space for “ remainder ” ? I think it might help to make an “ on/off ” clitoris since some ( or possibly most ) wo n’t need this. Otherwise a perfect app ! Love it ! Best place to spend a few dollars !

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– Needs more icons I ‘ve been using this app for a couple years nowadays and love it. manually entering transactions at the clock time of buy is promptly and easy. When the calendar month ends I can go back and see where my money went and compare the outgo categories with previous months ‘ a good. alone complaint I have is that there ‘s not enough icons for each category to have a alone one.

Tangled thoughts

– just the best This app is fantastic. It ’ mho 100 % worth the money. I play poker and needed an app to track my winnings equally well as the sum of money I spend on diverse things including my children. I have to update the review on this app. The money spent on it is well worth it. This is coming from a person who has tried many money applications. I couldn ’ thyroxine be more happy with my purchase.


– Love it. A suggestion This has saved my life so many times. I love the accounting the options the categories and the pie charts at the end of the class so I know precisely how much I spent and where. One suggestion. I frequently intend to delete the photograph and wind up deleting the unharmed entry by error. And since you don ’ thyroxine have an undo push button that causes a lot of problems. Could you please modify your warning popup to this alternatively : “ Are you sure you want to delete this entrance ? ” and for the photograph if you want you can have a pop-up book that says “ Are you sure you want to delete this image ? ” Thanks for considering it.


– thank you for this app Thank you for keeping up with the tease fix ! ! ! It was getting annoy, but this is such an useful app so I was dealing with it. I have been using this for years and I can easily go back to my records whenever I want to.


– great ROI This app is such a big asset for anyone wanting to make a budget and see where, when, what, and how their money flows are going. I ‘d highly recommend it I everyone ! It ‘s identical easy to use and antic in helping me keep all my transactions straight and stay on a budget


– Love this app This app is amazing ! If you want to control your expense with specify budget, buy this app first. My favorite features are ‘ search ’ and ‘ duplicate ’. It is helping me read my money flow and set a plan for the coming month.


– Used to be my favorite but no app support I love Weple and the functionality of the app. It is probably one of the best money tracking apps I have ever used. I upgraded to pro because of the appliance option. There is no doodad option on my earphone. I reached out to support twice and no reaction. It ’ randomness deplorable that is no subscribe for an app they charge for and claim for a doodad that isn ’ thyroxine there either.

Aeh iPhonaholic

– commend ! ! I ‘ve been using the App for more than 5 years. At foremost iodine felt a bite annoy to input data. But after a while, it becomes my habit and one found that this app actually help me find income or expense direction back 5 years and somehow one use it as diary 😆 Even complimentary version provides more than adequate features, i decided to pay for full five. to support developer. very love this app. Thanx from my center.


– simple and clear Easy to use, and actually a great way to track where the cash is going !

Mayor of Sims

– It is amazing but need more fuctions As a user, it ‘s quite nice But I hope this app can seperate the ” Cash ” and the “ Check Card ” I truly hope this seperation so that I could realize “ How much money have I used by My check mark cards ” I rea~lly hope it will happen soon


– Waterkate I like it because it is easy to use and not tied into my accounts I can do my own bookkeeping

Bardia Fakhravari

– perfective Beside the capital app, the appliance is just the demand thing I was looking for … there ‘s no need to unlock the call, open the app and add my expense … equitable in a second I can add it with appliance


– absolutely Obsessed I very found this app to be very helpful when planning my expenses for my fresh job ! Great app bumblebee ! !


– adept but actually easy to use. But I want to use this app with my family and it seems to have no such sharing function. Please consider.

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– Awsome The best money gestion app I have never used, I tied a batch apps but this one is the best. Some features : – the possibility to save your data ( backup any time if you change mobile phone ). – the possibility to define the 1st sidereal day to start expensive chase. – many icônes ….. I recommend it : – )

Olleh no

– fair bought but then all the data was cleared ! You ‘ve got to NOTICE people to back up their data before they actually buy this app. I was using this app for quite a time and was satisfied adequate to buy it. But then, duh, I paid my money and my data is gone ? 1 ace.


– 좋아요 ! ! 🥳🥳 I love this app ! I hope it can sync with my macbook one day ! : ) Please keep up the hard work ! 감사합니다 ! !


– Love this app Used absolve version but nowadays I bought pro interpretation, clean and nice app


– It is my best app. This app is my motivation to save money.


– BEST APP EVER I have been using this app for 4 years and nothing can ever replace this. I LOVE information technology ! ! ! !


– good I like this app Very utilitarian


– needs an update the screen is not looking good on IOS 15 specially on iphone 13mini


– Vn very easy to use. good


– thoroughly very smart app ! !


– perplex app thoroughly apps


– effective 😄tyty


– No appliance This does not have doodad !


– There no appliance There no appliance


– !

I like this app because unlike many others it ‘s simple and easy. I like that they have a calendar display which shows how much you spent in a day. I like it that it is not thus long-winded like the others that have indeed many steps when logging in expenses. Worth the money for the upgrade version. I have been able to better manage my money due to being able to track them efficiently.


– about arrant ! Add this ! ! It ‘s a capital app and precisely what I ‘m looking for. BUT I think the feature it needs and that most budget apps do n’t have is like a budget alert ? So if I set external food for a soap budget of $ 30 and I spend $ 22 have the app alert you ( as many times as you want ) that you can [ should ] only spend what you have left in that budget ! That would be great. Cause sometimes I go over and I get deplorable and I wish my call could remind me because I work and it ‘s intemperate to remember what I have left to spend in the budget !

HRH Gwen

– Love it ! very wish it had a drag and dangle for class lists and a duplicate check …. other than that, it ‘s the best app I ‘ve found for keeping up with my dollars …. ! Worth the vaulting horse for indisputable. Like that it reminds me to enter daily expenses, excessively.


– Engrish on a good app identical utilitarian, if odd. A small lyric barrier exists, and some Engrish pops up “ Find a new textbook message : [ Unused ] [ Use ] ” is a good example. other then the little measure of translation problems, works extremely well, many things are lumped together in the settings page rather of where you would expect them ( like changing the names of, or adding modern categories ).


– great app ! This is a fantastic app. It has a budget feature, calendar, pie charts and equitable about everything one was looking for. alone suggestion is that they make more icons for the categories. Make a short ton and this would be the arrant app.


– perplex app I wholly love it. very simple to use, you can well manage ur daily record within a irregular. And layout+UL are very friendly.


– fantastic ! truly big app ! once I learned how to use all the gadgets it has helped me keep track of my spending. Visually appealing and easy to use.

K HYChang

– easy and clearly This app is actually helpful. Easy to use. It does help me to control my budget.

Woooorts app ever

– amazing I was looking for an app like this for a long retentive clock ! The best app for money stuff ever ! ! No complain. Try it ! ! 😊✨


– I use it casual. I love this app. I use it everyday. sol glad that it received an update. Thank you.


– Okay I put repeat hebdomadally, but the app does not car fill every workweek. besides I would like for it to car satiate each month.


– The best budget app Easy and flexible app to prepare and plan your money. Recommend


– big potential App Handsome design and easy to use, but could be better if it allows drug user to add/edit the Asset details = ]


– amazing Thanks so much. Can you please add RIAL CURRENCY besides ?

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– Wells $ $ It would be nice to be able to create more than one expense account on this app. Could you help out here ?


– I need english linguistic process ! ! ! ! ! I need english terminology ! ! ! ! ! not korean terminology and I bought it already how can I do that to change terminology. Please reply me. TransferWise 💸 Enjoy high maximal transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90 % over local banks ! The bum, fast way to send money abroad. free remove up to 500 USD !


– It ‘s identical addictive recording all expenses Could be dear if there was a day by day tax or a diary option ( that are equally elementary and easy to use as this original )


– No tutorial available. I bought this app, because if all the cool reviews and the pleasant ocular display, and it ‘s ability to do the most basic things in a delightful way. But to my aggravator, once you get the attend of it and want to do more with it, it does n’t get much intuitive from there … & there ‘s no tutorial available. Sent them a mail, twice without response. & their listed developer web site is a Twitter account that ‘s besides not responsive, after tweeting at them, more than once. very disappointing ! ! !


– cant accompaniment to dropbox I tried to delete app, but after login dropbox. It constantly failed at stand-in to dropbox, plz fix this microbe.


– good app but even need more function Does help me with my budget But I wish more functions to be released such as being basel to view data psychoanalysis ( the barricade chart thing ) of each calendar month not only tr current calendar month, and monthly ending libra can be automatically carried over to the following month.etc


– Needs a few extras Would be even better if you could repeat the bill weekly or fortnightly or a. Selected day of the calendar month. other than that it seems o


– 디자인만 예쁨 이체기능이 없어서 불편해 죽겠음. 현존하는 앱 중에 디자인은 제일 예쁜것 같은데 기능은 별로. 다른 앱 다시 사야됨 돈 아까움. Payoneer 💰 Wondering how you could earn $ 25 by just signing up ? Earn $ 25 for free by joining Payoneer. Sign Up !


– I love this App ! I have been using this app for years & recommend it to everyone. I love it & can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think my life without it. Thank you Weple ! Keep up the capital work !


– The best app ever ! I ‘ve been using this app for over 2 yrs nowadays. still love it therefore a lot ! Easy to use and works capital !


– no doodad i thought there would be a doodad as depicted but there international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate one


– D I try to use dollar and won, that ’ s why I download pro version. But I merely can use dollar.


– childlike but very useful. precisely what I was looking for to keep track my expenses.


– 반복데이터 버그 반복데이터 안에서 바꿨는데 나와보니까 다른데에서는 하나도 안바뀝니다.


– How can i add Up that getting interest from bank on my saving account ? ?


– 몇가지 개선했으면 합니다 첫번째, 저축이 지출목록으로 빠져있는데 저축 카테고리 안에 예금 적금 등등이 있죠 그 카테고리 맞게 저축을 할 시에 저축 파이표 에서는 어느 부분에 어느정도 금액이 저축되어 있는지 확인하기 어렵습니다. 두번째로 그리고 저축은 지출으로 되어 있지만 나중에 그 저축금을 빼게 되었을때 ( 예 : 적금만기시 ) 어떠한 표시를 할 수 있으면 좋겠습니다. 저축 관련 부분은 지출과 입금 카테로리가 연동 되었으면 좋겠습니다. 이런 부분을 세분화하여 개선해주셨으면 합니다. 그 외에는 너무나도 잘 쓰고 있습니다 !


– LOVE – could use debt management and multi-user affair I love this app. The two things I would love to see are : having debts integrated into it. such as, earphone bill, credit cards. not have it affect the “ Income ” poise, but be able to see the money go in and out of your cards, your overall balance, and money owing on your phone/utilities. That screen of thing. Would besides like to see a multi-user choice for households that parcel finances. Just like several “ couple ” apps.


– please. I like this app except … When I had card refund for some item, I can not put it in this app. Card is merely allowed as a disengage so I can not put my refund measure back in my menu show. Please fix that I can put minus come for my calling card retire when I got some refund with my card.


– easy easy but ca n’t covert to a excel file. Coursera 💡

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