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Hair Trauma The most detailed


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Wash n Go  Brand Review | 3 Sisters of Nature | Hair Trauma
Wash n Go Brand Review | 3 Sisters of Nature | Hair Trauma

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Wash n Go Brand Review | 3 Sisters of Nature | Hair Trauma.

iii sisters of nature natural lengthening creme.

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21 thoughts on “Wash n Go Brand Review | 3 Sisters of Nature | Hair Trauma | General documents about iii sisters of nature natural lengthening creme most detailed

  1. quidagis33 says:

    I wish I saw this review earlier! I had the same experience with the gelo trying a wash n go. Only good for one day…I also tried the co-wash. It's okay…Even though it's all natural I hated the feel of it (like chemicals) when it ran down my face in the shower…

  2. kam gill says:

    I'm sorry that happened to you.. I love this product. For my hair I got big curls and very curly hair. I can't use eco gel. With the 3 sister curling product it never flaked for me and to refresh it, I just wet it and restyle it. I actually use it was a different brand leave in conditioner and it works great…I really think it depends on your texture.

  3. GirlWithAVision says:

    When I had longer hair, I used this all the time. A little goes a long way. One jar lasted me a month (about 12 uses). I would use the denman brush to evenly distribute the gel and then it wouldn't flake on me.

  4. PrincessRhea18 says:

    I loved the Gelo maybe you didn't spritz enough water on your hair it looked a little dry, when/if I ever do a wash and go which is rare, I make sure my hair has a good amount of water on it almost dripping wet, so I won't be using so much product! Enjoyed the review!

  5. annajougc says:

    I just tried the gel and co-wash and it worked wonders for my hair and I had no flakes. I wore a wash and go for three days. So everything will not work for everyone. Alot of naturals rave about cantu products however I cannot use cantu because it gives me flakes. Now I will agree that this product does not mix well with other products. All I have to say is you wont know if something works for you unless you try it. Please do not base your views off of others experiences.

  6. Selena is Morena Azucar says:

    Great review thank you for the warning I will not be trying this one I don't want scrambled eggs in my hair.

  7. FlawlessAndFancy says:

    From your facial expression I could tell that you weren't impressed. I have recently started using Deva Curl styling products and though I find them to be expensive, they work well enough and I don't have to use a whole lot at a time. Eco Styler gel (pink) will forever stay in my hair care product collection. I will never swap that out. It's very affordable and does the job very well.

  8. MsEss2011 says:

    You are right with the curling gello.. My local BSS gave me a bag full of the 3sisters curling gello, Jamaican mango and lime locking gel and the other one (forgot) sachets, the 3sisters curling gello does flake badly and does not mix with anything including leave-in..My curdling was horrible too and I don't like the feel of it after a few hours, as if you're treating your hair with a product that should be washed out 😕

  9. Chynelle40 says:

    I'm sorry the curling gelo didn't work for you. This is the best gel for my wash and go. It mixed well with Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and Eden body works coconut shea live-in. My hair will last for almost 7 days with this product.

  10. Fabafter5 says:

    scrambled eggs …Oh lord LOL I'm so happy you made this video. I saw them this week in the beauty supply store on sale and I almost bought some of them. I'm so glad I didn't.

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