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I ‘ve had this product for about a calendar month nowadays and I use it on my front and neck the mornings before make up. My hide feels fresh, glowy, healthy, and nutrify. Like the bottle says, I feel like it ‘s a big homework and generator of vitamins for my skin to start the day .

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Love it but…

I love the smell, the feel, the glow. But. It gets used up quickly ( so the cost per use is very high ) and, as it gets used, the water/oil proportion starts favoring the body of water ( so timbre falls off as time goes on ). I ‘m on the fence about buying again, but there is n’t another fresh serum that speaks to me.

Reviewed by 69 customers

Is absorbed quickly

4 Chloe LL from undisclosed This permeates the bark very quickly. And soften my skin. I do n’t know if it works for spots on my skin. I think I should try more .

Encapsulated vit c

4 Katrina1 from Casa Paloma Chandler AZ I tried this product on the recommendation of an Ulta staff member. I liked that it did n’t have the dangerous preservatives most vit C products have. nice aroma but distillery prefer a skim over a serum. I have noticed an improvement in my peel texture since using .

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My go to everyday serum

5 Marie P from undisclosed visibly makes my skin front healthier and more plump. This particularly helps on the weeks when good sleep is hard to come by or I ‘ve been traveling. The smell is AMAZING and while it is a compact consistency it goes on smooth and does n’t feel gluey .

Broke me out

1 Ebony D from Atlanta, Ga I did n’t like the smell and it broke me out. I ‘m a fresh fan but this did n’t win me over .


5 Ambs from HTX I love this serum, I use it in combination with the vitamin ambrosia mask & moisturizer. This serum has a decent slick, lissome feel to it. I like to use this after doing a turmeric/cranberry exfoliating mask. Gives a truly beautiful freshness & bedewed look .

Great product, small bottle

4 Kima from Cary, NC It truly needs to be a bigger bottle. It does n’t last long. amazing product but ca n’t keep buying it every 2 months

Serial Vitamin C Serum user

5 KeriP from undisclosed I am authentically confused by the negative comments. I ‘ve been using this product for roughly a class systematically and wo n’t go without it. I use it in the dawn after I wash my confront, before I apply my sunscreen. My under eye circles have lightened, and my overall skin spirit is more undifferentiated. I feel 5 years younger using this product regularly. It besides helps balance the acne treatment I use which dries my face out. This is my favorite fresh product, and I hope they never get rid of it. You only need possibly a drop or two and you will notice visible changes to your skin .

Highly recommended!!!

5 Rinah from Singapore I used this day and night for a week. My pimple scars and melanin spots lightened. My skin looks beaming and hydrated. Highly recommend this serum particularly to those who have acne. This serum study wonders for me !

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Intoxicating scent

5 TallulahE from Columbus, OH This not only feels incredible on my face but the smell is out of this populace. fresh products fair hit different with a impression combined with the odorize. I look forth to putting this serum on every good morning about a much as I look forth to chocolate .

Love this!

5 Maggie B from Virginia Love the bouquet, dries cursorily. Refreshing and light .

Must have!

5 UrbanaMd from undisclosed great product ! Lightweight formula, non-greasy. Absorbs easily into the bark without remainder. Keeps skin limber and refresh .

Hate to do this

1 Roya B from Indiana I loved it at first but it irritated my skin. Noticed my cheek and chin became actually dry and annoyed. now have pimples. immediately after application it looks nice but over time it becomes bad.


5 Roya from Indiana Skin immediately feels healthy, glow, and moisturized. Seeing a significant improvement in my skin .

How should I use?

3 1columbus from New York, new york I am not net on when to use ( aside from morning and even ). What step in the serve ? After cleansing I ‘ve been using the kombucha kernel and then the lotus moisturizer ( day or night ) … … when do I use the serum ?


3 Autumnsage from undisclosed This product is all right. Did n’t see a lot remainder

Works Great!

5 taylorclarkn from Tennessee This product is by far the best facial serum I ‘ve always gotten ! I do not have any breakouts anymore and it makes your bark feel so rejuvenate and bracing .

Love it but…

3 Jenn V from Dallas, TX I love the smell, the feel, the burn. But. It gets used up quickly ( so the cost per manipulation is very high ) and, as it gets used, the water/oil proportion starts favoring the water system ( so timbre falls off as time goes on ). I ‘m on the argue about buying again, but there is n’t another bracing serum that speaks to me .

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Kind of confusing

2 Ximena from Delray Beach, Florida I am very confused as the use of this product, no instructions .

I love it

5 Elenao from New Jerser This serum is great. I use it every day, day and night .

Smells great

4 Liz E from Asheville NC This product smells big ! Like clementines or some other citrus. I have n’t noticed a huge difference in my peel, but I ‘ve only been using it for a week. It has n’t done any damage .

Great for dry skin

5 Mika from undisclosed I recently just bought this because my bark is so dull and dry from the cold weather. I use this merely in the good morning but it gives my face the perfect freshness and hydration it needs ! !

Good all around

5 Becca_s521 from undisclosed My bark is equitable just happier with this gorge. Alao so glowy after one manipulation this .

Divine addition to my routine

5 Olivia C from Boston, MA It ‘s my favorite product I own. I love putting it on my peel every day. It smells incredible .

Best Vit c serum ever

3 Ivepatra from Las piedras PR A identical not greasy rule. The bark feels amazing

Smooth review

4 MamaMo from Los Angeles CA Nice serum that smells great and goes on polish. As person with dry skin I would like it if it was more humidify — but it very does feel courteous on my skin .

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