In the worldly concern of scooters, one appoint stands above the rest : Vespa. The name Vespa and the bible “ scoter ” are one and the lapp for most people. Ask a child to draw you a scooter, and chances are it ’ ll expression like a Vespa. Yet it isn ’ triiodothyronine merely mention recognition that Vespa has going for it. Vespa makes what are arguable the finest scooters available on the commercialize. In fact, we ’ ve carried other scoter lines in the past, but nothing compares to the features, the quality, or the style of Vespa. here in the city, it ’ sulfur rugged to beat a quality water scooter for getting around the easy way. Doesn ’ metric ton hurt that the Italians know a thing or two about how to make a beautiful machine besides .
Model class 2016 brings us a draw of companion faces in the Vespa and Piaggio batting order. Whether you ’ rhenium looking for the classic lines of the Vespa, or the mod practicality of a Piaggio scooter, this class ’ south batting order has something for everybody. Engine sizes range from 50cc on up to 500cc, and prices start at good $ 1,999. Let ’ s dig in .

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New 2016 Vespa Scooters

This year doesn ’ metric ton see any all-new models for Vespa, but we do see some raw colors, modern accessories and newly a handful of special editions. Let ’ s start humble and work our way up.

The 2016 Vespa Primavera

VespaPrimavera Touring 125-150 grigio setaLatDX
The pillar of the modern Vespa small frame, the Primavera comes in two engine sizes : 50cc and 150cc. For 2016, the Primavera sees a handful of apt upgrades, including LED day running lights up front and LED dock clean in binding, plus fresh wheel designs and an update digital readout on the dart. These are a dainty review from 2013 when the Primavera first gear debuted .
Like all Vespas, the Primavera utilizes a one-piece, steel monocoque chassis. The frame of reference and the body social organization are one and the like. This access is not alone light, but more fixed than tube-chassis designs found in all other scooters. This means the Primavera not only looks terrific with its flowing lines and quality trim, but that form serves a very veridical function in helping the Primavera wield better and be more comfortable on the road .
Vespa primavera touring 125-150grigio seta 3-4antDX
For those looking to travel in style, the Primavera is even available in Touring tailored. complete with baggage racks and a windshield .
The 2016 Vespa Primavera 150 will do better than 59 miles per hour and sip fuel to the tune of 117 mpg under the right conditions. The Primavera lineup starts at precisely $ 3,649 for the Primavera 50, $ 4,999 for the Primavera 150, and $ 5,399 for the Primavera 150 Touring .

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The 2016 Vespa Sprint

Vespa Sprint S 125-150 Grigio Titanio 3-4antDX
Fraternal twin to the Primavera, Vespa ’ s other little frame scoter is the Sprint. Vespa positions the Sprint as the premium small human body model. While identical to the Primavera in most respects, the main difference between with the Sprint is in its angular headlight and ABS as standard. The two scooters are identical from each other when ride, so it ’ second by and large a wonder of whether you want ABS and which look do you prefer. We think there ’ s a terrific his and hers opportunity between the two Vespas, but to each their own .
VespaSprint 125 versione Sport
Pricing for the Sprint 50 starts at fair $ 3,749, the Sprint 150 ABS at merely $ 5,299, and the Sprint S 150 ABS caps the rate at an MSRP of $ 5,399 .
You can read about our riding impressions of the Primavera, the Sprint and tied the Vespa 946 right hera on BEHIND THE MOTO .

The 2016 Vespa GTS 300 Lineup

Vespa GTS SuperSport 125-300 ABS grigio Titanio_LatDX copia
Moving up from the belittled inning to the large frame Vespas, that brings us to the GTS series. Truthfully, among all the bikes we sell, the Vespa GTS might be our favorite — specially for aggressive Chicago city ride. It ’ s the ultimate do-everything, fashionable tape drive. It ’ s small adequate to tuck into bantam park spaces, but potent enough to blast 80 miles per hour down the expressway in a touch. It ’ s besides comfortable. With an adjustable back pause, updated movement suspension and that fabled Vespa human body stiffness, the GTS rides adenine effective as it looks. All that power and good cover are nicely tamed by ABS and ATC grip control condition systems, both of which now come as standard equipment on the GTS .
VespaGTS SuperSport 300 ABS Grigio Titanio 3-4ant sx (1)
The GTS comes in two primary shave levels : the GTS and the GTS Super. Like the Primavera and the Sprint, the deviation between the GTS and GTS Super is largely aesthetic at this point. It ’ s a choice between the clean lines and bright color of the GTS, or the sportier lines and louvers of the GTS Super and GTS Super Sport special edition. The way we see it, with ABS and ATC now standard across the unharmed range, there are no incorrectly choices here .
The 2016 Vespa GTS ABS has an MSRP of precisely $ 6,699, the GTS Super ABS is just $ 100 more at $ 6.799, and the GTS Super Sport ABS and it ’ s rad two-dimensional gray paint is only $ 6,899 .
You can read our in-depth reappraisal of the Vespa GTS right here on BEHIND THE MOTO.

The 2016 Vespa LXV 150 and GTV 300 ABS

arsenic authoritative as the Vespa sword is, there are two models in the Vespa batting order that exist strictly to celebrate that inheritance. Those models are the LXV 150 and the GTV 300 ABS .
The LXV 150 is actually a behave over from the LX genesis of Vespa, the best-selling bicycle in the history of Motoworks Chicago. While the Primavera and the Sprint have taken over for the regular LX batting order with following generation engineering, the LXV remains as about a doubling tribute. It ’ sulfur candid handlebars and exposed, chrome headlight harken back to the early model vintage Vespas .
Vespa 300GTV.Ant.Sx
The GTV 300 ABS carries the authoritative Vespa torch for the big frame class. The “ fender light ” edition, as it ’ south frequently called, the GTV harkens back to the original Vespa prototype, which wore its headlight on the front fender. There ’ sulfur no mistaking this bicycle ’ randomness authoritative lines, despite its modern underpinnings, including ABS and ATC .
The 2016 Vespa LXV 150 has an MSRP of just $ 4,999, and the 2016 Vespa GTV has an MSRP of just $ 7,499 .

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The 2016 Vespa 946 Emperio Armani

Vespa 946 G.A. still-life_pianta1196 (5)
The Vespa 946 took the water scooter world by absolute storm back in 2013 as the most exalted, stun, and expensive production scoter ever to come to market. The bicycle was a statement as to Vespa ’ s future as an iconic mark and as a catalyst in bringing technologies like ABS and ATC grip control to the water scooter market for the beginning time. Each one was hand built in a special wing of Vespa ’ s Pontedera factory .
For 2016, Vespa have partnered with Emperio Armani to take the 946 even further into the exalted breeze of halo object. While surely not for everyone, we admire Vespa ’ s administration for continuing to build this bicycle plainly because they choose to. We probably won ’ t have a 946 Emperio Armani in livestock for the sake of having one in banal, but if this bicycle scratches your rub, let us know. We can most surely get you one. The 2016 Vespa 946 Emperio Armani has an MSRP of $ 10,999 .

New 2016 Piaggio scooters

While Vespa is the celebrated name, Piaggio has been Vespa ’ s parent ship’s company from day one. in the first place an aircraft manufacturer, it was their expertness in making whippersnapper steel monocoque structures that led to the Vespa ’ s iconic human body blueprint. The company was by and by split into two : one for aircraft, the other for ground transportation. The aircraft division makes gorgeous, improper business airplanes to this day, while Piaggio as we know it for scooters sells a terrific batting order of modern-style two and three-wheel machines. Sharing much of their underpinnings with their wasp cousins, the Piaggio scooters offer a fantastic, high-quality alternative for folks looking for advanced over classic .

The 2016 Piaggio Fly

The pillar of the Piaggio lineup has been the Fly. now in it ’ s second generation, the Fly 50 and Fly 150 are basically a modern tube human body version of the Vespa Primavera. The Fly 150, for example, shares the same effective, powerful 150cc 3V engine as the Primavera, Sprint and 946. Yet its modern lines are far more insidious than is sculpt cousins. A terrific all-around, it ’ randomness street fighter to go wrong with the Fly. The 2016 Piaggio Fly 50 has an MSRP of merely $ 2,299, and the 2016 Piaggio Fly 150 has an MSRP of merely $ 2,999. You ’ ll not find higher quality scooters at a lower price .

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The 2016 Piaggio Typhoon

Speaking of affordability, if you ’ re on an particularly close budget, Piaggio ’ s entry-level models, the Typhoon 50 and Typhoon 125 put up a lot of hit for the vaulting horse. While not overflowing with elaborate features, the Typhoon line does offer Piaggio timbre and mastermind in a monetary value range much reserved for scooters of questionable birthplace. Before you buy some no-brand nibble of drivel shaped like a motor scooter, give the Typhoon a look. The 2016 Typhoon 50 has an MSRP of fair $ 2,299, and the 2016 Typhoon 125 will run you barely $ 2,899 .

The 2016 Piaggio BV350

One thing Piaggio offers that you won ’ thyroxine receive in the Vespa lineup are some larger engine sizes. For example, the Piaggio BV350 offers that little morsel of extra midsize engine grunt, making it a fantastic do-anything advanced water scooter. The BV350 feature a drive-train all its own, specifically designed to be agile in the city, and take on light highway duty as needed. Distinctly modern in its lines, the BV350 is a fine-looking machine with a proud linage of Beverly scooters that came before it. It stands now as the flagship of the Piaggio lineup, arsenic far as we ’ re concerned. For 2016, the Piaggio BV350 features both ABS and ATC traction control as standard, and has an MSRP of equitable $ 6,199.

The 2016 Piaggio MP3 500 Sport ABS

016 MP3 Sport 500 Grigio Opaco Cometa (2)
well the weirdest scooter on the commercialize since its origin, the Piaggio MP3 is apparent thanks to its singular three-wheel shape. Riding the MP3 is vitamin a natural as riding any early two wheelwright, but you get the advantage of doubly the contact mend, doubly the braking world power, and twice the pause up front. With one roulette wheel constantly kicked out to the inside of the turn, it ’ s virtually impossible to low-side an MP3. Add to that the practicality of its storage compartments and the power of its 500cc engine, and this second genesis MP3 has a distribute going for it. While surely not for everyone, we love the way the MP3 500 Sport continues to let its addict ease up fly. Like so many other bikes in the Piaggio lineup, the 2016 Piaggio MP3 500 Sport comes with standard ABS and ATC grip control. All with an MSRP of merely $ 7,499. That ’ s a lot of apt outlandishness for your buck .

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