Vista Velas Resort
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Coveted views and fantastic panorama can be found throughout the world, apparently exploding into watch every once in a while, and vanishing in a flash before our eyes. Every so often, they stay, and around them we form shrines to their beauty. This is the way this unit was built, overlooking the horizon around which countless have spent their lives gazing in wonder .
As the door leads the way inside, the soft hues of tinge become even more apparent as doors and rooms pop up from the walls, from the half toilet in the hallway to the bedrooms around the home. once inside the independent body, the area levels and becomes a single, clear space in which all seems to spiral gently towards the sliding glass shields at the end, guarding the pack of cards from the home and the house from the ocean cinch and the dessert sun.

Kitchen, living room and dining car seem to dance together, separated by nothing but breeze, joined by their simplicity and harmony. The décor, a mix between minimalism and modern futurism, makes the affect ever more dramatic once the eye catches the abrupt blue of the horizon outside .
in full equipped counters in stonework ’ south of blank trace the kitchen, while the smooth wood of the board determined for eight seats shines in line to the matte grey of the cushion chairs. The live room blends both wood and framework in perfective contrast, creating a subtle tip to face the outside, where the sky battles every good morning and twilight to settle the sexual conquest between the starry nights and the clean skies at noon .
In the headmaster bedroom, a large King sized bed is framed by milled woods in that very futuristic style that seems light up to the eyes and resilient to the touch. A fantastic paint reminisces of the casual struggle that takes the celestial sphere, and a cove seems to open inside the area to create a shelter of sorts, where a walk in wardrobe, duplicate sinks, and the shower encased in wall share the space and form a fort for elegance.

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The second maestro bedroom is dressed in like overdress ; the wide sized bed is topped by twirling colors, the same manner you would see if waltzing fish where to glow underneath the glass buttocks boats in the harbor by night. The shower and sink in the secret toilet seem simple ; a glass shield and marble wall and stone countertops against the dressed mirror glaze .
In the node bedroom, twin beds take appreciation against the vibrant colors that explode in the paint, vibrant reds and scandalmongering trip in the fantastic scenery of a dawn in this beautiful farming. Equipped with its very own bathroom, the room offers every commodity the others do, from the Wi-Fi powered television to the A/C unit to control the temperature in the defect land.

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On the deck, outside the chill environment and the marbled counters, a diner for six shares the scene with a adorable living room. And what a scene it is : from the park grounds of the compound where three large pools reflect the sunlight, the tennis courts at the end, the perfectly manicured gardens, to the infinite horizon broken by the arch, the piece of stone and land that defies the weather collide between the sea of Cortez and the Pacific ocean every day and night. And in their wake, every dawn and every dusk, the colors spread in a flash through the skies and flood the senses with every hue from the palette, from the deepest vermilion to the brightest yellow to the darkest shade of blasphemous, always changing and ever present in this fantastic place called Los Cabos .
Welcome home, where minutes away are shopping centers, shopping malls, the marina, high end cuisine, or the coarse sanded beaches that make the shore agate line in here .
Welcome to your home.

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