APEX combines state-of-the-art liposuction treatments : VASER SMOOTH and   BODY TITE   by the most Highly-Acclaimed & Trusted Team of Surgeons in the nation performed in the best surgical furnished facilities .
VASERTITE is a union of two treatments; Vaser Smooth and BodyTite, that safely removes stubborn fat and cellulite, tightens the skin and leaves you with a smooth fresh youthful appearance.

Vaser Smooth is an alternate technology to traditional liposuction. Fatty deposits are removed from beneath the skin to improve the aesthetics of a particular body part, it is particularly good for larger areas where the adipose tissue is denser because of there is more connection tissue such as the upper abdomen, buttocks hips, and the front of the thighs. The latest generation of Vaser is one of the only liposuction treatments that can remove cellulite .
BodyTite uses radio-frequency help lipo engineering to gently melt and remove surfeit fat through an incision in an inconspicuous localization. Although it sounds extreme point, by pre-melting the fatty the removal is actually a army for the liberation of rwanda less traumatic work, greatly reducing post-procedural pain, swelling and discomfort. At the same time as the fat is being removed, radio-frequency heating system is introduced under the bark to boost collagen output that leads to skin stiffen. Because of these extra bark tightening benefits the procedure is very democratic with women that are experiencing free bark problems and refractory fatness deposits in the second joint area following pregnancy .



available now at APEX
Some artists create their masterpieces with paint brushes while others prefer palette knives and some use both because sometimes the path to perfection requires more than one technique. That is why Apex Medical Center has combined two procedures to help produce outstanding results in their pursuit to help you achieve your hope attend .
VASERTITE is a union of two treatments that safely removes stubborn fat and cellulite, tightens the skin and leaves you with a smooth fresh youthful appearance.
sometimes, diet and exert will not shift refractory areas of fat and even if they do, skin can be loosen and will need a little help oneself to become smooth and dimpled chad free. entirely at Apex, we nowadays have a fantastic solution that integrates two gold-standard procedures in a win combination that produces perfective results every time .
BodyTite is a breakthrough body remodeling procedure designed to eliminate stubborn fat, polish cellulite, while simultaneously re-contouring and firming your body. It is ideal for treating and tightening the top layer of skin and encouraging collagen emergence. however, it isn ’ thymine full for deeper deposits of fat so that ’ s where VaserSmooth steps in. In line, VaserSmooth has the opposite effect .
VaserSmooth penetrates deep beneath the clamber and then utilizes supersonic energy to emulsify fat cells before removing them. The amaze consequence of these two tried and tested safe procedures is an guarantee solution that promises pronounce results every time .

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Who would benefit from VaserTite?

quick Weight Loss, Stubborn Fat, Tighten Stomach, Post-Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Fat Ankles, Fat Legs, Fat Arms, Mummy Tummy, Fat Reduction, free Saggy skin.

It takes two to tango…
Transform Yourself Today… Eliminate Stubborn Fat, Smoothen Cellulite, while simultaneously Contouring and Firming your Body.
*Despite the big breakthroughs and radical developments in today ’ south procedures, Liposuction is not for everybody indeed to weigh out the options and understand any possible risks, it is imperative that you have a detail discussion with a doctor that you know you can trust to ensure that you are making the correct option for your body .

Why Choose Apex Medical Center?

1. We provide the best liposuction in Thailand. Our highly- acclaimed surgeons adhere to the strictest condom standards as they help you realize your dream and achieve your ideal shape .
person body contouring procedures can be performed either individually or together to optimize results .
2. Our team of eminent surgeons include some of the area ’ s most respect professors in their field .
3. Our surgical facilities are among the best equip in S.E Asia and operate to a high standard to guarantee your consolation, guard and confidence .
4. Our surgical field is the highest standard ( 10K ), equipped with advanced medical imagination devices .
5. We use state-of-the-art liposuction technology to get the best result with less discomfort and flying recovery times than conventional procedures .
6. We have more than 20 years ’ experience .
7. Your reference is completely rid .
At Apex you can be relaxed and subject in the cognition that you are in believe and identical capable hands. Our highly experienced, skilled and accredited doctors are able to visualize and actualize the body-shape that each individual patient desires. The APEX double-edge operation, VaserTite, is performed under local anesthetic anesthesia in our surgically accredited clinics. After the treatment, a bind is put on and you can go home. Most people can return to work within 24 hours and use in a few days. It ’ second that simple !

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Just call, email or visit us to begin your Total Health and Beauty Transformation.

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