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Press Release 28th August 2019 BMW have created the World ’ s first Vantablack car THE FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW will be the backdrop for the unveil of the foremost and merely vehicle in the world to feature a Vantablack® VBx2 coating in a collaboration between BMW, Surrey Nano Systems and Levitation 29. The showcasing of the car, known as the BMW VBX6, will coincide with the populace premier of the a third-generation BMW X6 Sports Utility Coupé. Vantablack coatings are the blackest in the populace, absorbing more than 99 % of visible idle and about completely removing all reflections. In a playful and up-to-date take on the custom of concealing cardinal design features by keeping cars under fabric or covering them with decals, BMW celebrate the launching of the iconic X6 by showcasing a Vantablack version. A airfoil coated with a Vantablack VBx2 coat loses its define features to the homo eye, with objects appearing two- dimensional. This can be interpreted by the brain as staring into a hole or even a evacuate. therefore, coating the BMW X6 has the consequence of hiding some of the brand curves and accentuating other design features such as the optional Iconic Glow kidney grille, classifiable twin headlights and striking taillights.

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The newfangled BMW X6 is the first base and only vehicle in the world to feature a Vantablack VBx2 key polish. The purpose of the BMW X6 provides bewitching contrasts to offset the Vantablack VBx2, which visually alters the viewers perception of the car ’ s three-dimensional nature. Ben Jensen, Vantablack inventor and founder of Surrey Nano Systems, said “ VBx2 with its one-per-cent coefficient of reflection provides equitable enough of a touch of condition ”. The dramatic one-off vehicle highlights the expressive and accurate invention language and confident, dominant and mesomorphic appearance of the modern BMW X6 to paragon. Asked whether he was please with the final examination cable car, Ben Jensen commented ; “ I think it went beyond all our expectations because of the size of the car, its classifiable shape and how imposing it is ”. The BMW VBX6 marks the latest in a string of high profile collaborations between Surrey NanoSystems, the inventors of Vantablack coatings, and Levitation 29 the technical and creative agency behind the project. Since they started working together in 2018 Surrey NanoSystems and Levitation 29 have produced a count of high-profile world firsts from a blackout house for Activision ’ s Call of Duty to a 40ft gamey Vantablack monolith at Coachella music festival for the Techno DJ and Producer Gesaffelstein. The VBX6 collaboration with BMW however will hold a special home with fans of Vantablack. Benjamin Males from Levitation 29 says ; “ we get contacted by a bunch of people wanting to use Vantablack in their projects – the theme of full total darkness is something that very captures the resource. We have lost count of the number of times people have asked us to coat a cable car in Vantablack, so It ’ s big to ultimately be making it a reality with BMW ”.

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The concept of the first Vantablack BMW was devised by Christophe Koenig, Spokesperson for the BMW X models. He first proposed the mind back in 2018 and it took over 10 months to come to fruition. “ My thoughts of having a Vantablack BMW gets back to the training of the BMW X2 launch. Back to the days we wanted to have a kind of stealth painting, but we couldn ’ t make it happen. Therefore, I ’ thousand very arouse we were able to do on a bigger car, which makes the effect even more stunning ”. During the development serve the Levitation 29 team met with Hussein Al Attar, the couturier of the X6 who helped to describe the deoxyribonucleic acid at the core of purpose of the car. Hussein said ; Internally, we frequently refer to the BMW X6 as “ The Beast. ” I think that says it all. The Vantablack VBx2 finish emphasises this aspect and makes the BMW X6 look particularly menace. furthermore, the BMW X6 has always been the most provocative and in-your-face model in our portfolio. then why not emphasise this even further, with a end that plainly captivates the viewer ’ second attention ? After all, that ’ s what the BMW X6 has always been about. Vantablack VBx2 opens up fresh possibilities for us as designers. We much prefer to talk about silhouettes and proportions rather than surfaces and lines. The Vantablack VBx2 coating foregrounds these fundamental aspects of automotive design, without any distraction from light and reflections ”. Benjamin Males from Levitation 29 said ; “ we in truth can ’ metric ton wait to see where this collaboration with BMW and Surrey NanoSystems will take us adjacent. The first Vantablack car is surely a bad tick in the box when it comes to dream projects and opens the way for even more large-scale concepts- like a stadium ! To create the effect of infinite dark on that scale would truly be outstanding. ” For more information contact enquiries @ levitation29.com

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