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Demonstration of the use of the PROSE case with the ClearCare hydrogen peroxide solution. PROSE cases are an extra large version of the “basket” style case that is included with ClearCare kits. They are designed for lenses ranging from 15mm to 24mm. To use them, you need to transfer the catalyst disk from the smaller shell to the larger shell. SHOP NOW: Like us on Facebook! Join a group! Follow us on Twitter!

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Using PROSE Cases with ClearCare
Using PROSE Cases with ClearCare

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Using PROSE Cases with ClearCare.

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17 thoughts on “Using PROSE Cases with ClearCare | General documents about travel size hydrogen peroxide most detailed

  1. lance doe says:

    Not sure how you became the only one who sells this large case. but congratulations on being able to sell about 25 cents worth of plastic for $25. When you consider that alcon gives a free case when you buy $19 worth of cleaning solutions WITH the platinum piece, I just can't see how you can justify $25 for this container. I genuinely hope someone else is able to find the wholesaler for this product and get you to drop your price. to about $3.00.

  2. Joe DeSimone says:

    Very helpful. As a new scleral lens user, I'm happy to know of your store, which I learned of here.

  3. ashcash10 says:

    Does it still take about 6 hours for the catalyst to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide or does it take longer since it's a larger volume in the prose case?

  4. Mark Acosta says:

    So my contacts fit in the baskets but the basket just dosnt shut all the way but still sits in place is that ok?

  5. Sama Qt says:

    Can I keep my lenses in clear care case for 3 days or more without open it (like I don’t wear my lenses every day)?!

  6. The Dry Eye Shop says:

    Unfortunately this case is temporarily unavailable for sale due to manufacturing issues. We hope it will be available again in the future!

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