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Uranus Aspect Mercury in Astrology

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Uranus Aspect Mercury in Astrology.

mercury square uranus transit.

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43 thoughts on “Uranus Aspect Mercury in Astrology | Summary of information about mercury square uranus transit most detailed

  1. lisa maree Accary says:

    Oh wow yes that me , i say it as it is with mercury square Uranus , mercury trine Lillith and sometimes it comes across as harsh with a really good memory also it’s said i shock people with what i say as truth
    And I never speak about anyone behind their back

  2. B says:

    I listen to An artist who has this aspect. He makes good music( Eric Bellinger) Justin Timberlake also has this aspect. Tommy lee Jones has this also. I have seen that with this aspect others seem to lie to them. Many actors have the hard (Square) aspect. Helen Hunt, Dakota Johnson. Richard Gere.

  3. Ashunti jagthebody says:

    Mercury opp Uranus…yep school takes too long my opp isn't even tight and the insights so strong…mercury in 12th is good for translating in dreams like I read books in my dreams and go to different galaxies and planets…

  4. Esoteric Teachings says:

    You're absolutely correct about the sharp tongued attitude and adherence to the truth with this natal aspect. I have mercury as my atmakaraka in gemini trining uranus in libra. Thanks for the talk!

  5. Lina Domingos Sambo says:

    Uranus mercury conjunction in capricorn sometimes it looks like I hate traditions but it's not that I do It is just some tradition and some rules of society do not benefit women and it really annoys me so most part of time i end up being against most of them 😅

  6. Zeezee Twentytwo says:

    Gemini Merc exact conj vesta trine libra uranus trine aqua MC (a kite with Aries chiron apex) and merc is also opp Neptune.

    Sometimes people need to be told. I tell them. I don't like to, but it's kindov my job – not endearing to ppl.

    Yea, it's intense. Wrist watches do crazy things.

  7. Drew Lyon says:

    😅this is me, me is this… my mates called me "know it all" and "proud " because i simply didn't conform to typically education and learning… i enjoy learning on my own… and yes! That photo graphic memory even when picturing amazing moments they are very clear… those ones with extreme rush of emotions.

  8. santosh joshi says:

    Mercury- uranus in Libra.

    People are impressed by what I say but they do not like with what I say.

  9. indraja Dudlauskaite says:

    If i have all mercury aspects..neptune..uranus mercury28d..of aquarius..7house..8house. pisces..mercury neptune..aspect ..8house..uran..egzaltation..mercury uran aspect..pluto place… mercury pluto aspect…my pluto in 3house of gemini…saturn in gemini…mercury egzaltation……ascendant in leo..cancer nakshastra ashlesha… ashlesha..moon mercury aspect…ketu in gemini…..

  10. Lorraine A says:

    Mercury Conjunct Uranus and Sun at the Midheaven in Scorpio. Mercury in the 10th House. Uranus and Sun in the 9th House.

  11. Zoe says:

    Ohhhh that stuff about the truth is true. I didnt realize that was associated with this aspect. I always thought it was the sagittarius placements I had

  12. Belen Maldonado says:

    I have mercury conjunct moon, trine Neptune, and opposing Uranus 💀

    Love these aspects but they also make me a bit absent minded 😂

  13. Monica says:

    HAH! Omg my mercury is opposite neptune and uranus, and I've never looked into those aspects much for some reason, but together they explain SO MUCH and ring so true!!! Major themes in my life being unpacked, wheew!

  14. Morpheus22 says:

    When she said they can only learn what they are interested in I felt that it is so true. If I don't like it I won't learn it. Even if I know it will be good for me.

  15. Jessica Tovar says:

    I have Mercury in virgo sextile Uranus in scorpio. It's so funny because I always felt like I had a thousand thoughts in my head running a hundred miles in every which way. In my 9th grade year when I first got into meditating to calm my anxiety, my grades went from Cs to straight As or As and Bs. I was always good in music and horrible in math

  16. YOUnity 369 144 says:

    So grateful to hear this! I have a grand trine with mercury, Uranus and moon. I get amazing downloads about the ascension of humanity and so much else. So so me!

  17. Maya Thomas says:

    Hi Lada, why would some aspects show up in the 12th house (Western) and 1st house (Vedic on your site)?

    Mercury Conjunction Uranus 0°52
    Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 4°58
    Mercury Conjunction Jupiter 5°50

  18. Christopher Ellis says:

    I know someone who has ⛢ trine (♂ ☌ ☿) my vertex is ☌ her ⛢ and my ♇ is ☌ her (♂ ☌ ☿) I also have (♂ ☌ ☿). We have a similar wit. 💚

  19. panorama says:

    Mercury(Leo) in the 9th square Uranus(Taurus) in 6th How is it? This aspect is of my newborn nephew born after 2nd of July 2019. I would be very grateful Lada!

  20. Love and Light 1111 by Shanae says:

    Love you soul sister!
    This is one of the best explanation I've heard so far!

    Virgo stellium of Mercury conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct my Pluto in 12th house. My midheaven and Moon in Cancer in the 10th house, and venus in Libra is in the 1st house.

    I was born communicating with the otherside, get rapid downloads constantly, when I meet people I tap into their Akashic records instantly. I don't need a lot of details to figure out things.

    I too have a photograph memory and remember a lot of things from age 3. I was able to read, do math, and cross the street since age 3.

    Whenever, I go on vacation or get on a plane it rains, storms, and we have turbulence.

    I learn quickly and dive deep until I feel like I've learnt enough.

    I've also been able to channel my energy through dance, writing, singing, drawing, energy healing, and since I was 8.

    My grandmother (may she rest in peace) told me that I have healing hands.

    I think faster than I write so I have to jot down my ideas quickly and formulate them later. I also intuitively know how to help people with their health issues and worked in to pharmacy and healthcare IT fields for over 30 years. I love helping people feel better.

    That's why when my family, friends, and associates are feeling sad, fearful, sick, unable to sleep, and/or nearing death they call me. I have over 20+ loved ones on the other side.

    Anything I touch I can figure out how to use it with out instructions; especially, electronics and computer systems. I can also put things together without instructions and putting furniture together relaxes me. I am a self taught person and love to share what I've learned with others.

    I also can feel the electricity and heat flowing through out my body and my divine masculine partner can feel it when we are close.

    Thanks for sharing this video and for shining your light!

    Much love and light to you all! Namaste! 🙏🏾❤

  21. Moody Moonlight says:

    I have this aspect but it’s not conjunction. Mercury (in Libra) trine Uranus (in Aqua). What does it mean? Is trine an easy aspect, similar to conjunction??

  22. Betsy Gutting says:

    Lada, I have uranus sextile mercury and I did stand up comedy for two years when my kids were young. I couldn't take my act on the road as a mom, but I did get the best joke ideas from spirit. They all just came through spontaneously. Now I present workshops with humor. My senses are very sensitive as well! I wish not so sensitive! Thank you for your great videos!

  23. Traders Paradigm says:

    I have sun in aries 22 degrees trine uranus in saggitarius 22 degree which is square mercury in pisces 25 degrees. I guess Uranus plays a big part in my life. lol

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