The World Exposition, well known as the World Expo, is an annual gather that features humanness ’ south greatest achievements in science, engineering, and external invention. This year, the 2020 Expo was scheduled to take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. But it has been postponed to October 2021, ascribable to the COVID-19 pandemic .
The 2025 World Expo, however, will be held in Japan ’ s Kansai region – specifically in Osaka at Yumeshima, a man-made island. The name translates to “ Dream Island ”. It ’ ll be the beginning clock time Osaka has hosted the ball-shaped event since 1970. And as the home plate of an complect skyscraper– Umeda Sky Building –Osaka seems to be the perfective rate to celebrate invention .
hera ’ s the official logo for the momentous occasion .
Expo 2025 OsakaThe official Kansai Expo 2025 logo. (Source: Bureau International des Expositions) For context, here was the shortlist of son to choose from.

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The shortlist of potential logos for Kansai Expo 2025. (Source: Bureau International des Expositions) The winning logo was created by Team Inari, led by graphic designer Shimada Tamotsu. The googly-eyed wonder is meant to express “ the glare of life ”. Designed to resemble a cell lens nucleus, and besides the city of Osaka itself, Shimada and his team ’ s goal was to create something “ original and impactful ” like Osaka ’ s Sun Tower, which was the centerpiece of the 1970 World Expo .
Though the opinion was largely silent, the logo has been met with amuse reactions by japanese netizens, which led to a trending subject on Twitter, “ # コロシテ “, ( koroshite ) or “ Kill me. ” The katakana serves as a bold baptismal font in this case, reflecting the body-horror being of the amorphous logo .
related logos include “ # コロシテ君 ” or “ # コロシテくん ” ( Koroshite-kun ), roughly translating to “ Mr. Kill Me ” .
away from shock and awe, japanese netizens created many memes that parody the logo ’ south antic appearance. Comparisons to existing icons include Tohato Caramel Corn, and pon de ring donuts, with Koroshite-kun existing as a mash-up of the two.

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Some have likened it to guarana berries, which resemble white eyeballs with fleshy red eyelids .
As promised, here are some hot takes on Koroshite-kun. All of the images are linked directly back to their source .
First up, we have manga artist Mori Yukie who wanted to do a “ sci-fi construction ” on the Kansai Expo 2025 logo. here we see two people approach the Osaka Sun Tower, where within in its hollow interior, another visualize has gone afoot. But finally….finally after a long 50 years, a new creation arises, a fleshy, pulsating “ magnificence of life ! ”
Next we have @ badskabibads, who created a free-to-play television game where Koroshite-kun is a giant trapped in a tower that you must escape. It directly references 8-bit dungeon crawlers .

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A screenshot of “Koroshite-kun no horage” by @badskabibads. For the full clip, please click here. (Source: Twitter)
And ultimately, @ 0620Oyu, decided to take a childlike road, and merely replaced all the eyes with “ pien ” emojis–also known as the “ puppy-dog eyes ”. They did it because “ the original logo felt excessively monster-like ” .
@0620Oyu’s “pien” logo for Kansai Expo 2025. (Source: Twitter)
Though some may deem the logo to be an strange choice, there ’ s no doubt the design has a viral quality to it. Be on the lookout for Koroshite-kun gear about five years from now .

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