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What led you to choose to work at FAST RETAILING?

I joined UNIQLO in 2011 right field after my commencement as a UMC ( UNIQLO Manager Candidate ). I majored in Fashion Engineering and minored in japanese in my college. frankincense, when I started looking for a job, I considered UNIQLO as a perfect match with what I have learnt. Later during the recruitment, the more I sought, the more I agreed on UNIQLO ’ s prize, particularly on its ultimate pursue of customer atonement and its sustaining contribution to human society. I think I could not find a second party which matches me like this .

Tell us a bit about your career at UNIQLO.

I started my first step from UNIQLO Cut & Sew Production Dept. There I had a one-to-one mentor coaching me about every aspect casual : clientele manner, working process etc. I learned many management skills and established my own work stylus during that period .
One year late, I was assigned to Group Production Team, which is responsible for the quality and delivery management of the other Fast Retailing brands : Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse tam.tam. actually it was a newly established team, and I was so excite that I had a gamble to apply what I ’ ve learned impertinently. After 1 more year, I was promoted to Production Supervisor job and I have been working until today. apart from the daily management work, I besides started to be in accusation of the new UMCs education. The most antic thing I found in UNIQLO is that there are always thus many interest fields waiting for you to explore.

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What would you characterize as the major strengths of FAST RETAILING?

I think it should be the spirit of preciseness. FAST retailing not entirely requires the high quality criterion for its products, but besides great preciseness for its study. Everyone working at FAST RETAILING is not equitable aiming to complete their assign tax ; alternatively, they think about every aspect and every little detail on how to make things better and provide a much as they can. I was profoundly moved and motivated by this atmosphere, which made me try to improve myself day by day. You can besides feel the preciseness from our shop when you visit UNIQLO. I think this is one of the FAST RETAILING DNA.

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How does FAST RETAILING encourage personal and professional growth?

FAST RETAILING is a company that allows you to think, to imagine, and to pursue your own dreams. During my work here, I always feel that the company values the dream of its employees and gives them the opportunity to realize it. You will be called to think about your 3 years, 5 years, 10 years target once you join the company. additionally, you will have the prospect to review it with your director per annum and make certain your aim is silent closely relate with your current subcontract. On the other hand, it is not only a “ dream ”. FAST retail urges you to be well prepare to develop yourself in every potential way. opportunity favors only the prepare mind .

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What do you do when you aren’t working?

During long vacations, I go travelling with my family. travel is the quickest way to understand the different cultures of unlike nations and this is what makes me more “ Global ”. It is besides a good way of exhaustive loosen. In the weekends, I enjoy tidying up my house with the music on and cleaning up everything to embrace another post new workweek .

Do you have any words for prospective applicants or aspiring UNIQLO employees?

The future belongs to those who believe in the smasher of their dreams .

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