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This video helps share the life of someone with OCD and how the people around them can help.

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Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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49 thoughts on “Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) | All content about inner quest intensive most detailed

  1. Dollie ! says:

    I had this for half my life I’m trying to stop it now my parents won’t understand because I’m nervous

  2. Indrajith V Nair says:

    Just realized that I have OCD. There were times even putting a simple comment on social media posts were terrifying.

    The way I see OCD, if you let it take control, it will make your life feel like you are reliving the same day every day. Your mind tells you to do certain things certain ways and you must do them everyday exactly as the mind tells you, keep doing it till it feels right.
    By the grace of God Ive been able to constantly challenge myself into not falling for those compulsions and obsessions by keeping the mind open to see what really happends if you dont do what your mind keeps telling you to do.
    Ofcourse the anxiety levels would skyrocket through the roof but its the only way to tell your mind that if you don't so what your mind is telling you to do nothing bad is going to happen. Teach the mind that nothing bad is going to happen. Try burning the things that you interact with frequently during OCD. And always find new ways of doing something rather than doing the same thing over and over again. May God bless you to get out of that prision.

  3. The Bavarian says:

    i have moderate ocd with anxiety disorder, this video does reflect more severe ocd symptoms but i don't think the whole ocd community is connected, this is how i felt years ago when i didn't know what i had, i was constantly feeling hopeless, helpless and worthless not enjoying life , (my doctor told me people with ocd don't enjoy life ) with the help of psychotherapy I am enjoying life somewhat, continuing to have these obsessive thoughts knowing they are irrational. How is it possible that you know that what you are thinking is irrational and yet they continue to be stuck in your head?
    Every day people with OCD struggle with an "intruder", their thoughts that enter their mind without wanting it and yet they still try to be functional in their day. WE ARE ALL ocd fighters brothers and sisters!

  4. Just a bald Joey says:

    I have ocd, but it’s not the same, I’m fine if my bedroom is unorganized, I’m fine if there’s stuff on my hands, I’m fine when things aren’t facing the correct way.

  5. Amir Fawad says:

    I can help anyone in any mental disorder/ OCS / depression/ anxiety.
    You can get my help free

  6. Cyla Phillips says:

    I have a friend who I believe his mom is OCD. The friend doesn't act OCD about keeping things in order like his mom, however he is obsessed with his performance in a sport. So much so, it seems like his first priority in life is going hard in his sport, he doesn't really slow down even when he gets injuries and needs to take time to heal, he doesn't seem to change how hard he works himself at excelling in the sport, even though he's aging. He has a bad knee and kind of limps when he walks, yet he is so obsessed with outbeating himself at his sport that, he will continue to beat his body down instead of slowing down or making adjustments. He is not flexible to make adjustments to deal with injuries or his body going through the aging process. His schedule to having to do his sport 5 days a week is so rigid, if a friend or family member has an urgent need, he is not flexible enough to take a day off from his regular schedule. To me that behavior is obsessive compulsive. When there is a ritual that requires so much rigidity and doesn't allow one to be flexible when life circumstances present themselves.

  7. Khamis Salum Ussi says:

    Oooh! I thought that I'm the only one who suffered from OCD,bcz I did not meet with anyone even a doctors who know this..😥 if someone can help us plz plz plz do that

  8. Willams anna says:

    I want to say a very big thank you to Doctor Alued on YouTube for his help in my family with this infertility/ PCOS treatment 💐🌹🕊

  9. Willams anna says:

    I want to say a very big thank you to Doctor Alued on YouTube for his help in my family with this infertility/ PCOS treatment 💐🌹🕊

  10. A says:

    hey everyone I am severely suicidal right now, I really need someone(a friend) that can really understand OCD and relate to. I'll give my phone number(whatsapp) so we can chat in there. My life is currently very so hard for me right now. Im planning to just give up cause I really cant do this anymore.. I think I wont be breathing much longer…

  11. E1m1 Heretic says:

    Can you use a small prayer 🙏 to God as a compulsive behavior, evry time you lose faith just pray for the safety of your grandmother, social problem solved you will no longer look like a weirdo in public.

  12. Just a bald Joey says:

    I just choked up because I laughed so hard. Organizing everything in the house and washing your hands multiple times is so unnecessary! 😆

  13. neliswa matwa says:

    I'm so glad I found this video 😇 I really thought I was the only one with this compulsiveness. I'm always counting, drawing confusing images, and rolling my hair all the time. I overthink all the time.

  14. -diaper says:

    i’m not one to automatically jump to conclusions or self diagnose at all but i think i might have a mild form of ocd, let me explain

    it started maybe a few months ago when i started feeling like i HAD to have my fingers be on a certain place on my phone and if i didn’t have them there then it would stress out my mind i have no idea what i thought was going to happen i just know i felt like i had to do it

    now, i have a whole routine i do before i go to sleep i have to check under my bed, the side of my bed, my closet, and my mirror i do this in case anything’s there, even when i know there’s nothing – if i feel like i ‘messed up’ i have to start all over again

    sometimes i take forever picking out certain things because if i feel like if i don’t wear a certain shirt then something bad would happen

    it’s starting to happen with numbers too like the number 6 is bad for me and also if i have any notifications that i know of on my phone i cant sleep

    i don’t want to tell anybody because i don’t want them to think i’m going nuts but seriously it’s so annoying i do this with so much every day it’s so frustrating

    can anyone relate 😅🥲

  15. Fragwide says:

    I am super unlucky person
    1.Suffering with OCD
    2.holitosis (bad breath)i can't talk to someone
    3.super bad communication skill and i can't speak clearly
    5.falled in love with extremely short girl and she doesn't like me .
    6.belong with poor family (simply doing nothing for future)

  16. Gal Leskovar says:

    To me the only thing that helped was prayer to my lord and saviour Jesus Christ! Holy Spirit healed me. You need to realise that this thoughts are not yours! Glory to Jesus Christ!

  17. LazerNinjaX94 says:

    I Have This Disorder And When My Parents Leave Me Alone I Always Think What Will Happen To Me Or My Parent's Or My Relatives And When My Parents Don't Put Things Right I'm Very Frustrated!!!! Im Trying To Overcome It

  18. anne says:

    My family is so unorganized and I always tend to fix EVERYRHING I see.
    I've done this since I was 8 and it is a struggle💃🏻☠

  19. cursoia says:

    i got ocd 2 months ago when i always used to check the fridge if its closed or the sink/shower if its closed because i get scared that if its left open the water/electricity bill goes up and i really find it annoying even though i cant stop my obsession, im still going through it right now

  20. Fun Nation [AMD] #Team79mmw #Crintarteam says:

    I complain over am entire hotel in turkey just for the hotel room wall textures are not aligned

  21. Myco_tripss on instagram says:

    My medications acted like it was helping but it didn’t, my therapist made it worse. I have microdosed golden teachers shrooms for 4months now, and I have never felt this better before! Look at my YouTube title he’s the best mycologists I have ever encountered!

  22. Sharven Jr says:

    (I'm TRYING TO CONVEY THIS IN WORDS )I had ocd for 5 years, and after the first three years, I can think very the most complex than anyone can think…I can predict the future by guessing the probability, it's not easy if u couldn't think that level of complexity .im feeling like a God and I'm lucky to have ocd (I'm commenting this to know how many people think like this or something near to this because I don't know how perfectly I converted my feelings).

  23. ♧︎︎︎𝙧𝙖𝙚 | レイたわごと says:

    Lmfao im crying ive always thought ocd is just when i keep reorganizing something in a specific place what i didn't know ocd also includes intrusive thoughts which I've been suffering from randomly out of nowhere mostly when i don't have anything to distract myself with.

  24. toastedbreadman says:

    I keep making specific movements and idk my OCD just sounds like someone is pointing my knife at my neck and forcing me to do stuff
    I mean it's not just movements it's everything and i'm sad because it's like a barrier to me

  25. Ailie Schcïmmer says:

    This is me! I also started experiencing OCD in junior high school. And my life has never been the same. It has really ruined me

  26. mariyam shehzadi says:

    What's the actual cause of OCD ? All YouTube vidtos are just discussing about symptoms.

  27. plantopiamedics@instagram says:

    Have you guys tried medicinal mushrooms, try the name on my handle and beware of scammers 😝,the really help with OCD's, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and the rest

  28. Apple Snow says:

    Geez this is so relatable to me. I do have OCD too but it's not related to cleanliness or things being organized. My condition would usually manifest every time I play videogames. I always force myself to play my games in a specific way and if something goes off the path, like for example if I accidentally skipped a cutscene or missed a route/passage in a game, I would restart the whole thing from the beginning until I got it perfectly done. It totally ruined my experience of enjoying my games. I also have this constant anxiety when it comes to the safety of my electronics. I always want to keep my devices scratchless and handles them with extreme care. One time I accidentally dropped my 4 month old phone on the floor and my brain can't bear to use it anymore because I worry that it could have internal damage and it's "brand new" state is already gone. I gave it to my cousin and bought a new one. This condition is the worst! 😥

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