We ’ ve seen the two parry haircut a batch recently. But do you have what it takes to rock one ? In our guide, you ’ ll see 30 examples of this iconic manner to decide if it ’ mho right for you. Read on to learn more .

Two Block Haircuts: Trending Now

Image titled Trending Style Two Block Haircut floating above a photo of an Asian man with such a style The two freeze haircut has made its way to America all the direction from Korea. It ’ s a singular haircut that ’ south easy to maintain and suits every boldness shape and hair type .

  • But what does this trendy haircut look like?
  • Are there different ways to wear it?
  • How can you know if it’s the right cut for you?

We ’ ve got several examples to show you, a little background on the haircut, and things to consider before you decide it ’ s the cut for you in our complete guidebook. First up : What is the two pulley cut ?

What Is a Two Block Haircut?

Image showing what a two block haircut is A two engine block haircut is a type of haircut that features short sides, a short back, and a longer top and crown. Two jam cuts are different from fades and tapered cuts because the unlike hair lengths do not seamlessly blend together.

rather, there is a clear eminence that separates the longer acme from the brusque back and sides. This type of cut first gained popularity being worn by celebrated K-pop singers .
It ’ s called a two stop haircut because the haircloth is cut in two offprint “ blocks. ” One block is the long top, which is cut with scissors, and the other parry includes the sides and back of the promontory .

What Does a Two Block Haircut Look Like?

Two block haircuts can be done with varying lengths on top, so the end solution looks different depending on how long you leave the exceed. overall, the two obstruct hack looks a small like a mushroom .
The longer crown ( the mushroom “ ceiling ” ) typically hangs over the shorter sides ( the mushroom “ stalk ” ). Two parry cuts can be styled in many ways. Some like to blow dry the top so it ’ south copious and fluent, resembling an old-school bowl cut on circus tent .
Others separate the top in the middle, which gives the abridge a bit of a 90 ’ mho vibration. You ’ ll besides see some people sporting this cut styled over to one slope, tire messy to show off the haircloth ’ s natural texture, or slicked back for a satiny front .

30 Trendy Two Block Haircuts in 2022

The best way to explain a two parry haircut is to show you examples. Below, we ’ ll blanket this popular stylus so you ’ ll know precisely what to ask for ahead hitting the salon or barber shop .

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1. Messy Mop Top

Man with a two block haircut grins at the camera in a studio Clippers are used on the sides and back for a uniformly short duration. The clear is left long to play up the haircloth ’ s natural crinkled texture and gives the cut a messy, casual front .

2. Fast Forward Two Block

Young man with a two block haircut stares intensely at the camera in a studio In this two blockage haircut, the hair is buzzed underneath all the way around at the lapp length. The medium-length crown is styled, parted, and pushed slenderly ahead to graze the eyebrows .

3. Casual and Clean

Woman with a two block haircut looking at the camera Yep, women can rock the two block, besides. This exemplar ’ s hair’s-breadth is buzzed curtly up to the temples and left long enough on top to tuck behind the ears .

4. Coiffed Top

Side profile of a young asian man standing in a warehouse with his shirt tucked in and looking at a phone If you take a little extra time to style a longer top and leave the sides and back very short, you can get a dress look like this. Every haircloth is in place !

5. Modified Bowl Cut

Young asian kid looking at a laptop and wearing a two block haircut The bowling ball parcel of this cut ends above the ears and at the eyebrows. Underneath, the hair’s-breadth is shaved close to the heading for a lightweight haircut .

6. Sleek Pompadour

Man with a two block hairstyle holds his head and smiles in happiness here, the short sides of this two stuff haircut sharply line with a top long enough to slick back into a pompadour. The hair can besides be styled over the side or uncoiled forward .

7. Bed Head Friendly

Man with an undercut two block hairstyle looks down at the ground while sitting outside Hate styling your hair ? This is the cut for you. Leave the top and crown long and let your hair do what it wants. Cut the sides and back short circuit to create some contrast .

8. Ice Cap Two Block

Man with grey hair sitting and wearing a black outfit with black shoes and a grey marble structure in the background The silver-platinum tinge on the long top combined with the style texture reminds us of ice. Leave the sides and back brusque and unbleached for this attend .

9. Textured and Highlighted

Young woman with short hair wearing glasses and rocking a two block haircut while also wearing a brown jacket strategically placed highlights showcase the wavy texture of the top of this hack. The sides are hard to see, but they are shaved short-circuit up to the synagogue area .

10. Slicked Back

Cool young Mexican man with a slicked back undercut in the middle of a city alleyway Hate having your hair hanging in your face ? This two obstruct haircut keeps the back and sides cool while leaving the top long adequate to slick back for a satiny style .

11. Curly Mushroom Cap

Man with a rocking two block haircut and curly hair with frosted tips smiles at the camera and wearing a goatee and thin mustache If you want lots of volume and like the mushroom cap attend, choose for this deletion. Leaving the haircloth 4-6 inches long on crown will allow your curls to texturize the look and give the top some height .

12. Pushed Back Top

Woman with a two block haircut pushed up and to the right wears the hairstyle and looks at the camera with a slightly cocked head For women who want an easily maintained haircut that ’ s the best of both worlds, this is it. It ’ s got all the benefits of light hair and the styling possibilities of longer hair, besides .

13. Silver With Middle Part

Young asian man with blonde dyed hair holds electronic shaver and motions "come here" to the viewer decidedly a strike and alone take on the two block cut. This translation is kept long adequate on top to function down the middle for a curtain effect. The silver haircloth tinge in truth sets it off .

14. Brow-Grazing Shag

Asian woman with a two-block haircut holds a coffee and looks ahead in the cab in which she is riding Like most two block cuts, this one is buzzed around the sides and binding at a uniform duration. But it leaves the straight hair on the top and pate long enough to graze the eyebrows for enough of styling options .

15. Color Bowl

Young man with a purple colored two block haircut looks off to his right and wears a cape over his shoulders This two blocking cut reminds us of a classic bowl cut that starts a lot higher up. It ’ s a bluff and unique look that will suit any trendsetter with straightaway hair.

16. Short Top Block

Short-haired woman with a two block hairstyle in a white shirt and wearing a black tie looks away from the camera while holding her face Two block haircuts don ’ t have to leave the exceed superintendent long. In this example, the hair is buzzed around the sides and back with a few extra inches of length on top .

17. Brunette Side Part

woman with a two block haircut holds her arms behind her back and frowns at the camera Buzz the back and sides up to the crown area, leaving everything on clear long. This gives you the freedom to region your hair deep to one side, in the middle, or push it back .

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18. No Fade

Young man with a two block haircut styled up to the sky smiles while wearing a suit in an office environment There ’ s no gradual transition between the cropped back and sides and the drawn-out top, just like you ’ ll witness in early two obstruct cuts. We like the length on top – adequate to style back in a pompadour or separate for a more casual look .

19. Grunge Meets Boy Band

Asian man stands in a yellow walled room and does the rock on metal hand sign There ’ s a goodly mix of Kurt Cobain and Nick Carter in this fun stinger. Clippers are used to cut the sides short and the top and crown are left long enough to part down the center. The maroon color adds matter to to the cut .

20. Bubblegum Block

Woman with a two block haircut that is pink in color gets her hair combed by a blue comb This colorful exercise of a two engine block cut on a womanhood has so much style versatility. here, the long helping on the top and crown is smoothed gloomy and advancing. Try parting it to the side or slicking it back for different looks .

21. Mega Curls and Volume

Young man with black suspenders leaning against a fence and wearing a two block haircut large curls ? Check. Tons of volume and altitude ? Of course. This two block haircut features hair about 6 inches long on the circus tent and crown with a crisp contrast to the shaved-down sides .

22. Shorter Top Two Block

Guy with a nice haircut and a short beard looking to the right of the camera This one close resembles a high fade, but since the duration doesn ’ t quite candle, it ’ s an example of the two block manner. It looks great pushed back for any occasion .

23. 90’s Heartthrob

90s haircut on a guy in a button up with a serious look on his face Every girl in the 90 ’ mho had a beat on a guy with this demand haircut. Shaved with clippers up to the temples and left long on exceed, the center separate and curled-under expression pull it all together .

24. Polished and Prim

Young woman with dark lipstick and a two block haircut standing in the middle of the street This has a slenderly different take on the two block cut. The sides are left a act longer – cut to about 1.5″ – with the top characteristically long for style .

25. Suave and Sleek

Portrait of a man in a black vest and a two block haircut looking at the camera You ’ re going to look pretty dapper with this ultra-long top and crown and short back and sides. The short sections come up higher than we ’ ve seen in other examples .

26. Messy Top

Man staring intensely at the camera A small mousse or styling pomade can help you texturize and give altitude to the long hair on crown like this case. Keep the sides short for the best contrast .

27. Swooping Waves

Man with a shaggy top haircut and a black crew neck shirt This mannequin ’ s slenderly crinkled hair’s-breadth texture is perfective for a two obstruct abridge. Short hair extends all the way around the head to about the temple level ; then, scissors are used to make the top a little choppy .

28. Shadow Roots

Image of a person with a two block haircut leaning against a shed outside Darker hair at the roots, sides, and second makes the color truly pop in this example. The longer hair up peak can be styled parted over, slicked back, or curly for lend interest .

29. Off-Center Part

Asian guy with a two block haircut and an off-center part looks at the camera The pacify lap of the bangs in this interpretation of the cut draws attention to the face without getting the eyes. Where the short block meets the longer top, it creates a little supernumerary book and shape .

30. Classic Two Block

Asian man in glasses with a two block haircut sits on the steps of a building and looks at the camera Our concluding two parry haircut has all the classic elements with that iconic separate that is just slenderly off-center. This works best if your hair naturally has a lot of body to keep it from lying flat against the head .

Two Block Haircut: Things to Consider

Before you ask your barber or stylist for this trendy haircut, there are a few things to keep in mind and understand .

  • This cut requires regular trims. You may not notice the hair on top getting a half an inch longer each month, but the buzzed or shaved portion underneath will start looking grown out quickly. But you can always handle the trims at home if you know how to use clippers and clip the longer hair out of the way first.
  • You may have to style it daily. If your hair isn’t naturally curly or wavy, or if it tends to lie flat, you’re going to need to style this kind of haircut daily. That’s due to the length of the hair on top, so keep this in mind when you decide how long to leave the top.
  • Styling options are plentiful, but not unlimited. You can pull the long part on top up into a ponytail, bun, or use a headband or clips to keep it out of your eyes. You can use styling gel or pomade to slick it back or over to one side. You can even braid it, but keep in mind that any updo or braid will showcase the buzzed part more than when you leave the top down.
  • Growing it out is different for women. Just like getting a shaved undercut, growing this haircut out will be a bit of a challenge. If you don’t want to keep this cut long-term, the buzzed portion will take a while to reach the length you want. And if you’re not okay with cutting the top to match its length, you may be stuck with it longer than you think.
  • Your stylist might not have experience cutting it. This haircut has become quite popular in the US, but it’s not as common as other cuts. So make sure you bring in plenty of inspiration photos to show your stylist. Let them know the top should be trimmed or cut with scissors and the sides should be buzzed with clippers at the length you want.
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overall, we think this ignore is a unique and fashion-forward option for anyone who likes short hair but wants the style options that come with longer hair’s-breadth. If you ’ rhenium willing to give it a attempt, you ’ ll notice that your oral sex feels nice and cool .
Your haircloth will take less time to wash, dry, and expressive style. And your look will take on a boldface edge that is certain to inspire your expressive style and give you a assurance boost !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the two block haircut?

A two parry haircut is a hairdo that features two clear-cut hair lengths. The sides and back are trimmed and shaved, while the hair’s-breadth on top is left hanker and styled loosely. It is exchangeable to the undercut but not identical. This haircut is trendy in Korea .

Why is it called 2 block haircut?

This detail haircut got its mention because the hair is cut and styled in two distinct “ blocks. ” The hair on the top of the head, called the crown, remains long for versatile style. The second blocking comprises the back and sides of the head, cut short-change or shaved to create a distinctive front.

Is an undercut the same as a two block?

The undercut and two barricade hairstyles are similar but not identical. Both feature of speech hanker hair on lead contrasting sharply with the pare or shaved sides. The line between short and long is normally drawn close to the top of the head with an undercut .

How do you style a short two block?

This haircut is highly versatile because it leaves the hair’s-breadth on the crown long enough to dash in multiple ways. even a short translation has numerous styling possibilities. Consider drying the long haircloth satiny directly and parting it to the side for an edgy spirit. You can besides add texturizing products to give yourself a messy bedhead spirit .

What is Taehyung’s haircut called?

Taehyung from BTS recently got a raw haircut, putting fans in an hubbub. Taehyung ’ s modern spirit is a stunning modern mullet, and some fans are comparing him to Flynn Rider from the Disney movie “ Tangled. ”

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