Like many late trends, the two block haircut started with Korean toss off music stars and has since gained popularity all over the worldly concern. The mention refers to the two clear-cut sections of the deletion – retentive hair around the sides and top with shorter hair’s-breadth at the back .
There are plenty of ways to wear long hair on top. Parted curtains or a mushroom-inspired expressive style are hot properly immediately. So is shorter cuts with some blunt fringe .
The shorter obstruct can be a fade, taper fade, or just shorter hair. Sometimes hair’s-breadth is cut short circuit at the nape of the neck while some cuts go farther down the neck. You can besides pick between a square, rounded, or faded finish.

Why get this cut ? It is a cool way to get the expression of medium-length hair with easier style. This versatile reduce can be shorter or longer and works for straight, wavy, and curly hair. The 2 freeze looks so good with texture that many guys get a perm along with the cut .
Check out these 15 different ways to get the look. not amazingly, most of these examples are asian men but this cut does work for all guys .

1. Two Block Haircut

here the two distinct layers of the two forget are distinctly visible. This is a medium-length version of the look but hair on acme can besides be cut shorter or left longer .

2. Square Neckline

The unretentive, lower block can be cut short, like above, or faded. The neckline is another choice. This blockish neckline keeps the most hair possible but a round neckline is an option excessively .

3. Two Block Haircut For Straight Hair

The 2 pulley works for all hair’s-breadth types, including heterosexual. This cool look takes cues from the nineties trends that have made a comeback with a defined wind and lighter haircloth over dark .

4. Two Block + Curtains

It ’ s no coincidence that the two block is popular at the like prison term as hair’s-breadth curtains. This fresh look combines the two and adds some chunky texture .

5. Undercut Hairstyle

All undercuts are two block styles but not all two blocking styles are undercut. This fits the bill with long, straight hair slicked back over short haircloth .

6. How To Style The Two Block Haircut

This aplomb cut could be worn in lax curtains but this gentleman opts for a more style look with intersection and hair pulled up and off the frontal bone .

7. Best Haircuts For Asian Men

clearly, trends that start in Asia work for asian men. This heavy periphery makes the most of thick hair while cutting haircloth short-change at the neckline .

8. Rounded Neckline

This neckline continues the lines of the haircut with a long bend of hair sitting over the round neck .

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9. Two Block For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair’s-breadth adds texture and volume to this cut, whether it is natural or permed. To get this dash, work a haircloth cream or salt spray into damp hair, push button hair into identify, and let it dry .

10. Messy Style

Or get a messy-bedhead version of this style with a degree fahrenheit iber pomade that adds texture to straight hair .

11. Cold Perm: Before + After

The straight hair’s-breadth curtains look bang-up but the volume and texture from a cold permanent wave transform the cut .
If a professional permanent wave international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine in your budget, it can be done at home. Or here ’ s how to make uncoiled hair’s-breadth wav yttrium. Or enhance straight hair with a textured, layered cut alternatively of this cut designed for the perm.

And hera ’ s the like cut and permanent wave from a unlike angle. Hair has more wave at the presence and is straighter at the bet on, making day by day styling a breeze .
The extend neckline gives the appearance of longer and thicker hair .

12. Short Two Block + Cold Perm

The cold perm gets its name from the absence of heat style. A solution is worked through hair and then sections are wrapped around rods until the wave is set .
It is a more subtle look than a hot perm ampere well as flying and cheaper. If it ’ s your first perm, the cold beckon is a good place to start .
This reduce was relatively short to begin with and the crinkled texture makes hair look shorter .

13. Short 2Block Haircut

alternatively of the 90s curtains, this cut takes inspiration from the trendy crop. Textured bangs extend straight around the back and seat over a short-change fade .

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14. Cool Bowl Cut

Another way to wear the longer depart of the two block haircut is this aplomb bowl cut-inspired front .
This international relations and security network ’ t the bowling ball cut your mom gave you as a kid though. While it has that rounded mushroom effect that all bowl cuts have, this look is cut on a flatter curve rather of the directly line of a bowl on the head .
This cut looks great from every angle. The arc of the taper fade over the ear and promptly fade at the sideburn and neckline complement the curves of the cut .

15. Two Block Haircut + Taper Fade

The two block is a fashionable direction to wear chummy hair. short hair’s-breadth at the sides and back makes entire hair on top easier to style. And this cool mushroom cut/ mop top with a side region looks extra dense over the taper slice .
This two block haircut is longer at the back of the principal than the fringe to create a flattering line along the side of the head.

This look besides features a permanent wave for extra brandish and book. It can make hair’s-breadth easier to style besides. equitable warm up a light intersection between hands and solve it through hair’s-breadth with fingers. Scrunch hair’s-breadth and move it about until you like the look. A little bit of untidiness is bang-up .
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