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Top 7 Men's Winter Grooming Mistakes
Top 7 Men's Winter Grooming Mistakes

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Top 7 Men's Winter Grooming Mistakes.

jack fashion male grooming lifestyle.

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  1. j smith says:

    Facial moisturizer and lip balm should be men and women best friend. Very important. In regards to beard oil.. Charles men products must be awesome!! Because your beard looks great along with your skin. Great products and i agree with your other viewer topic needed to be heard❤

  2. b H says:

    Agreed with hydration to your beard and skin but I don’t care for the oily aftermath of beard oil so I use, Pinaud clubman 2 in 1 beard conditioner. Super cheap. Non oily. Long lasting and great performance.

  3. suckgames says:

    Hello, here is a small piece of advice if I may. Just get the point, that intro about subscribing and liking is too long.

  4. Roy Jalen says:

    Hey OG. I wanna thank you man. You elevated my style game. Happy 80k and Happy New year, from the Philippines.

  5. Alvin Sanchez says:

    One has to be careful with what SPF level is a sunscreen and in which season. SPF above 50 is also a pore sealant only to be used in winter. Snow on the ground can reflect sunlight back upwards giving someone double exposure of sunlight thus higher SPF is needed. The colder temperatures negate the risk of the pore sealant. In warmer times of year use SPF 50 or bellow. You need to have more pores open to sweat and to get rid of toxins. If even more protection is needed in warmer season outwear can be used (ie. low weight breathable long sleeves shirts, summer jackets, sun hats, bandana, buffs, etc). Cloudy days do not protect you from UV light which goes right through clouds. Besides snow on the ground sand can also reflect light back upwards. I had suffered from both before when I neglected on the sunscreen. I had only found out about the pore sealing effect of high SPF sunscreen from a outdoors class I took years ago. The sunscreen industry is rather lax about that knowledge.

  6. Young Bangladesh says:

    We are all getting older, OG. A little white here and there in the beard. A little gray in the hair.

  7. PA. Pappy says:

    All excellent points ! I never could keep a beard in summer until I started using beard oil. Without it I'd itch and scratch like a dog with mange ! 🙂

  8. Mykal Turner says:

    So awesome, I can't express enough how I needed to hear grooming steps and product information based on a black man's skin

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