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Top 12 Men's Grooming DON'Ts! (The WORST Mistakes Men Make)
Top 12 Men's Grooming DON'Ts! (The WORST Mistakes Men Make)

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Top 12 Men's Grooming DON'Ts! (The WORST Mistakes Men Make).

science of appearance men s fashion grooming and lifestyle.

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  1. SalvyMemeGuy99 says:

    Thank you Alpha for introducing me to the Bakblade 2.0. Normally I shave everything(including my arms & legs) & tweezing my Unibrow…After ordering and using the Bakblade 2.0, I never felt so confident in my life. Rn I am genuinely beating the Heat for the rest of my Summertime 2022 ⚽️🌞 (and the rest of my 2022 Season🍂❄, etc.)

  2. Dustin Clutterbuck Music says:

    You raise your voice too much… It's ear piercing. Make your point1 Don't yell until your red lol!

  3. Benjamin Reyes says:

    It's annoying when people use my sexuality. The only thing that makes a man seem "gay" is him sleeping with men everything else is just him being viewed as feminine.

    This video should be about men not being to feminine rather than being "gay" because straight men can not become gay regardless of how they groom themselves

  4. Laboratory Yaboo says:

    prends soin de tes ongles de pieds vérifie les le soir avant d aller te coucher
    utilise des pdts de soins professionnels

  5. Thet Khaing says:

    It's about not only grooming and getting a girlfriend or whatever it's about turning a boy into a man.
    Thanks alpha❤❤❤

  6. Vickie Stracener says:

    Who the hell are you and who the hell ‼️‼️‼️you're a thief you're a few other things too guaranteed twit 🐛🕳️

  7. Alexandre Riboton says:

    I mean live your life as you wish dude. I guess some people sweat quite a lot still I had a good laugh about the sweaty balls 😂😂😂. I actually never had an issue in that area 😂. If you have a good hygiene and as far as I am concerned Asoep shower gel you smell great all the time and as a result no problems with your balls 😂

  8. Rocks says:

    I never thought I would agree with a video by an alpha male but here we are. But for real though, hygiene is important. It’s not feminine to smell good, look good, and overall take care of yourself.

  9. MAGAlicious Master mind says:

    I trim my 👃 hairs always but sometime a lil low and those ingrowns do hurt lol

  10. I'm in your fridge🌚 says:

    Thank you Alpha m. I'm already a Morbious male but these tips really morbed me to the next level

  11. Brennan Lettuce Tomato says:

    "These Pete and Pedro glasses represent your sweaty balls" what a classic! 😂🤣😅😆

  12. Hundo Mo says:

    If you can get a makeup mirror to help with your eyebrow grooming, you’ll find those weird stragglers that the spicy senoritas definitely see in unibrow country.

    Makes a world of difference and my wife noticed the change.

  13. Krigsy says:

    “Nobody wants to get freaky or sexy with a savage”

    Well, you’d be surprised that there are some who are into that 👀

  14. Nicholas M. says:

    Omg, there soooo many men, gay and strait, out there who really need to learn and follow through on this.

  15. Thomas Doherty says:

    I'm literally going to end up spending days going through all you videos. No idea how I just found your page.

  16. RoyalSilver says:

    Thanks really needed this in my life, Was wondering if I was homosexual all my life 🍆🍆😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋

  17. Struggler says:

    2:36 I just came here after watching one of his older videos and realized HE HAS HAD THAT BUSH PROP FOR OVER 8 YEARS 💀💀💀

  18. MatthewRyan11111 says:

    Aaron, as a LONG time viewer, please know that the "You're Gay" thumbnail was hurtful even though it wasn't meant to be so. You also mention "regular dudes." We're all regular dudes. I appreciate you saying you don't care who anyone is attracted to (that goes WAY far above what Jose Zuniga does) but if you see this, please know, especially right next to Pride month of June, that the thumbnail was triggering to those of us who actually are gay and we remember being called names and called out. For you to hear "you're gay" was not triggering and it won't be for much of your audience, but for those of us who are, it took us back to being called out as a child on the playground or bus, and it did hit us where we live, and we had no one to stick up for us. I know you don't have sons, but imagine if you did, and one of them was gay, and they saw dad posting a thumbnail with "You're Gay." as though it were an insult? I appreciate you.

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