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Sally's Beauty Supply


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There will be a video about this look soon! I’ll update this when I post. CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL! **LINKS AND PRODUCTS MENTIONED BELOW** Today’s video will either be my Top 10 Favorite Products or my Top 10 Sally Beauty Products! I also like to do the Sally races. I always find hidden gems and underrated and unknown beauty products that no one talks about. I hope this video is helpful. What are YOUR favorite Sally products? PS I said I was going to lump the self-tanners together because it would be more than 10 if I was talking about them separately… well either I can’t count or I could have launched another product so that the two self-tanners were the ones the tanners could be in the 10. I DON’T KNOW, lol. PRODUCTS: These products are ALWAYS on sale! 1. Proclaim Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo – $8.99 | 2. Ion Bond Repair Therapy Nourishing Conditioner – $9.99 | 3. Ion Miracle Leave-in Conditioner – $8.79 | 4. Proclaim Olive Oil Gloss Polish – $8.39 | 5. Structure Tools BUSH LAYERED MOUSE TAIL COMB – $2.99 ​​| 6. Tanwise Dark Tanning Self-Tanning Mousse – $14.69 | 7. Tanwise Self Tanning Face Gel – $6.99 | 8. Femme Couture Mineral Effect Baked Bronzer – “Summer Kiss” – $10.99 | 9. Real Colors Stay Glowing Longwear Bronzer – “Malibu Glow” – $9.99 | 10. Real Colors Stay Glowing Longwear Highlighter – $9.99 | RECENT VIDEOS: J. CAT BEAUTY | Brand Walkthrough | AFFORDABLE MAKEUP AND DUPES! shh transport | Second round! | PRODUCTS I RETURN & High-end makeup is NOT worth the hype | CATRICE COSMETICS | A brand review | 5 POPULAR HIGH-END FACES | IS IT WORTH THE PRICE? | TJ MAXX MAKEUP TEST // Possible hits and misses + DUPES | COUPON CODE: (NO COMMISSION) | “GLAMOURINDEX” at 10% off! FOLLOW ME! Instagram | or @theglamourindex Snapchat | Twitter @theglamourindex | or @TheGlamourIndex Facebook | Pinterest | influencer | FAQ – Where are you from? -Kentucky. – What camera do you use? -Canon 70D. BACKGROUND MUSIC Distrion & Alex Skrindo – Lightning | DISCLAIMER: All products have been purchased by me unless otherwise stated. They don’t pay me to talk about anything. All opinions are my own, as they always will be, whether or not a product was submitted to me for review. The links provided have been shortened using a URL shortener only to avoid the clutter of long URLs; these are not affiliate links. As always, thanks so much for watching! Please like, subscribe and share! XOXO TO BUSINESS: Please do not contact me or send me a product if you only expect to receive a positive review. I will not lie or be biased about the product that was sent to me. Please don’t waste my time if you’re not interested in honesty. That said, if you’re interested in an honest and unbiased review, I’d love to feature your products on my channel. Thanks.

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TOP 10 FAVORITE PRODUCTS | Sally's Beauty Supply
TOP 10 FAVORITE PRODUCTS | Sally's Beauty Supply

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TOP 10 FAVORITE PRODUCTS | Sally's Beauty Supply.

thrix hair products.

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20 thoughts on “TOP 10 FAVORITE PRODUCTS | Sally's Beauty Supply | All the knowledge about thrix hair products the most detailed

  1. Blanca Saragosa says:

    Just did my roots w Wella 4A med brown and toned it with T18, followed another gals video on how to tone brassy to ashy video and it worked! So definitely will be on the fav list.
    I think I just never left the toner on long enough so this time I left it for 30minutes along w the hair color for 45, so added the toner to bottom half of my hair after the color (wet bottom hair for toner) So happy.
    Thank you for your video, going to get the leave in conditioner!❤️"I am always on a Hunt"

  2. April Eve Osborne says:

    Sallys Generic Brand black and white packaging actually blows my mind how similar most of the products are. My top 2 I personally recommend are the Dupes for Wella T10 toner and CHI Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex called Silk Remedy in the Generic bottles section. (Works and Smells AMAZING just as good as the CHI.)

  3. Blessed By The Best says:

    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

  4. Katilin Howard says:

    I can’t use any of the ions! 🙁 I spent a lot of money on those when I was in college!

  5. hlb0111 says:

    Sally's products are not as good as salon products. Never have had salon quality results from Sally products.

  6. Mackenzie Mcgarrah says:

    Try our new headwear line it's sulfate silicone free and they don't test on animals it's amazing 😍

  7. Saktii23 says:

    I used to work at Sally's. Cosmoprof was purchased by Sally's a while back, but their business models are totally different. Sally's has some decent stuff, but they're not often a perfect dupe for the products they're trying to imitate.

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