All of the Love Island stars are well-known for being in fairly good shape when they enter into the villa, and they’ve no fear showing it off walking around half-naked all day.

However, it seems since leaving the show, Tommy Fury has also lost his six-pack but insists he isn’t actually too bothered by it.

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The twenty-year-old told the Mail Online that he didn’t go on the dating series to show off his physique, and is less bothered now he’s in a relationship with Molly-Mae.

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Tommy Fury six-packTommy Fury six-pack

Speaking to the publication he shared: ‘I wouldn’t say I have a six-pack anymore. I don’t care about having a six-pack. It wasn’t important to me on Love Island either.’  

Referring to his brother Tyson, the Love-Island runner-up said: ‘Tyson doesn’t have a six-pack but he’s the best heavyweight in the world, so it doesn’t mean anything.’

Tommy also spoke about the fact that Love Island isn’t a bodybuilding show no matter what good a shape he was in, it was about finding love which is exactly what he did.


He revealed: ‘That’s why I went on the show and I saw it through, which is how I ended up with Molly. I only went on Love Island to find someone.’

Tommy Fury six-packTommy Fury six-pack

Molly-Mae teased her boyfriend over his protruding belly on Instagram over the New year when the pair were holidaying in the Maldives together.

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However, despite the jokes from his girlfriend, the boxer has said that his appearance is the least of his worries at the moment.

He opened up: ‘Love Island is definitely a great platform to express yourself but if you take away everything I have now and only left my family and Molly, I’d still be happy.’

Seems life in the spotlight hasn’t gotten to Tommy just yet.