TOMEY TMS-5 combines a Placido ring topographer and a 3D Scheimpflug camera 

The TOMEY TMS-5 is a highly advanced TMS that comes with Scheimpflug technology. To say the least, it is one of the clear corneal topographers every competent eye manage professional should never miss in their practices. The blueprint is compact and comes with every feature you will ever desire to see in a becoming topographical model system. With this raw and advanced TOMEY TMS-5, you will love to have the follow features .

TOMEY TMS-5 Key Features:

  • Placido topography verifies Scheimpflug imaging
  • High resolution
  • Anterior + posterior map
  • Pachymetry map
  • Anterior chamber depth
  • High-speed measurement: 0.5 sec.
  • Operates in all light conditions

Fast and rapid measurements with Scheimpflug

When in the Scheimpflug mode, the instrument has the ability to automatically capture multiple or respective slices of the cornea by merely controlling and focusing the alignment of light to coincide with the center of the cornea just american samoa is normally the case with ring topography. You will besides love to know the instrument only needs between 0.5 seconds and 1.0 seconds to capture those measurements. This is closely the like time normally needed by decent topographers to capture measurements for ring topography .

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TOMEY TMS-5 can capture Scheimpflug images without a dark room

If you have been in the diligence for a while, then you understand that it is not always an easily tax to capture images without a darkness room when you are using the Scheimpflug modality. however, this is not the case when it comes to TOMEY TMS-5. With this, the Scheimpflug mood uses slit light that comes from inside the cornea just in the same manner as it is in the case of conventional TMS modes. But with the cunt light, it becomes easy for the instrument to appropriate images without the want of a black room. The other noteworthy features include.

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Provides very precise analysis 

If you want the best results when you combine ring topography and Scheimpflug topography, then you have every reason to consider using the TOMEY TMS-5. It delivers highly accurate and more dependable results than any ophthalmic instrument you will find in the market nowadays. This method is highly admirable in instances where accurate analysis is necessity because it eliminates any instances of mis-traces that is normally a coarse occurrence with the use of conventional TMS devices.

If you have any concerns about back compatibility if at all you have been using conventional TMS and you want to upgrade to the TOMEY TMS-5, then you should know that there is no reason for you to get worry. This is because the instrument has the ability to link and import unlike kinds of utilities which makes access to any affected role data possible, regardless of the TMS choice. This makes it slowly to use the device to view and compare patient data that might have been captured or that resides in an old TMS database .

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Comes with advanced IOL calculations

Another feature worth noting about the TOMEY TMS-5 is its progress IOL calculation capabilities. This is as a resultant role of the inclusion of OKULIX which is ideal for calculating the ocular properties of the cornea, with the aid of numeric hound. With such, you can get a fast and easy survival of lenses after examinations .

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