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Primarily cotton yoga pants 95% cotton/5% spandex Soaked in soda ash solution 1 cup of soda ash 1 gallon of water Procion Mx fiber reactive dyes Pants will be placed in a plastic bag for 24 hours before wash them. Thanks for watching! Have fun dyeing! Music by Jasper Sawyer: Circles Where I buy my tinctures:

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Tie Dye Rainbow Yoga Pants [Full Tutorial]
Tie Dye Rainbow Yoga Pants [Full Tutorial]

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Tie Dye Rainbow Yoga Pants [Full Tutorial].

tie dye yoga pants.

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  1. Igetlive Story says:

    Hey bud, love the videos could you list the exact color names that you us on this. On the dye website there’s so many different color names. Thanks

  2. Ella Ott says:

    Hello, I love your videos! They're so informative and I've actually tried out many of the designs you show. But I was just curious about what your exact washing process is, after you let your items sit for 24 hrs. That's always the part that I get the most confused about. Your pieces turn out so great so I figured I might as well ask you

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