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This Song Will Make You Feel Like A Warrior! 🔥 (Watch Me Bleed Official Music Video)
This Song Will Make You Feel Like A Warrior! 🔥 (Watch Me Bleed Official Music Video)

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This Song Will Make You Feel Like A Warrior! 🔥 (Watch Me Bleed Official Music Video).

is this warrior real.

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47 thoughts on “This Song Will Make You Feel Like A Warrior! 🔥 (Watch Me Bleed Official Music Video) | Generally the most complete knowledge is this warrior real

  1. Chester041 says:

    he is removing his armor because he got fucking courage to choose the 1 percenter option instead of the fucking easy road.

  2. Chester041 says:

    i hate my parents,i hate my siblings,i hate my physique,i hate my mind,i hate the world,i hate dreamers,i hate every fucking one,I HATE YOU.

  3. Chester041 says:

    remember my fucking name because i am going to become the greatest callithenics athlete the champion of champions,the greatest of great,the king of kings,the athlete of athletes.

  4. Giovanni Silvestri says:

    I need no shield.

    EDIT: there is a fine line between needing no shield and insulting your body.

  5. sofitocyn says:

    I wish these motivation videos attracted more women like myself. Feels like women only want to be cuddled into safety and told nothing is their fault. I want to find like minded women who find solace in such videos that are obviously geared towards men. Seriously the world would be such a better place if more women were actively trying to better themselves just like some men (like those right here) do

  6. Marcus Wortman says:

    this video is an attack on the word of God for the word of God says you should always put on the whole armor of God this video is saying take off that armor that protects you against evil that protect you against the evil days and what evil people do and you want this as an Anthem last words…..Evil thinks as Evil does.

  7. James says:

    This didn’t get me hyped at all I need good music I’ve been looking for hours! Y’all got any good songs?

  8. Mohammad Ali says:

    This music video is so similar to the mentality of people who have gone through the toughest times of their life but still are ready to stand up to face the harshest times of life. Stand up strong and smart, be prepared, do not consider damaging your health and mentality if you really want to decide to be successful, regardless of what you go through. Even if no war is ahead.

  9. Nightbird says:

    To my warrior Gay brothers & sisters: We fought proudly as openly Gay elite soldiers in Greece. We fought proudly as openly Gay soldiers in Rome. And we fought proudly as openly Gay Samourai in Japan. Never let a fools ignorance, religion or god stop you from living your life as you please and loving whom you want. We have earned that right with our swords and blood. And we can vanquish our enemies the same as anyone else. Stand tall and proud and never give in! 💪😠👊

  10. Y Schonheit says:

    I need not to win against others desires since conquer my own self is the peace and truth that quenches my life

  11. Tonmoy Trishnav says:

    I am done ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️…..

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