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This is Duke Cannon Country.
This is Duke Cannon Country.

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This is Duke Cannon Country..

duke cannon shamrock.

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16 thoughts on “This is Duke Cannon Country. | Overview of the most detailed duke cannon shamrock content

  1. Xz36 says:

    When they said people didn't put the word salad next to bar, I immediately said (to myself), what on God's green flat earth is a BAR SALAD??? Way to make yourself feel dumb eh? But I got over it…

  2. Steve Segura says:

    GREAT PRODUCT! I bought a bar of soap and some of that good smelling stuff in a tin and that made the old lady happy. lol. I just ordered a bunch of other stuff to give to my Firemen sons. Good shit!

  3. Hadzo26 says:

    Loved this soap, had no idea it was made in America and is pro-American, now im an even bigger fan

  4. Maximilian Alvarez says:

    I saw this commerical and it got me interested, ordered some of your soap a week ago and its coming in tomorrow. I have tried the shaving cream, aftershave, and the standard issue quick buff facial scrub and I have never been happy with my purchase of hygiene products before.

  5. Sarah Lynn says:

    160 unlikes? That’s like hating on masculinity and America! Must be all those soyboys with their little feelings hurt.

    Just ordered father’s day gifts! Can’t wait to give them!

  6. MWGF Ghost says:

    Love this commercial. Makes me wanna eat a bag of jerky and order all the bacon and eggs that a diner has. In all seriousness your products are great. I'm probably annoying my friends with how much I talk about your products. The bourbon soap is awesome. Victory smells like fresh cut grass and VE Day. Old Glory smells like America. Leathery with a hint of tobacco. Yall made a lifer out of me. I like Harry's because they're also made in the USA, but their scents aren't as unique as yours and their products aren't tested by the military. Keep up the good work

  7. Mitch says:

    From an actual soldier, thank you. This is by far the most premium and effective brand that I’ve ever used. Well worth the money.

  8. Justin Green says:

    The quality in this is amazing! Love the segments, angles, composition and grading! Also I feel like may have grown and extra beard hair or two from watching this. God Bless America!

  9. Miss Sweetheart says:

    I'm a girl and I bought the soap for myself. It reminds me of ultra masculine men 😍😍, not sissy boys in skinny jeans 😵

  10. joelnert says:

    This is such a great video series. Well done, it makes me proud to be a man who lives in Duke Cannon County. This commercial would fit right in with Super Bowl ads, only it would put most of them to shame.

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