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Allergic reactions caused by overexposure are becoming more common. Anyone who wears gel polish should know how to prevent it (IT IS POSSIBLE!) For tips on your nails, watch this video: Mentioned in this video Jim McConnell: Doug Schoon on allergies: Discover IKON. IQ brand of hypoallergenic products. Very reliable source, very knowledgeable about skin allergies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS ON AMAZON: 🛒 💕Our Amazon Store 🇺🇸 🛒 💕Our Amazon Store 🇨🇦 🛒 💕Our Amazon Store 🇬🇧 🛒 💕Our Amazon Store 🇪🇸 ————If you would like to support our channel, please consider doing your purchases through our affiliate links: 🛒 💕 Shop from Beyond Polish with our affiliate link: 💰 Get 10% off regular prices with our discount code: TSL10 🛒 💕 Shop Erica ATA with our affiliate link 💰 Get 10% off drill bits, drill bit kits and files with our promo code: THESALONLIFE Diamond Hand file (fine or medium) Small Tapered Barrel (fine or medium) Safety Smooth Top Barrel (coarse product removal) Pedicure Skin Bit (thick) 🛒 💕 Shop Dazzle Dry with our affiliate link: 💰 Get 15% off with our promo code: THESALONLIFE15 Prep Base Coat Top Coat Revive ——- FAQ: —— – ❤ Channel support – One-time donation – ❤ Early access Added to future videos on Patreon ($5):- ——— ::: MANICURE CLASS WITH ANNA (BASIC TOOLS + TED) NAIL TECH VERSION ::: 👉 HOW TO REMOVE DAZZLE DRY 👉 HOW TO REPAIR CUTICLES: 👉 VIDEO OF MY TOOLS: 👉 CAPPING-FREE EDGE (GEL POLISH): 👉 NAIL FILLING IN 1 WAY? by Doug Schoon 👉 FACT-BASED INFORMATION by Doug Schoon: 👉 ​​​​Where is the CUTICLE? by Doug Schoon’s article: 👉 “Breathable”/Halal Nail Polishes – The Facts 👉 IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT FORMALDEHYDE

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prima gel polish.

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28 thoughts on “THINKING ABOUT GEL POLISH? YOU NEED TO KNOW WHY THIS HAPPENS [ALLERGIC REACTIONS & OVEREXPOSURE] | Overview of the most detailed prima gel polish knowledge

  1. Deiyana Mak says:

    I started getting those blisters on my fingertips and after researching i believed I had some sort of eczema. Then i did my nails and more blisters showed up and thats when i started researching allergic reactions to manicures and here we are. Had no idea this was possible thank you for your video!

  2. zenamarie says:

    I started using the most beautiful gel color 3 months ago. It makes me feel so beautiful and gives my nail strength. Well, last month I developed a severe body rash. It’s still not going away. Every night I can’t sleep because my skin itches and burns. Today, I noticed my hyponichium on all my nails are dry and cracking and itchy, they are swollen as well. I can’t wait to get home from work so I can remove my gel. I’m having a hard time breathing today, so I’m hoping this helps. I’ve been on steroids for two weeks. THANK YOU!

  3. Allison Holt says:

    Hi! Please help! If i believe I have had an allergy to gel, do you think I could switch to having dip powder at a reputable salon? After i’ve healed my nails obviously. I went to my dermatologist and got a prescription steroid cream I am using religiously and no product on my nails at all.

  4. Tara Tootles says:

    I wish nail schools spent more time (or any at all!) on allergies.
    I practiced on myself 12 years ago in nail school, over exposing myself. Now I have to be careful what I use on myself and my clients. I use almost exclusively light elegance and still sometimes have issues. Very frustrating.

  5. L C-G says:

    I’m so bummed! CND Shellac has been the only gel polish system I’ve been able to use for years. I’m terribly allergic to acrylics and hard gels. I just had my nails done with new bottles of CND base, color and too coat and my fingertips are swollen, my joints hurt like I have arthritis and the skin around my nails is so inflamed if I press nail into it dent is created and takes a very long time to disappear. I have shellac on my toes and no issues.

  6. Mariam Kacheishvili says:

    Hello Anna! I also had allergy on Chinese gel polish. is CND shellac also allergic? should i try it or if I am allergic on one product I will have allergic reaction on everything?

  7. Rosana says:

    Would it be better to use gel nail glue and put on false tips with gel nail polish to it? Or it is still risky? Also how about gel curing false pre painted nail tips sold at stores on the natural nail? Just wanted to see what my options are because regular nail polish never last on my nail. Can I still use dehydrator and primer on my natural nails but with regular nail polish? Would that make it last longer? Sorry for all the questions, I just wanted to know the safest and best way to have long lasting manicures without risking an allergic reaction?

  8. Jenn Long says:

    I have very severe allergic contact dermatitis from cheap gel products on Amazon and my nails are so thin from over filing as I’m a nail picker, I struggle with not filing or doing something with my nails without having something on them. I can’t wear some nail polishes even but I emailed over to dazzle dry my list of allergies from allergy testing I had done no surprise hema. But dazzle dry doesn’t use any thing I’m allergic too so excited to get chance to wear color on my fingers again. Thank you so much for speaking about this, I really hope others speak to about this

  9. N Novo says:

    What about ASP brand? It's a very well known brand.
    Also what do you think about the new ASP peel off gel base? It seems to be helping my nails.

  10. Lenny Chan says:

    So what if you've just recovered for around a month and want to reapply gel again, what are your suggestions?

  11. Natta says:

    What about the dip powder system a higher brand company like Kiara Sky & OPI are those ok I haven’t had a reaction but my nails become very weak once I switch to regular nail polish my nails start to improve and become stronger with my Sally Hansen hardner as a base coat. Any suggestions on a good top coat that doesn’t chip in 2 days I use Essie & Opi nail polishes? Also do you wear just regular nail polish or dip powder?

  12. GMusics says:

    Hello! I just got an allergy and if you can tell me please, is calendula cream good to use for healing? Thanks 😊

  13. Nayero Rodriguez says:

    This is so informative and I love the fact that you explained In such detail my nail tech told me it's the colour or brand even the dust I may be allergic to… I really love my nails be done I want a solution so badly 🥲

  14. La Donna says:

    That's why I'm scared to try gel polish. I have sensitive skin to begin with. I'm also scared of the UV lamp, too.

  15. Mrs. Crowley says:

    I have a question, hope that you can help me! If I had an allergic reaction to gel polish, can I use that gel polish to do FALSE nails (with gloves and all the precautions needed) and than use it on my fingers with nail glue or acrylic? I hope it is clear 🙈 Thank you so much ❤️

  16. Cornelia Erhard says:

    Thanks,Ana♡ i am becoming a nail nerd too i guess🙈🤣. You always only did mention gel. What about acrylic? The same issue there or not so much because it does not require a light to cire. I know the issue of monomer touching the skin but can you make a video on this topic too,please? Love to you both from Austria🥰 I l8ve your channel and adore the effort you put into your videos to help ( you) but also animals. I ve been to spain and greece and all those islands and it is just too heartbreaking with all those strays. Lets help more. Krete and the smaller idlands need a lot of help too. Omg focus. Okay. Acrylic. Not so dangerous? More dangerous or the same? T

  17. kayla says:

    So if you are a nail tech you are more likely to develop a reaction since uncured product will inevitably get on your skin?

    If you are allergic to gel polish will you be allergic to biab too?

  18. Natalia Rios says:

    Is acrylic a best option? I used to get my acrylic nails done all the time and I never got an allergic reaction on the other hand gel polish gives me allergy.

  19. Jordan Bell says:

    If I had an allergic reaction to polygel does that mean I’m allergic to all gel products like gel polish and gel glue?

  20. Jordan Bell says:

    Hi I got a polygel kit for Christmas last year and I then started to do my own nails and I’ve been doing them since but recently (this month)I’ve started to get little bumps around my cuticles that itch and blisters like in the video and I have invested SO much money and time in my nails with all the expensive products I’ve bought and my mom (who works in the medical field) told me to give my nails a month break and try it again do you think this is good advice because she (my mom)thinks that I just had a bad reaction and have not developed an allergy or do you think I should Completely stop using gel products I also would like to mention that I believe I had the reaction from polygel and not gel polish so would it be ok if I just used like the gel press ons from beetles with their gel glue or would that give me the same reaction as using polygel

  21. jan v says:

    Thank you so much for this detailed video. Your channel is great!! I developed allergies when I used gel polish from the big online seller but I previously had more minor reactions from salons in the past, just not so bad. . I was still using a good brand of prep, base coat and top coat but with the amazing colors from not well known brands. Just prior to realizing I had a problem I had a fresh application which mysteriously lifted completely from nail. I’m an artist and am in water a lot so I assumed it was that. Now I “know” there was more going on. It’s a major bummer for me since my normally weak nails were amazing with gels but I’ll stick with regular polish now and hope I’m not allergic to those too.

  22. NICOLETIANA says:

    I had this experience many years ago. I have a playlist of my allergic reaction video on my channel in my playlists tab. This sucks 🙁

  23. Maaike Martens says:

    As a nailpolish junkie is know what you are talking about. The worst case of Chemical burn on a nail polish swatcher ever!Sadly i am allergic to gel polishes. Just like you talked about. Thank you for the video with sad news. But honest news. I know i will never try gel polish again. I have strong long natural nails now. Every day i put oil en lotion on my nails. I take good care of my nails and skin. Thanks again Anna💅🏼💅🏼

  24. April Schanzel says:

    I am having this same issue. My nails look horrible! I have lifting on several. I thought it was psoriasis. I would “over file” getting the old product off and then reapply new. Now it all makes sense….thanks for sharing

  25. Laura Elise Blanchette-Wright says:

    Oh my goodness Thank you so much for addressing this problem . During the pandemic I got into doing my own nails and I had no idea this could happen. I was creating all kinds of beautiful nails I was trying to break into this as a hobby passion of mine invested so much money time and unfortunately I developed an allergic reaction . Not knowing what was happening I kept re exposing myself . Finally went to dermatologist realized I had an allergic reaction . Then I began researching into products and investing more into products I thought I could maybe use and the problems persisted. Now I’ve decided to just take a break from all nail products until I can properly heal again my natural nail beds . It’s getting better slowly but I thank you so much for addressing this because about a year ago there weren’t any videos about this topic in-fact it was very difficult to find anyone to discuss the issue. Now I’m starting to see more and more people come forward addressing this issue. So thank you again . I’ll let you know how I do I’ve decided not to enhance or use anything for at least six months l. Not even press ons with regular glue as I seemed to be able to tolerate a bit better . Anyhow I’ll definitely check back and let you how I am . ❤️Praying things will get better and I’ll be able to find a product I can eventually work with .

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