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These are some of the main things you do wrong every day. Suggest a topic here to turn it into a video – subscribe to learn more! ► ◄ Stay up-to-date ► ◄ For copyright or general inquiries, please contact us: Legal Matters. Unless otherwise stated by BeAmazed, video footage/frames are licensed from the following sources:

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Things You Do Wrong Every Day
Things You Do Wrong Every Day

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  1. Melissa Suarez-Ortiz says:

    I store my ketchup and The Cabinet Have tons of ketchup hot sauce and yeah got the hot sauce for my dad all this birthday and then I got more on it Is father's day

  2. Maegan Dalton says:

    I've been doing everything wrong why have I been doing everything wrong except the toothpaste one

  3. Hazel says:

    Why is there a perfect hole for me to sit on but I am ment to sit stand on the toilet seat 🙄😕🤔. Never showering again. wait a have been eating bananas wrong.what is a bobby pin? imagine we were hitting the like button and subscribe button wrong.are we even watching this video right?no don't have a fan.

  4. JAM says:

    Ah yes let me crouch while I’m pooping and my poop keeps going on the lid correct choice. Bruh why my mom hast to waste more energy i’ll rather go with the wrong one. >:(

  5. Great Emu says:

    You’re also doing everything wrong by eating food. If people stop eating, not as high of the population will be obese.

  6. It’s me Sasha! says:

    Me : WE don’t have any animals brain.
    (Fun fact : we’re animals but more smarter l think)

  7. Stoner James says:

    Welp, when it comes to showering correctly, I do that right I guess. I live alone and I can't work due to a disability so the last time I showered was for my grandmother's funeral 5 years ago. I only leave the house once a week to go grocery shopping. Other than that I just sit at home playing Nintendo Switch and watching YouTube.

  8. Amee Medeiros says:

    Why are you making people die it’s the wrong way I’ve never subscribed I always dislike I said

  9. John Wallie O. says:

    Urinating standing is always i do. And no. 2 is sitting. But the video here gave me new ideas to do it more correctly.

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