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no, it’s not a child. I have nothing but my poem and my voice!! links here – Piano by Sing2Piano yes, I’m fully aware that a voicemail can’t be 4 minutes long… but let’s have a little imagination here, shall we? my twitter is @skysky1957 :)) @@@@@ my ex-best friend.

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the voicemail. || Spoken Word Poetry
the voicemail. || Spoken Word Poetry

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the voicemail. || Spoken Word Poetry.

poem i don’t care.

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  1. Skye Love says:

    YOU GUYS!!! I've spent HOURS going through your comments and I wish i could respond to them all! I love hearing your stories and seeing that you guys can relate to this makes my heart full. I want you all to know that you are not alone! You are perfect in your own and i thank you all so much for listening to my poem(s) and commenting. It means so much to me to know that I'm helping people. You are all amazing. Stay positive!!!

  2. Kira kyouji says:

    I feel this way about my sister whom at one point was my bestfriend even though she was abusive towards me 24/7 I was the bad guy but I still love and miss her and she just tells me I'm not important to her anymore and I'm not her family….

  3. Misty says:

    Hope I can see you from above and all the people fucked with head gave Lucas away only worst day mom said all defamation of Kendra no matter the position gma guard media if it's true I hope you see and pay one day. Actually I just hope you see cause vengeance is nothing good. I take my lif even feeling that way . I honestly think brainwash isolation to abuse in food calls it meth was vengeance my answer my eyes my soul what I know I think was I gave him away over games and Revenge . Yet I never get how don't see defame was abuse. Make me wonder about kemdra. I hope guards like beat people in jail learn those threats lead suicide. Even when know it was you years later in JEALOUS people like Melvin can go jail. Yet that's probably bullshit like fake news in kemdra always like rapists toby people like that aware fake news scary givingi g my son away something wrong with the system contras are real too

  4. Misty says:

    Vengeful beat me never to know why I forgive you letr think mom killed her no one grieve with keep saying I sold my son how you supposed know or anyone what's in my head I hope they see what made me that scared confused but I won't say sold my son for a car the day I die it's not true yet to fix it I have to lie AGAIN lie I did secret plan Investigater all I say can't S3E anyone be scared and confused. Icant go prison copestone rest my life even to "show you" all y'all think all that vengeful shit helped your always right mom Kendra better off me dead . You'll see when you get there it was things you said and if others who all played games before. Games make me wa t to hurt cause MY SOUL knows why scared confused yet ine hurt me play more games think it's the way I even think media lied on Kendra BEFORE ever pregnanct. Scary think rapist knew gave Lucas away over bullshit 15 think probably not true yet I loved kemdra even if true ok see each other but I KNEW shit being done to me I did t understand. I hate everyone yet I forgive die the shit no one deserves answers to who arranged me do drugs brino 2008. Tell truth please spider bit left behind. Fuck your tests test yourself bye

  5. Stephen says:

    She shows you you mean nothing to her it's time to get her to see you have no reason to let her cross your mind and let her have the life she has means nothing to you hope now I have made it clear that we have no reason to ever speak to each other again for I'm sure you mean nothing to me so I'm not going to let it bother me anymore now that you deal with it means nothing to me and you mean nothing to me I just want you to know I'm okay with the way it is and you have what you wanted

  6. Monita Elsayed says:

    7 years as friends and relationships so you break up with me that fast my heart wish to stop beat to it would hurt like that

  7. Alex M says:

    hey this is cool is there a version without the piano? i think this would sound cool mixed in w a song im making rn 🙂

  8. Claudia de Bruijn says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so extremely sad and almost litterly i could say to the one i love but who's not feeling the same about me ( anymore)😪😪

  9. Jill dezsenyi says:

    Not now..not like you had the chance and option to fix …but you cated not …i was a $ sign to many …

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