few groups can be called ball-shaped sensations. But BLACKPINK has achieved universal popularity never ahead seen in K-Pop girl groups .
Branded as freak rookies in 2016, the group quickly drew in a huge follow domestically and internationally thanks to their attention-getting songs, alluring charms, and overflowing charisma onstage .
After enjoying massive success in South Korea, it was inevitable for this quartet to guess into the west and make history not fair once but many times over .
And with custom content we can introduce one of the biggest pop bands into your future Sims 4 human body.

1. BLACKPINK Loading Screen

BLACKPINK Loading Screen Preview / TS4 CC
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Why ensconce with TS4 ’ mho default loading screen, when you can customize it with the picture of K-Pop superstars ?
Thanks to creator Narzara, it ’ s now possible for traditionalist BLINKs to see their idols upon launching the game .
Level up your motivation to play The Sims by downloading this must-have mod for BLACKPINK stans .

2. Blackpink Bedroom

Blackpink Bedroom Set / Sims 4 CC
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I ’ ve been lurking adequate on TikTok to know how dedicate fans are to their ults .
From buying dozens of albums to spending a month ’ s worth of rent on photocards, K-Pop stans are simply in a league of their own when it comes to showing off their commitment .
And if you ask me, a bedroom filled with merch is good a meek model of their idolize .
You can apply kardofe ’ sulfur inner designing skills to your Sim ’ s room for an immersive BLACKPINK know. Perfect for all K-Pop lovers in your Sim ’ s town .

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3. Lovesick Girls MV Outfits

Lovesick Girls MV Outfit (Lisa / Jennie) for The Sims 4
Lovesick Girls MV Outfit ( Lisa / Jennie )
Lovesick Girls MV Outfit (Rose / Jisoo) TS4 CC
Lovesick Girls MV Outfit ( Rose / Jisoo )
I have a confession to make :
BLACKPINK ’ s Lovesick Girls was my most-played song on Spotify in 2020, and I don ’ metric ton repent it .
I didn ’ t need to understand Korean to vibe vitamin a much as I did for this song. And honestly, it ’ s one of their best songs to date .
thankfully the accompanying television was just vitamin a incredible as the music .
Grab the girls ’ unique fashion pieces with this custom-made determine of outfits .

4. Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Outfits

Blackpink Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Outfits / Sims 4 CC
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BLACKPINK ’ s discography is full of bangers .
But there ’ s constantly that one single that stands above the rest .
When the music video for “ Ddu-Du Ddu-Du ” was released in 2018, it broke multiple records : the most-viewed on-line video in the first 24 hours, and the beginning K-Pop group to hit 1 billion views on YouTube .
These were achievements most groups ambition of. And BP achieved that in good two years of debut .
immediately your Sims can re-live the BLACKPINK smash strike by fitting into these gorgeous outfits from the MV .

5. Ice Cream Outfits

Blackpink Ice Cream Outfits for The Sims 4
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When you have the likes of Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Victoria Monét as songwriters, there ’ s no question that a collision is in the works .
Add BLACKPINK to the mix and you ’ ve got a sure entry to the Billboard Hot 100 .
Whether or not “ Ice Cream ” fits your music taste, seeing BP and Selena Gomez collaborate is an event that should happen more much.

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Look ice cream, chillin ’, chillin ’ like these wonder women when you grab out these outfits, designed to match the music video recording .

6. Blackpink Pose Pack

Blackpink Pose Pack / TS4 CC
Check Out This Pose Pack
Visuals are everything in K-Pop .
And BLACKPINK has no deficit of that .
Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé have been serving us stun looks, songs, and choreographies since 2016 .
And if your Sim is training to be like them, this pose pack will give them a better mind of how to be a badass idol in no time .
But if your Sim is very after the K-Pop life then decidedly check out our massive list of K-Pop CC as good .

7. Jisoo CAS

Blackpink Jisoo CAS / Sims 4 CC
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Meet Jisoo, a.k.a BLACKPINK ’ second eldest member, lead singer, and ocular .
If you ’ re new to the universe of K-Pop, a ocular is a place typically given to the member that best fits the korean beauty standards .
While smasher is immanent, Jisoo ’ randomness looks have been universally praised for being, well, in truth pretty .
now your Sims can capture the likeness of Jisoo – and possibly unlock the first extremity of your BLACKPINK Sims construct !

8. Jennie CAS

Blackpink Jennie CAS for The Sims 4
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Meet Jennie, a.k.a BLACKPINK ’ south lead singer and chief knocker .
Jennie trained for about six years for a chance to debut under YG Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment agencies in South Korea .
She had the longest trainee time period among all the BLACKPINK members, and the result of that hard employment paid off .
Jennie has atrocious charisma onstage and talent unlike any female idol in her generation .
Before you see it yourself, download this CAS CC first to unlock the second penis of your BLACKPINK Sims group .

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9. Rosé CAS

Blackpink Rosé CAS For The Sims 4
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Meet Rosé, a.k.a BLACKPINK ’ second jumper cable dancer and independent singer .
It ’ south pretty easy to discern Rosé ’ s unique voice in all of BP ’ second tracks, and her vocals have won her loyal fans – including John Mayer !
To add to her list of admirers is Saint Laurent, who named her as a global ambassador .
Join the bandwagon and fall in love with the one-third member of your BLACKPINK Sims .

10. Lisa CAS

Blackpink Lisa CAS / TS4 CC
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stopping point but not least is Lisa, a.k.a BLACKPINK ’ south youngest member, lead rapper, and main dancer.

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This Thai paragon is hailed as one of the best female K-Pop dancers of her generation, and judging from her celebrated dance cover of “ Swalla ” the fans don ’ triiodothyronine lie .
She besides holds the title of being the most follow K-Pop idol on Instagram, boasting 52 million fans – a number larger than the population of South Korea !
As the fourth and concluding member of your BLACKPINK Sims group, Lisa upholds an irreplaceable bequest in K-Pop .

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